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  1. I've posted about it elsewhere already, but this still hits hard for me. I never met the man, but his vision, his will to make SL a better place and who he was as a person, hearing he is gone brings me to tears - Truly we have lost one of not just the Lab's, but of Second Life's finest. The Man. The Myth. The Linden. Rest in peace, Ebbe.
  2. And people wonder why I don't humor this peanut gallery called a forum. One last thing: "Perhaps you might try to go to any shop/retailer/anywhere that is not Second Life (or related to it in some way) and try to purchase goods using Linden Dollars. Let us know how well that goes. No, you don't get to convert it through Linden Lab first." How about this, you go to Japan or any country outside of the US and try to buy something with US Dollars. You can't. You have to go through the Bureau de Change and exchange your USD for Yen, etc. Same *****, different currency.
  3. Lemme guess, you still think the US dollar is backed by gold. No, it's backed by literally nothing but the authority that mints it - Linden Lab, the US Federal Reserve, Chuck-E-Cheese, etc. That's the literal definition of a fiat currency - it has no intrinsic value whatsoever - the only value it has comes from the authority that mints it guaranteeing that it actually is worth something, as well as those who buy and sell with it.
  4. The Linden Dollar is not a Cryptocurrency. It is a Fiat currency, much like the US Dollar. The Linden Dollar is guaranteed a US Dollar value (2,000 = 10~ USD) by Linden Lab, much like the US dollar's value is guaranteed by the US Federal Reserve - both of which are relative to their market value and can be regulated by withdrawing and adding SLD/USD from circulation, and can do so at will. Cryptocurrencies utilize a blockchain and aren't guaranteed by any entity and are valued based on market demand. Second Life does not utilize a blockchain in the LindeX in any fashion, nor can Lindens
  5. I'd have no qualms with that, honestly.
  6. If Crypto came to SL it'd ass***** (pardon the vulgarity, but that is what would happen) the economy to the point it'd collapse shortly after due to the fact that only those who had L$ before moving to crypto would be able to get anything. As much as I tend to both lambast (and defend as well) the Lindens, I don't think anyone in the Financial department at Linden Lab is that stupid, and I'm sure as ***** certain that Upper Management isn't either.
  7. It'll be a pain in my ass personally as I rent and own a few properties throughout SL, both personal and for MIRAI, though the best solution honestly is to just buy your L$ in bulk per month rather than per transaction. I used to pay week to week, but now I just pay for a month up front, buying it at 40USD (Which would come to about 43 after the fee change). I personally dislike the situation, and hope that Linden Lab realizes that raising fees like this isn't going to bode well for Second Life's future unless they can provide a damn good justification for it. Unless at SL18B I hear that
  8. THANK YOU. I've been complaining about this for a hot minute, It's one of the points as to why I hate how LL is so "Laissez-faire" at times.
  9. I'm surprised anyone even uses MySL these days. I've tried to get into Social Media platforms like Avatarbook and the sort but they never really have any weight to them, and feel like wasted potential that could have been better if they were used to replace mySL with them. I just never liked mySL due to how barebones and lackluster it was. I'd love a redo of the whole in-world social media system in that vein, but we've got bigger priorities than replacing mySL. Fixing it and Group Chats? Yes, are of moderate priority, at least in my educated opinion, but higher priority is optimizing this
  10. What am I missing here? You're complaining about having to use a authenticator program, which is a 2FA Method. Don't be a smartass.
  11. Authenticators are very light and don't need to be run in the background and are also available for PC as stated already. It's not that big of a deal. I have one on my linux system which uses about 100MB of RAM. That and "Another app"? What other app do you need for SL? All you need is a viewer, unless I'm missing something.
  12. MIRAI Group has been passively reporting ARs during flights around Bellisseria, but we do plan on doing regular (once a month/every other week) FONOPS (Freedom of Navigation Operations) once we open up to the public. So far we've hit a few zero-timer or non-compliant orbs and either filed ARs or issued (friendly) warnings that non-compliance can lead to losing your linden home, but other than that it's been smooth sailing. Hopefully now that the World Map is up, we can start work on charting and doing regular checks to ensure safe travel through Bellisseria and major airways in Sansara, Bellis
  13. To simplify / elaborate on what SkellDagger posted, Second Life (and other 3D games and applications) use what is called Floating point numbers to determine the position of objects in 3D space. A Floating point number for example, looks like this: 000000.000000 However, as the number goes up (or down into the negatives), the computer must sacrifice accuracy (decimals are more precise than whole numbers) for range, so it becomes more like this: 123456789.123 When the accuracy of floating point values become low, abberations in 3D space will occur, slowly progressing as you move away
  14. On behalf of MIRAI Group and the Virtual Existance Society, Thank you so much for your contributions to Mater Agni (SL) and to Virtual Worlds at large. It's a deep shame that you have to leave us, but as the old saying goes - to all things an end must come. We pray for clear skies ahead for your future, Oz.
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