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  1. My opinion on this is thus: Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one, and some are worse off than others. To even humor the removal of adult content from SL by Linden Lab would result in widespread backlash by not just those who partake in it but by the more libertarian elements of SL, damage to the SL economy because people won't bother buying items that might be deleted come 2-4 months' time. If it were to go through, a sizable chunk (note, not a majority, but a sizable chunk) of SL's user-based economy would be *GONE* causing a cascading effect on the land economy as not just would Zindra and numerous adult estates go barren, but even other parts of mainland and other areas are abandoned with Residents leaving at worst or at best, spend even less than they already do. People worry about the Waterfield acquisition being the end of the grid, this would be a more grounded reality of how SL could ***** the bed. Second Life thrives and prospers on its' freedoms - and falters when its' populace is hindered by either over-reaching rules or (exorbitant) cost. Those who dislike adult content have had, do have, and always will have the option to avoid adult content: don't enter A-rated regions. Don't participate in Adult Groups. You have had this choice since the dawn of Agni itself, and complaining about sex here and demanding its' banning is equivalent to stupid parents complaining about violent video games and porn and demanding they be banned when they themselves cannot be arsed to control their kids - they ask the Government (Linden Lab) to parent their children (their feeble ego) instead of sucking it up and doing it themselves. It's done by moral busybodies who have nothing better to do than whine and complain. Oppressing the expression of others which is protected under the TOS ordained by Linden Lab to promote self-expression, free speech and other factors is morally unacceptable, regardless of your opinion. You won't see me demanding the Lindens axe anyone who dares encroach on my freedom to express myself within the confines of the current rules and regulations, but you will see me drop proverbial nukes on Battery Street if they tread on those freedoms. If you want to partake in a holier-than-thou virtual world where sex is banned outright, Start your own OpenSim Grid and connect it to the Hypergrid. Nothing is stopping you from doing that. If not, either pack up and go elsewhere or suck it up and be an adult like the rest of us. Just because you dislike something, doesn't mean it should be banned.
  2. I have to side with the DreamSeeker Estates people. They're not obliged to enforce copyright on their land. That's Linden Lab's job and they won't do ***** unless a DMCA is filed. Also, to annoy every uptight person in this thread, as someone who's researched it for years - "Copyright law is a joke."
  3. If you want to go for a drive, just ask! Zindra's nice this time of the decade! But seriously, Zindra's roadside appearance has gotten better in recent years, a lot less of the gaudy walled up sex places at ground level, and the north coast is a treat to drive around in.
  4. I'm certain adult activities will not be effected by this. To the chagrin of Any company that Linden Lab works with, Sex sells a lot - Hell, we have an entire *****ing continent dedicated to it - Zindra - to deny the residents full (virtual) bodily autonomy within their legal rights as adults would at best just be an insult to the whole point of SL, and at worst, would cause catastrophic damage to the economy of SL. It wouldn't be the end of the world (immediately), but I know I'd probably spend less time in SL knowing I couldn't get dirty with some of my friends-with-benefits. Disney wouldn't touch Linden Lab and Second Life thereby with a bargepole. I would make damn sure of that myself, as would any upstanding resident. The Disney Corporation is a parasite that if I found it bleeding out and dying, would just sit there and laugh at it.
  5. Ah, as in allowing a region/estate owner to select which RL region their sim is located. Yeah, That would be good.
  6. That amounts to instancing, which goes against SL's core design principles.
  7. I've said it before, I'll say it again - Anyone who sings praises about anything relating to "Agile" or "The Blockchain" are telling porkies.
  8. Honestly, I hold the opinion that the 'affiliated organization' section should be expanded to *all* minors. Those that are underage (as reported) are isolated to G-rated sims, restricting them from quite a lot of the non-adult content in SL because it's present on M-rated or A-rated sims. This turns most people away from accessing SL in its' full glory. I know if I was underage I'd have lost interest in SL by 1 year in at the most because of lack of stuff to do. That or well, I think those who've visited porn sites at ages under 18 before probably know the rest of that song and dance. (Hey, some of us have done it at one point or another.) And from what I know, minors make up a extreme minority of SL residents, probably smaller than that of actual transwomen in SL (like myself). Why are we leaving a loophole in for what amounts to a extreme minority? I understand that, and honestly I'd be open to the idea of bringing back Teen SL for those from 13-18 if it can be done so in a fashion that is profitable and not a piggy bank burner like Sansar was. But minors don't really belong here in an environment where they could potentially be taken advantage of if they're one of the (probably many who falsify their age.
  9. Not sure on the former, but I believe they're referring the land baron problem. While I don't have a problem with say, Luxory or the Chungs, I will say that companies like LIFE properties are a plague on SL.
  10. Please, put a prim in it, we don't need infighting.
  11. I swear you know the right time to come in for everything, Brett. Also, I posited this to Ebbe on Twitter, but wanted to bring it up here - would it possible to have a 'meet the investors' Q&A thing of sorts on Youtube or something to learn more about the acquisition and other questions people might have? Would really help calm the tides as it were. Edit: You literally answered the question I asked. I need to read through a thread before responding - I'm looking forward to meeting them, then!
  12. It probably has to do with Havok's licensing. Havok as far as I am aware does not provide support for Linux.
  13. Regarding the Wine ban, it's very odd that it's acting that way. I've used Black Dragon on WINE and was able to log into Second Life without a Hardware Ban notice. What version of WINE are you running with Firestorm? Are you using Wine Stable or Staging? Also, I'd recommend upgrading to a later LTS version if able, as 16.04 is pretty old by this date.
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