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  1. I've had mixed success, Radegast let me connect, but Firestorm won't even budge past authentication.
  2. Nestled within the Zindran region of Arket is this plot of land with ample space to call home. Negotiations for price are available for individual buyers. Perfect for a homeowner looking for mainland but not interested in the new Belleseria continent's offerings. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arket/43/233/70 Due to Zindra's nature, this parcel could go at any moment! Don't delay - buy your place to call home today!
  3. BoM is in the Release Candidate stage, meaning the versions of BoM in development right now are feature complete and with the exception of a few bugs, ready to be pushed (added) to the main grid. Once the last of the big kinks are sorted, We *should* see a release announcement at the end of May if not sometime in June if there are no major problems with the RC. However, It'll take longer for TPVs to add this code to their viewers, probably at least 2 weeks.
  4. Not exactly, no - and I live on Zindra. Should really look into Horizons.
  5. So it'll be like the other continents - not much to see or do outside of fly by. Shame, but then again, it is to be expected with a LH project. Simple - construct a small urban area to serve as a central meeting place for residents on the continent, and allow for the renting of parcels for the sale of items on those specific parcels.
  6. A blend of Linden Home and publicly usable land (With regulations from LL on how it can be used (i.e. No skyboxes, no ban orbs, nothing that is too different from the theme of the estate)) would be extremely interesting to see happen.
  7. I'm curious about how this is going to play out. from the looks of it there might be a urban area in SSP as well. Really looking forward to seeing what it turns into in the coming months.
  8. Private sims. As far as I am aware, there is no policy in effect stating that Adult sims and Moderate sims must be separate from one another be they on a private or linden estate, outside of a decision by Linden Lab when Zindra was originally made and the GMA rating system was adopted. Please elaborate why, regardless of any existing Linden Lab policies, that Zindra should remain isolated from the other continents. I've since dropped the idea of moving sims around because of this, but still, a system like I mentioned where a border of a simulator would connect to a non-contiguous simulator on another continent would be preferable. I'd rather not have a metaphysical "portal" per se as it doesn't really bode well with my personal preferences, but that's just me.
  9. There's no justification for Zindra not being connected. To say it's because it's adult is like saying that Adult sims and moderate sims shouldn't be connected period, and yet they are. The Lindens have embraced the fact that SL is a varied landscape of interests, including adult ones. As someone who at one point was a minor on SL (above the 16+ hard age limit, mind you), I didn't stick around long or was even very active because I was locked down to G-rated sims, and given G-rated simulators take up the minority of all simulators on the grid - to the point that mainland travel is impossible to partake in if you're restricted to them - Suffice it to say, there's not a valid cause to keep Zindra isolated, unless i'm missing something here. Also, there is nothing to lose from private sim owners having their estates relocated if it did come to that. Simulators are demarcated by Region name, and thereby, a simulator, not some arbitrary location on the map. If you're not connected to the mainland, then there's no issue. If you're part of a multi-owner estate, then yes, there'd have to be some planning, but all in all, you're isolated from the rest of the grid outside of teleporting. And as Callum mentioned (And I failed to look at at the time) - The worst that you'd have to do is reset picks and your home location, which if you can get the simulator name (as sim names are unique), isn't that hard. Either way, I'm for either going with Zindra being brought into the fold closer to the other continents and all continents being connected by water channels vis-a-vis the Sansara-Heterocera channel, or what was mentioned below, given it actually works out. I've never seen these hyper-portals in action. As far as I know objects that a avatar is a child to (sitting on) can't be teleported to another region. I need to improve my research skills. That or do more research before posting. Either way, This could be an interesting workaround, but given the grid is considered a massive space, camera repositioning might be a interesting endeavor in some situations (Think, a camera going around 1/8ths the speed of light or something, zooming by isolated simulators in the blink of an eye - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just someone crossing the Void again.
  10. As someone who is both an explorer and believes that travelling SL via conventional means rather than teleportation is superior (because hey, there's a lot out there to see and I for one would rather spend 20 minutes before going to a party at a friends house flying or driving there than teleporting if I had the time to do so) - Would it be possible to connect the continents together by way of moving the continents closer together? I understand there's a lot of private simulators in the void, but there'll still be space for them to be moved elsewhere.
  11. LAND FOR SALE: 2,048 Square meters Due to RL obligations, I am no longer able to maintain this parcel and am seeking to sell it at a price based on nearby land prices. Two airports are adjacent to the parcel in the general vicinity, as well as being directly connected to Sansara's road network. Offers are welcomed. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bretton/14/106/108
  12. @Alyona Su @LittleMe Jewell What I was speaking of, was the Exorbitant prices for a custom last name as they are right now. That and I don't think anyone outside of a select few in SL actually have 500 USD laying around to burn on a name change.
  13. That moment when I see someone who I can't tell is on one or the other side of the nutjobs in the western world. >Seems pretty indisputable that if LL had simply listen to me then Oh yes, Nostradamus, please elaborate further. >The landowner/creator mafia groups Although I've heard rumors about Maitreya's inner workings over the years, I don't think that these "mafias" are as big a problem as you make them out to be. Sure, Land Barons are an issue, but they're an inevitable evil. >As will the racists and rape culture advocates Define racist, because in this day and age that comes down to if you do something that offends someone. SL is run by the lindens as a minarchy because they shouldn't be the arbiter of what is right and wrong, as long as it doesn't bring damage to the platform at large or violates the TOS. If your argument on this front is that SL should be a safe space, then you should go ahead and follow Selly out the door. The reason SL still thrives, even with your arguments based on conjecture (Look at the latest concurrency numbers) is because of the freedom to create is not inhibited or hindered by Linden Lab. If we were to follow your school of thought, these recently stabilized concurrency rates would be continuing on an inevitable decent. Anyone who comes into the argument about SL's prior decline (emphasis on prior, as again, we've more or less reached a stable user concurrency around 40,000 users), and argues from a position of moral authority should not, for an iota of a second, be taken seriously. As for "rape culture advocates", I'm not going to get into that basket of politics because I'm already probably going to get the lindens waggling fingers for me even responding in such a way, but all I will say is that the above paragraph regarding moral authority fits this argument as well. As for Selly, at least she has somewhat of a valid argument. Yes, it's harder nowadays to get started in SL with little money, I know the feeling. When I started out, my cash was tight, and i was at least lucky to have others willing to gift me things or give me some money. I actually at one point relied on money I spent on SL premium to pay my in world rent. But sadly such is inevitable reality of both Terra Mater and Secundo Vitae. Money sadly makes the world go round and in this day and age, charitable actions are hard to come by in situations like this. It's a shame, but a inevitable reality as much as me, Selly and many others wish for it to be different.
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