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  1. Zslash Cyberstar wrote: sketchup is indeed easy to use but also very limited and not a very good dae exporter. it can create some weird meshes and most of the time they require some more editing in other software programs. trust me you will understand if u tried it enough times ^^ Wow, thanks. When you're a complete newbie, few things are worst than using a bugged creation tool which outputs bugged stuff, leaving you wondering "what did I do wrong?".
  2. This could become a wonderful thread and I wanted to ask the same question. Should we create a different thread for different operating systems? I'm on Linux. I heard that Google Sketchup is easy to learn to use, decently functional, free and allows exporting to a Mesh-friendly format. Also, it should be available for all platforms (I used it on Linux via Wine and should be natively available for Win & Mac). I don't know much more, though.
  3. Luc Starsider wrote: I must have bored most people to tears going on like this, but I hope I managed to stay more or less on topic. I'll try to write less and shorter in the future, but I truly believe part of our frustration with whats going is somewhere in these ramblings. - Luc - I can't speak for others, but part of my personal frustration come from SL users themselves, which often stick to non-constructive comments, blame Linden Lab for any reason, refuse to give a try to new viewer releases, misuse communication tools (JIRA, forums, user groups meetings), assume that everything coming from Linden Lab will be broken and -worst of all- spread this attitude to other SL users. Your previous "almost nobody at LL cares about SL" statement is an example of that. Following statements by yours show a different attitude. Still, remember than some people may only see a single reply or comment. This is another reason why exaggerations are bad. [sorry if my English is not clear. in case, ask and I'll reword]
  4. Luc Starsider wrote: I believe some Lindens are not interested in SL as a community, yes, and don't 'Get' Second Life wait - "some" ? You previously stated that it was "all of them, with the exception of a couple". That meant "243 people on a total of 245 aren't interested". Now it's "some people"?
  5. Luc Starsider wrote: I don't think hardly any of the lindens, with the exception of a couple, are interested enough in SL to actally give a damn. I can't think of a non-sarcastic reply to that. Well, good luck.
  6. Yoki Enoch wrote: Most other viewers are far better at handling pretty much anything that Viewer 2.x handles or doesn't handle. This is simply false. Users who have issues should be be aware of such misleading and imprecise suggestions. Current version 2.6 and 2.0 of the official Viewer are so different that such a comment about "Viewer 2.x" doesn't make any sense and only shows bias against the new interface. It seems that the author doesn't bother to follow development of Viewer 2.x. Such a comment doesn't mention that 1.x viewers lack a number of features (shared media, multi-wearables, location bar, favorites and others) - this is holding back Second Life's development. Such a comment doesn't take into account how the underlying code has been refactored. We users don't see this, but ask Phoenix and Imprudence developer teams why they're building 2.x - based alternative viewers. 2.x - based viewers aren't perfect and can be improved. They have a future. 1.x viewer aren't perfect either (anyone using Phoenix and losing stuff from Inventory?...) but they don't have a future. Enjoy your obsolete, feature-lacking viewers while you can and keep blaming Viewer 2. Having something to blame other than our choices doesn't resolve bugs, but can be rewarding and satisfying.
  7. Io purtroppo dovrò aspettare ancora un po' - questo bug nel viewer Linux (sorto nella versione 2.5) rimane presente e causa anche nella 2.6 una "scattosità" eccessiva. Un altro problema è che al momento non c'è modo di cambiare i permessi relativi agli amici: visibilità nella Map, possibilità di modificare i propri oggetti, etc. Attualmente queste funzioni non sono presenti ne' nella barra laterale ne' nel profilo web. Il problema è stato segnalato dagli utenti e riconosciuto da Linden Lab, ed è descritto qui: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3784 A parte questo, anche io noto in generale un trend di progressivo miglioramento. Ci sono anche i primi segni di intervento diretto da parte di Rod Linden, il nuovo CEO di LL
  8. Sarò breve perché non so se ci siano altri utenti Linux italiani in ascolto...posso dare maggiori dettagli nel caso ci fosse qualcuno interessato. Il viewer 2.5 e la prima versione del viewer 2.6 per Linux contengono un bug che rende il programma molto scattoso, specialmente quando ci si sposta in nuove sim e/o si caricano nuove texture. Il calo di prestazioni varia da utente a utente. Il bug è stato riconosciuto da LL, una soluzione è pronta, e verrà rilasciata in una delle prossime versioni del viewer 2.6 oltre che in alcune versioni di sviluppo già pubblicate. Maggiori dettagli: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-809
  9. Donal Randt wrote: Thanks for the suggestion. But there is absolutely no way I am going to use old obsolete software to get around this. And a TPV isn't an option either, after the last fiasco. I think I would rather stick to prim pants legs till they get this fixed. There are some graphical issues that I need fixed far more badly than I need this fixed - and 1.x never has and never will fix those. The current technology though, does fix them. This is a polite and well-reasoned reply to the replies you got, and I fully share your point of view. Thanks. I'm adding https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/ECC-49 to the list of issues I'm helping to test, reproduce and document. Hopefully we can help to push up into the bugs queue.
  10. Destiny Eberdene wrote: Hmmm, regardless of what messages arise, there is never a "good day" to do anything in world, as LL's seems to feel the need to screw around with something that causes people to lose valuable things, in which case they are forced to purchase more lindens to replace what was lost. Get the connection, eat inventory, account holder buys more lindens! Win-win situation for LL's. That's your personal experience. I don't have such issues. I daily complete in-world projects with no issues. That's your personal experience and it seems you already found your own explanation, that is Linden Lab's greed. Sorry but at this point nothing can help you anymore.
