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  1. Jopsy Pendragon wrote: I made one: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-7781 Thank you, I have just voted. I encourage every resident to vote for this issue! Let's hope a Linden will explain why the Wiki has been closed without prior notice…
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: Has any one filed Tickets or a JIRA about this? And has anyone recieved a response? A JIRA would be useful. I don't think it has been created yet…
  3. Hitomi Tiponi wrote: Almost two weeks now. Come on LL, this is a valuable SL resource. When can we expect to see it opened up again? Also placing this post on the Second Life Grid Status page does not give confidence - it says 'Resolved'! [Resolved 12:01 AM PDT, 15 October 2014] The unscheduled maintenance to the Second Life wiki is currently still in progress. Please stay tuned to this blog for further updates. They probably wrote Resolved by mistake instead of Updated. I hope the site wil be fully operational soon too. It is very useful.
  4. Proprio non vedo il motivo per cui dovrebbe diventare inutilizzabile!
  5. Ho mandato la mail al supporto come scritto dopo il suddetto avviso, ma il reply immediato mi ha mandato qui. ehm, la mail diceva di venire qui ?? Comunque, nel frattempo hai risolto?
  6. If you really want to access SL from your overpriced functionality restricted mobile apple kid computer devices, look here: http://www.pocketmetaverse.com/ J. A closed source app that is not developed by Linden Lab? No thank you, I still prefer to keep my password safe.
  7. That is how some web profiles used to appear to me with viewer 2.5. Luckily, I haven't seen the problem with 2.6. I guess the issue is already listed in JIRA, although I don't know if they closed it. I don't think you can do much about it, except use a different viewer...
  8. A questo "esperimento" io non potrei prendere parte perché sinceramente qui da me le ombre sono ancora un po' troppo instabili, però a qualcos'altro non necessariamente legato all'hardware (ad esempio più orientato alla programmazione) volentieri!
  9. Luc Starsider wrote: The PowerPC processor in your iMac is designed to be a desktop processor, running desktop operating systems, programs and the works. The A4 and A5 processors in iOS devices are designed - as far as I understand it - to run in mobile units with a battery. They are not really directly comparable. They are not directly comparable because my processor has one core, while iPad (and, most likely, iPhone) has two. Which is better? As for the battery, the same processor used to be used on laptops (12" ultraportable iBooks included). Does IMVU or Blue Mars have a mobile viewer out? - Luc - They are both in their early stage of development, however the point is that both companies want to enter the mobile market. And Linden Lab?
  10. And folks think that a puny little 1Ghz A4 processor designed to sip power is going to be able to render SL? I don't see the problem. I run Second Life on a 1Ghz PowerPC iMac (viewer 1.23). Besides, the new iPad is dual core, and the next iPhone is likely to be dual core as well. There are already nice games for these two devices. Nothing would prevent you from using a machine with an expensive graphics card, if you need better graphics. Other virtual worlds are moving to iPhone (IMVU, Blue mars...), why shouldn't Second Life give us this opportunity?
  11. Also, log on with a different viewer (1.23, Phoenix, Imprudence etc.) to check whether the pictures appear or not, but I suppose you already did.
  12. Can't you see any profile pictures? Strange. If necessary, we will create a new JIRA issue. Before reinstalling the application, did you clear the cache as well? Just to be sure, delete these folders: Library/Application Support/SecondLife Library/Caches/SecondLife and empty the Trash.
  13. If you are interested, vote for this JIRA: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-16731
  14. Sì, chiaramente c'è ancora molto da fare, ma cercavo di guardare il lato positivo. In particolare, il problema dei "tre punti interrogativi" era davvero il bug più assurdo che abbia mai incontrato su Second Life (e non solo)... in pratica non potevo neppure sapere con chi parlavo! Per farvi un'idea, guardate questa foto. Spero proprio che non torni più. Tra l'altro, proprio ieri una persona mi ha segnalato lo stesso bug su Phoenix. Quanto al viewer Basic/Advanced, mi auguro che sia davvero gradito al pubblico dei neofiti, anche se ho qualche dubbio a riguardo. Personalmente credo che la strada da percorrere sia un'altra, per esempio fornire un'applicazione grafica e nativa per iPhone/iPad, in modo da entrare nel vastissimo settore della mobilità. Altri mondi virtuali, tra cui Blue Mars, lo stanno facendo... come mai Second Life no?
  15. Dopo un paio di giorni di utilizzo, non ho riscontrato il fastidiosissimo bug dei tre punti interrogativi al posto del nome... era ora. Bisogna ammettere che anche i profili web sono stati un po' migliorati. Se solo mettessero un Search più efficiente... Comunque, intanto è meglio che niente.
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