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  1. Deej Kasshiki wrote: [...] Contrary to what someone else posted the Snowglobe-based viewers have been updated to use most of the technologies in v2 including [...] media on a prim You mean Shared Media? What 1.x-based viewers fully support Shared Media?
  2. Freya Mokusei wrote: Wildcat Furse wrote: thats another ridiculous decision by LL......if they really want to make the grid viable (encourage growth and development) then giving residents the option to go into 'stealth' modus is not what I see as a good step towards social networking. If people are so in need to hide from others why don't they disappear completely.....but hey we have 'feeds' now, why do we need a grid in fact? :matte-motes-dont-cry: *meows* People don't want to be social on a 'world' level all the time. It's the same thing as skyboxes, security orbs or banlines. Most people don't want to live on a stage or reality TV show, so LL are giving the residents what they (the collective 'they') want. SL's needed a feature like this since its creation. Not everything is a 'ridiculous decision by LL'. Right. Thanks. Wow. Common sense in the forums?? :-)
  3. - maybe it's because of some plugin or extension in your web browser - try again with a different browser - try with latest Viewer 2.8.1 then let us know
  4. Oskar Linden wrote: [...] Add llSetVelocity() and llSetAngularVelocity() functions to LSLllSetVelocity(vector force, integer local) llSetRotationalVelocity(vector force, integer local) s/llSetAngularVelocity/llSetRotationalVelocity ?
  5. Mayalily wrote: [...] I guess I'm going to have to open a Twitter account to ask a Linden as no one wants to answer. Be aware that doesn't make sense. You don't have to open a Twitter account. A Twitter account can be useful to you if you use it with common sense, but in general it's not a great way to get useful replies from Lindens. Especially the ones involved with Mesh. Just go to the weekly in-world meeting on Aditi, or join the Mesh groups and wait for a Linden to show up.
  6. Chronometria wrote: I use viewer 2 and i cant see mesh yet. They put a whole load of mesh items down in katrina sim and they looked like blocky messes to me ( That's because current Viewer 2 doesn't support Mesh yet...if you want to see mesh, 1) use this viewer: http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/vir-project-1/rev/237157/index.html 2) follow these instructions: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/LiveVolunteers
  7. Mayalily wrote: Phoenix Viewer so popular, it's the one that most seem to have. [...] Today, at another club I visit the score was almost all Phoenix (about 12 users), with me on Firestorm and 2 on LL V2. Is this going to be a problem or is it a problem already? It's not a problem. Nothing based on personal experience in TWO regions is a real problem, since it's not representative of what's happening in Second Life. Second Life has over 9000 regions, er, I mean - actually more than 30.000 regions. If you claim a viewer has a certain % usage, but you do NOT provide source for those data, you're harming your own reputation / reliability.
  8. Tip: quickest way to get to the social network is to open my.secondlife.com in your own web browser and then log in. That way you don't need to remember the firstname-dot-lastname syntax. Then you can reach your own personal profile URL by clicking the 'Profile' icon in the left side. Thanks to those who started playing with this thing together with me!
  9. A few days ago, the new web-profile-based SL official social network went live: http://my.secondlife.com You can access and use it with your favorite web browser, or with SL Viewer 2.8 (where it's natively embedded in user profiles). Leave a message to your friends, have conversations with them while you're not-inworld, share interesting SL locations when you're wandering through the grid, etc. I want to add to my Friendlist more people who use or are going to use the SL social network: if this applies to you, feel free to add me as a Friend: https://my.secondlife.com/opensource.obscure Having active friends in the social network makes sense because the 'Home' feed includes activities from your friends. PS: if you don't want anybody to see your Profile Feed -or write on it- go to https://my.secondlife.com/settings/privacy and set 'Feed' to 'Nobody'. PS: if you reply only to whine "this is stupid i don't need it", you will lose your hair.
  10. Cars, motor engines and roads aren't an appropriate metaphor for virtual world platforms and softwares. Car industry and road infrastructures are a well-established set of standards, with quality requirements. Law regulations exist about them in order to provide a reliable experience to users. I'd rather compare Second Life and virtual world platforms in 2011 to cars -and roads- in 1911. The higher your expectations, the stronger your disappointment.
  11. Jo Yardley wrote: Ok so they are going let us use bigger prims, in stead of 10x10x10 we will now be allowed to make 64x64x64 meter prims, or there abouts. Hurrah, fantastic, let's get rif of all those old megaprims... well almost all of them... Why 64? Why not 100? Why not 1000? Why not 29, or 18? :matte-motes-delicious: I think it has to do with linkability rules and distances. But if you're seriously interested in knowing the answer I think you should ask Andrew Linden, during one of his 2 weekly inworld meetings.
  12. I'd like to complain about Second Life Forums being full of whiners AND "Ignore this user" feature being not available. If at least one of these problems were resolved I'd be good.
