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  1. Lanas Criss wrote: Hopefully you can get at the post link below... it's in the 'Merchant Roundtable' forum that you can join, but I'm not sure if the link will work if you haven't joined yet. Anywho... there's plenty of helpful advice for fixing the "unavailable" problem, although sadly time may be the only thing that really fixes it, and all these other sync, rez, reset, and repeat jobs we do just distract us for the appropriate amount of time... who knows. If you can't get at this post let me know and I'll cut 'n paste it over to here for you tonight when I get back from work. http://co
  2. Irene Muni wrote: Have you tried My Marketplace > Merchant Home > Manage Inventory > Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes? Yes, I tried that Irene, but I'll give it another try. Thanks.
  3. I listed several items in my SL Marketplace store and asked a friend of mine to purchase one to test it out. Everything worked fine. But....when I accessed my marketplace account today, I noticed that all of my items are designated "unavailable." All of the required fields in the listing are completed, and the items do not violate TOS. Does anyone know why they would be "Unavailable," and how I would correct that? Thanks.
  4. Yes, I'm having problems, too, and it is very annoying!!! Wish somebody would get it working right.
  5. Anyone else having problems with SL this week...particularly today...I keep getting logged off, and then when I try to relog it says "region still loading." When I finally do make it back inworld, my groups are missing, and it says "none." This is crazy.
  6. I enjoy going to Phat Cat's ballroom....very elegant, and nice music. There are also some sims in that host interesting discussions, and there are education sims too. And don't forget roleplay....that's my favorite thing to do in SL. There's so much to do in SL....I rarely get bored here.
  7. Hey Zog, I'm a re-newbie too! Nice to meet another one!
  8. I would say about 80% of my SL time is spent in roleplay....that's primarily why I'm here. And when I'm not rp'ing, I am usually dancing with a handsome gentleman at Phat Cat's. *winks*
  9. Cummere Mayo wrote: @kerrigann read up here: http://jayrcelasecondlifetechnologist.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-get-your-product-banned-or-how.html and here: http://no2redzone.blogspot.com Hi cummere, Thanks for your reply, but I wasn't sure what the first link has to do with redzones...perhaps I missed it somewhere in the article. The second one was a dead link: Blog not found Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name no2redzone is available to register!
  10. Wetherby's offers a free dress/outfit every day if you join the group, and those that are not free are very reasonably priced should you do decide to ever buy Lindens. Most of my outfits come from Wetherby's, and I have a great variety. http://slurl.com/secondlife/5th%20Avenue/105/230/23
  11. deety Galicia wrote: I'm too scared to open up music anywhere due to the portable redzone hud. Ok, I'm not new to SL, but the redzone is not something I am familiar with. What is a portable redzone hud, and why is it scary? Thanks.
  12. I really like Phat Cat's ballroom. They play a variety of music, the atmosphere is very elegant, the attire is formal, the hosts/hostesses are very welcoming, and a wonderful crowd of people hang out there....all of these make for a fun and beautiful evening.
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