  11. Destiny Eberdene wrote: Ummm, if Phoenix isn't an approved viewer Nobody stated this. Destiny Eberdene wrote: Regardless of what viewer is used, it is still a problem that inventory is vanishing like a pizza at a weight watchers convention! It's a problem - but it's not everyone's problem. I don't have that issue. I assume you already delete your viewer cache directory when you have such issues (I don't mean the "Clear cache" button. I mean deleting the folder). I also hope you keep separate caches and separate settings for different viewers. If not, that's probably the reason of some of your issues.
  12. Knowl Paine wrote: 15,000 scripts is not too much, 15,001 is too many for 1 Region. :smileytongue: What's your Avatar Rendering Cost? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Avatar_Rendering_Cost Both the 15,000 limit and the Avatar Rendering Cost are completely off-topic here.
  13. Kascha Matova wrote: But just so I know, since I can check script count with Ascent now, what is "an excessive amount of scripts", to where I should start feeling like the black hole of every sim I enter? "There's really no reason to have more than 5mb of memory (really 2)" This is a suggestion from NeoBokrug Elytis. I trust 100% Neobokrug on this topic: he's a very skilled scripter and at the same time he's very proactive about servers performances (he owns and manages The Wastelands Estate - google his nickname for more details about him).
  14. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Isn't there a direct line to complain to the management, namely, LL? I often see complaints posted on the forums, not as much as there were on the old forums thankfully, and I always wonder, are we just venting or do we honestly believe this is the way technical problems are solved? When my cable or internet goes out, I do not call the news station or post a letter in the local papers, I call the cable company and request a solution. I am still rather new and very much in love with Second Life, so really, is this how it's done? Some tools like Abuse Reporting, Support, User Groups and JIRA exist. You may want to do some search about these terms. These tools may not be effective enough but it's what we have. A direct line to complain to Management? Please, no. There are over a million of Second Life users. If users were able to directly complain, LL employees wouldn't be able to work anymore. By the way, managers name other people to direct specific teams. Specific team directors manage staff. That's where you need to bring your concerns.
  15. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Yes. Do you have a question or comment about scripting? Bots and the external interface of SL are dealt with in the open-source wiki/forum(s). They aren't dealt with here. Well, he had posted in a different section - then a forum moderator moved this thread here. I would think "Technology > Viewer" would be a more appropriate section http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/bd-p/SLViewer
  16. Destiny Eberdene wrote: The amount of money that they make on a daily basis is disgusting compared to the quality and service that is given back. Ah, this is relevant to my interests. I often looked for these data but I couldn't find them. So, how much money do they do? I need a number, even if approximate. Thanks in advance!
  17. I don't have such issues. Personally, I suspect their cause may be your own internet connection. I hope you're not using Wi-Fi....that would be crazy - still many people keep using Wi-Fi even if they have connection issues. I agree that blaming Linden Lab is easier, and I suppose it may also be more satisfying than calling your ISP support. Not sure it's the most effective way to solve issues, but...what do I know.
  18. Kerrigann wrote: Anyone else having problems with SL this week...particularly today...I keep getting logged off, and then when I try to relog it says "region still loading." When I finally do make it back inworld, my groups are missing, and it says "none." This is crazy. No, not particularly. Being logged off is very rare in my experience. The "Region still..." error message appears to me if i try to relog immediately. If I wait 15-20 seconds before logging in, I have no issues.
  19. Fareyn Babii wrote: we are all having problems.... seriously. Not really. I don't. If "all users" had such problems, there would be hundreds of new topics like this one every day. "All" is such an abused word. AemonCadfael: trying different viewers MAY help - or not. You should be more specific and give more details about SL being slow. As an example, some new users find that SL is slower if compared to MMORPGS or online games even when SL is actually performing well. SL is different from online games (you have to constantly download new content) and under some aspects it always will be "slower" than them.
  20. Vick Forcella wrote: I have dropped V2 and the Jira's that go along with it. Besides. I am back being a normal resident and not a guinea pig any more. As another JIRA contributor, that's good to know. Pity! Thanks for your reports anyway.
  21. Opensource Obscure wrote: Il problema della fotografia potrebbe essere dovuto al fatto che per motivi di sicurezza l'embedding di immagini ospitati su servizi esterni di web hosting è permesso con alcuni di questi servizi, ma non per altri. Non sono certo che questo sia vero anche per le Destinations, ma è stato sicuramente fatto in alcune aree dei siti web di Second Life, proprio per l'insorgere di problemi di sicurezza. Prova a usare i servizi indicati (Flickr o Photobucket sono entrambi gratuiti) e vedi se funziona. solo come promemoria - sembra che usare Photobucket abbia funzionato.
  22. Elohi wrote: everything else, I mean EVERYTHING else, runs perfectly, it's just SL. So, yeah, I've been told my connection sucks, my computer sucks, my mother dresses me funny, all that. But, it's an issue in SL, that's been around since 2008, and has never been fixed. New shinies will only distract folks for so long before they realize there's just a regular guy behind the curtain and that big floating head is just an illusion. I'm sure this approach will solve all Elohi's issues. It's been pretty successful until today, right? :robotvery-happy:
  23. Baloo Uriza wrote: Cerise wrote: The informatin is still available in Help>About, and a simple notifier can be made with llGetEnv and CHANGED_REGION, for the few people who really need to know about region changes all the time. I presume the fix you're refering to is going to be something you have to explicitly apply, or is it the new default? The new default is going to be "no warning message". If one needs to get notified, she can write and use a HUD as mentioned by Cerise (ask me for one if needed). This change is appropriate because currently the main grid always run various different server releases, so the messages became too frequent and only few of us are interested in them.
  24. I suggest you to ask help in the Opensource-dev mailing list: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/OpenSource-Dev
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