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  1. Very true, as most of those tenants find out after they give up the good quality they had for less expensive, and when those tenants return to their previous rental company, the company the left for, comes along with alts and poaches them away, at gross amounts of numbers, almost crippeling the other company. It becomes a never ending vicious circle
  2. That's exactly my point, the company that has the majority of those "grandfathered" sims, is killing the rest of the land companies because they are luring people in with low introductory rates, then hiking them up to just a hair below normal market value, and offer no customer support for their tenants. There has to be some sort of equal fairnes brought about by the lindens at some point soon, or folks are going to just leave SL completely, as they really don't want to be left to their own devices after paying huge amounts of lindens each week for tier, and not get help with issues.
  3. I have been playing SL now since 2008. I have rented many different sized land from many different companies. I now work for a "quite respectable" land company, not tootin my own horn or anything, but seeing how alot of our tenants are leaving for "lower prices" elsewhere, only to find out they are "introductory rates" and increase after the first few weeks. Those tenants also find out that when they are in need of customer support, there is none to be found, or you wait for days, sometimes a week or more, for help with issues. Those companies, are basically killing the other "decent" land companies because they have "grandfathered sim prices" from way back in the very begining. I not only speak for myself, but many other people within SL, that this sort of thing is very unfair, not to mention shady on the land companies owner for doing such horrible business practice. There has to be some kind of equality brought in by Linden Labs on this issue. It's not very fair that one land company pays basically nothing for thier sims, while everyone else pays way higher rates in tier, and keep getting poached from by ridiculously low "introductory rate" and no customer service at all. I only know this because I have, in the past, rented 3 different sized lands from this other company, and the final straw was an issue with a tenant on the other half of the sim I rented. 3 clubs and a mall that took up the entire half of the sim, dj's and shoutcast boards shouting across the sim to my store customers, and shouting up to me, in a skybox above 2000m in the air. When I finally did track down someone to help me with the issue, after almost a week of this nonsense, I was basically told to suck it up or leave, so at this point, I don't need to elaborate on what my final decision was. It's going to come down to one thing, and one thing only: This "grandfathered sim" company will end up monopolizing all of the sims in SL, basically putting every character at their mercy, and eventually after having enough of the lag and lack of customer service, will leave SL completely. Where will that leave SL? One land company and no renters. It's not that difficult to figure out and see, if you actually speak to people within the community and take a consensus of who people do not like renting from and who they do. Me personally, as well as a ton of other people, would rather pay a bit extra for customer service, than to save a few pennies and just be left to my own devices with rented land. I really hope LL's does something soon, or the SL population will start dwindeling very fast.
  4. Here's an example. Yesterday I was sending IM notices, I typed in my IM notice and clicked Send. Apparently there were some issues with chat because I received a message stating that my message could not be sent to the group, if it didn't appear within the next few minutes, to try again later. So I closed out the group and moved on to the others I'm in. I went back to it about 20 minutes later, give or take, opened the chat window and didn't see my post, so I entered it again, and that time it went. When I logged in this morning, I received a message from one of the owners "pawns" telling me that I have a suspension notice because I sent an IM notice twice within a 30 minute period. When I tried explaining what happened, I wasn't even give the common courtesy of a reply or acknowledgement that I even spoke at all
  5. Trust me, I did start my own group. I want to have the largest free adertising group in SL along with outstanding customer service. I'm online all day long, everyday. I believe in the old term "the customer is always right, and if the customer is happy, I'm happy"
  6. I know there are alot of groups that charge a fee to join the group, but I can't help but wonder if there is a capped amount that can be charged for this. I was in a group that charged a minimum of 1k to join, then if there's a glitch with the server or something very innocently done by mistake, notice and IM rights are suspended, and then you're forced to pay another 500L to get your rights back. I mean really, this group owner is making a mint off of the residents of SL and is barely on to take care of the customers. Doesn't even seem to care that there are times when the servers are being updated or tweaked, and notices don't always go through or chat's don't always work. It just seems easier to suspend or revoke notice rights and then make the person pay another "exuberant" amount of money to be able to advertise their product in a very short notice or IM message. If there's not a cap, I feel that their should be. It's not right to extort that kind of money from someone and give them poor customer service in return.
  7. Hmmm, regardless of what messages arise, there is never a "good day" to do anything in world, as LL's seems to feel the need to screw around with something that causes people to lose valuable things, in which case they are forced to purchase more lindens to replace what was lost. Get the connection, eat inventory, account holder buys more lindens! Win-win situation for LL's.
  8. Ummm, if Phoenix isn't an approved viewer, then it should be taken off the list of SL approved viewers because that's what I use. Regardless of what viewer is used, it is still a problem that inventory is vanishing like a pizza at a weight watchers convention!
  9. I logged in this morning, still having to run on the Beta version because nothing rezzes properly on the normal 908 version w/the patch, everything seemed to be doing fine. I started going through my inventory and boxing up things I don't use, and low and behold, it took me 3 hours to box up textures because I kept getting an "inventory loading" error. Then I moved on to my furniture, and much to my dismay, as I was trying to box up bedroom furniture, SL decided to eat my L$6000 bed! Yes, you read that right, $6K bed, it was from TMS and it was an XCite compatible canopy bed that I have maintained for almost 2 years, until someone decided to muck around with the servers and now it's gone! In total this week alone, I have spent almost 60 USD on this game in lindens and my premium account, and now I have to come up with another 6K to replace my bed that SL has so proudly eaten. Customers to my store have been few and far between over the last few days because of the crap that's been going on with the servers. Alot of people are forced to run alternate programs to even be able to function a little bit. None of this should be happening with the amount of money that's being dumped into Linden Labs on a daily basis. Firestorm should be put on the back burner for a very long time, and get the issues fixed for the current version that is being used by the majority of the population before you release another headache for us to deal with!
  10. Yeah, I have to agree, this is a crock of bs! I pay out the ass every month in lindens, on top of my premium account, and I have to deal with this kind of service. Shame on LL's for sucking people's hard earned money for this pathetic service!
  11. I don't know, but it's pretty annoying, especially since I'm on a brand new computer and still nothing rezzes in properly. Nothing works, radar's don't work right or anything. Linden Labs really needs to get thier stuff together and get this thing running right. The amount of money that they make on a daily basis is disgusting compared to the quality and service that is given back. :smileymad:
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