  13. Cosa non puoi fare: non puoi cambiare nome a un gruppo esistente non puoi creare un nuovo gruppo e spostarci gli iscritti di un gruppo esistente Linden Lab non fa da arbitro nelle questioni fra utenti con ogni probabilità la "copia" del tuo gruppo è un atto antipatico e in malafede ma non costituisce violazione ne' dei termini del servizio di Second Life ne' tantomeno di leggi statali o internazionali Quello che farei io al tuo posto è agire sul piano comunicativo. Alcuni consigli: concentrati sull'efficacia della comunicazione del tuo gruppo: usa tutti i canali disponibili, informati sul nuovo Search rendi accogliente e piacevole la permanenza all'interno del tuo gruppo (per esempio non ha senso annoiare chi è già nel tuo gruppo con la questione del gruppo copiato, o lasciare che nella chat di gruppi ci si dilunghi sull'argomento - al limite rispondi con IM privati ai diretti interessati) crea una pagina web (se il tuo gruppo è importante per te, dovrebbe avere almeno un piccolo sito web) dove spieghi in modo chiaro e civile quanto successo evita di rispiegare la questione 100 volte in 100 modi diversi: quando ce n'è bisogno basterà un accenno e poi un link alla pagina di spiegazione (v. punto precedente) contatta privatamente i membri dell'altro gruppo e informali uno a uno di quanto successo. Fallo in modo educato e civile, senza insulti, affermazioni false, diffusioni di conversazioni private. Non pretendere che lascino l'altro gruppo: la cosa importante è che aderiscano al tuo, credo. Metti in preventivo di venire bannata da quel gruppo quando i loro proprietari si accorgeranno di cosa stai facendo (potranno anche minacciarti di fare degli Abuse Report, ma saranno tutti senza fondamento se ti comporti "civilmente" come spiegato sopra)
  14. Looks like a bug -no doubt- and not a feature. Not enough to call it a "giant step backward", but still. Please file the problem on JIRA, then let us know the specific report link so that we can comment/watch/vote it.
  15. Crossposting to Facebook is not yet supported, but it will be sooner or later, according to Fredrik Linden. I'd suggest to ask the same question on Fredrik's profile: https://my.secondlife.com/fredrik.linden
  16. Dusty Arriaga wrote: Are they really doing this if so I am cancelling my account go GO GO
  17. Solace Terasaur wrote: I've noticed that since about two months ago with all these rediculous "updates" to the SL view (i.e microsoft) that I can no longer have Ultra settings. I have been able to max everything in the past when it comes to graphics but now, when I try, SL viewer crashes ALL THE TIME! I'm sick of all these "updates" that apparently have not been tested before release. Sound familiar? SL get your s*hit together B4 you send an update. I'm tired of looking at SL in "high" I WANT ULTRA!!! "ridiculous updates" ? "SL view" ? "microsoft" ? :smileyindifferent:
  18. Watch out - your Google Profile may be suspended if you use your SL username -or another pseudonym. I had to stop using Google+ because of this. Many other Second Life users have been suspended as well for the same reason, and a wide debate spread from this. There has been coverage about this on most SL blogs and even the New York Times, Business Insider and other major news sources. More links here http://www.flickr.com/photos/opensourceobscure/5915226844
  19. Aengus Fairywren wrote: I heared a rumour that your private chat can be read by other people via mysecondlife.com Is this true? 1) YOU decide who can read the messages you post on my.secondlife.com. Go to Settings > Privacy > Feed for that. 2) SL private chat (aka IM messages) is a completely different thing than my.secondlife.com, which is a web-based messaging system 3) other users can NOT read your private chat my.secondlife.com (the new web profile-based SL social network) is an awesome innovation. It will be very useful for some Second Life users. If you don't know anything about it feel free to have a try, and leave a message over my own feed: https://my.secondlife.com/opensource.obscure
  20. West Habercom wrote: Just wondered how everyone feels about the new changes.... the ones I refer to are the new profile pages on the web site, and also the new search (All). I don't like either one. i wonder if I missed a memo. Did LL even ask their "customers" what they wanted, or has the "Voice of the Customer" concept flown out the window? I can't see why you think that anything ran by "us" would work. Second Life is used by many, many kinds of different users, in different contexts, with very different needs. Sometimes what some users need is opposite to what other ones need. Sometimes -like with the new social network- one simply can ignore those features he doesn't need. Linden Lab has to develop and evolve Second Life taking into account all of those different needs. If they think a new feature will benefit a large enough number of users, they have to develop that feature. It's irrelevant if some other users don't need that feature. They won't use it.
  21. new social network is awesome. it's obviously very useful as you can now talk with other SL users even when you aren't logged in-world. don't need it? go to https://my.secondlife.com/settings/privacy, set "Feed" to "Nobody".
  22. Jennifer Boyle wrote: Why on earth would they make the useless new page be the page that comes up when you open a profile. I don't care about having a Facebook look-alike profile page. I generally use profiles to find out a little about another avatar, and often to find a LM for a store in a creator's picks. This new Home page is worse than useless. How do they come up with stuff like this? I don't object to social networking. I had a Facebook account until FB closed it (without notice). I have a 2ndhub account, and I hope 2ndhub takes off. But it's absolutely stupid to make such a thing a part of profiles. They seem bent on making profiles progressively less useful. Remember the days when profiles opened almost instantly? It boggles the mind that LL devotes resources to developing things like this while neglecting things that really would make SL better. I like the new features. I needed them, and you should learn to respect other users' needs. You defined a new feature "absolutely stupid" because you won't use it. Who cares if you use it? Deal with the fact that Second Life is used by many different kinds of people, for different reasons, with different needs, and your mind won't boggle anymore. Also funny how you think that Linden Lab worked on this instead of working on other features.
  23. Ansariel Hiller wrote: Ha! The "Nobody" only applies to the feed only and was added now as a quick and dirty hack due to a massive protest storm! lol
  24. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot wrote: I have now removed all information from my Profile and removed all my friends Linden Lab look to have destroyed my privacy without any warning. And I'm paying them for this! :womanvery-happy: awesome. Thanks!
  25. DQ Darwin wrote: Pretty well everything has been said by the above posts, so I'll just add my 2 penny rant to it. To start with this is just dumb, now everyrhing someone posts to my Feed. I get another gmail notice and another notice in world. Amusing how you spent time to talk about this here - when in that same time you could have given a look to the privacy settings and set them the way you like.
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