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  1. WolfBaginski Bearsfoot wrote: I've deleted my Friends list. It's the only way I can exclude myself from the current system. lol. priceless
  2. my.secondlife.com is very promising. Awesome innovation for Second Life
  3. With the new "social" profiles, Friendship may get a whole new role: now it makes more sense to offer friendship to someone we have never met in-world, basing on common "Interests" and comments from them. If we want to read all public updates from someone, it seems she needs to be in our friendlist. Surely many users won't use the web social network and the web messagging system; but for those users who will use it, do you think the role of the SL Friendlist will change? How? (if you need to test the web messagging feel free to leave a message on my profile and/or offer Friendship requests)
  4. stai usando il programma ufficiale scaricato da http://secondlife.com/support/downloads oppure un programma alternativo, o magari una versione obsoleta? facci sapere, e facci sapere anche il messaggio d'errore completo per favore.
  5. misi una domanda a caso e relativa risposta solo che non ricordo piu che risposta ho dato Sicuramente non sei l'unica ad averlo fatto, ma non puoi dare la colpa a qualcun altro per questo. cerca un amico che sappia parlare in inglese e telefona usando Skype in modo da non spendere tanti soldi. Tantissime persone sanno un po' di inglese, e tantissime persone usano Skype. Buona fortuna!
  6. How about Physics / Collisions? Do the two implementations behave the same way? I'd expect the sculpty one to behave weirdly, when you walk over it. or let a physical object fall over it (unless you made it phantom, which again would be unrealistic - while adding a transparent, primmed structure to allow realistic collisions would raise the prims number); meshes have the potential for more realistic collisions. Guarantee, for some kinds of objects this aspect is not a concern, but when buying furnitures I would take it into consideration.
  7. dimenticavo... i lavori di manutenzione dell'inventario dovrebbero migliorare la situazione, non peggiorarla.
  8. come dice Brandon, succede abbastanza spesso che l'inventario non riesca a caricare (o caricare a una velocità decente) tutti gli oggetti che contiene. nella maggior parte dei casi questo non è dovuto alla perdita degli oggetti ma al loro mancato caricamento...a livello pratico è la stessa cosa, ma sarebbe molto più grave se i nostri item sparissero dai nostri account. Di solito, non è questo che succede. non di rado i problemi nel caricamento dell'inventario sono sintomo di una connessione di rete non ottimale fra Second Life e i nostri client, e spesso sono accompagnati da altri sintomi come problemi nei teleport o nell'appearance.
  9. Let's note that those terms also limit (partially at least) how one can redistribute Google 3D Warehouse content: 11.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, without Google’s prior authorization, you may not: (i) aggregate Content obtained from Google Services for redistribution I haven't fully read those terms anyway yet.
  10. Is there any blog or website which is specifically dedicated to Second Life Meshes?
  11. don Berithos wrote: For the last month Secondlife as a whole has been by far the worst performing platform on the Internet I bet you tried them all.
  12. What Marigold said. Please make yourself familiar with how Second Life works before spending thousands of dollars (!!) on it.
  13. Ciao, nel programma di Second Life non c'e' nessun "Click here to start earning points"...temo che nessuno abbia capito di cosa stai parlando. Se hai ancora bisogno prova a ripartire da capo descrivendo il contesto in cui ti trovi.
  14. Raxithe Volare wrote: sorry to say, but that is BS. I'm having the same issues with a computer that can run I'm having good performances on a less powerful computer. Raxithe Volare wrote: LL needs to fix this issue ASAP. It's not our computers, It's not our internet, It is NOT our drivers... Correct: it's YOUR computer, YOUR internet, YOUR drivers. LL doesn't need to fix anything, as the viewer runs fine on my computer. (can you see something wrong here?...yeah - it's assuming that our own experience is the only relevant one).
  15. This had been fixed in past Viewer 2.x releases. Now it has surfaced again. I'm not sure if LL is aware of this regression and where it's being tracked. Here are some JIRA issues about this kind of problems: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-320 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-19214 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-20176 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-19668
  16. AkumaGoddo, I'M HAPPY IT'S GOING BETTER !!!
  17. Double-Click to Teleport on by default would be OK to me, BUT Double-Click to Autopilot on by default would be better.
  18. Linux users, please vote/comment these issues about ctrl-alt-f1 can't be used on Linux https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25431 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-9966
  19. Try uninstall SL and reinstall it. Be sure you download the latest Viewer 2 release ... which is 2.6.6 (unfortunately it has a bug where some icons don't show up, but it will be fixed in the next release). You may need more specific help from some Windows users, though, because this problem appears to relate specifically to operating systems and web browser.
  20. GG Deezul wrote: I dunno... its too hard. vr1.23 worked fine - now Slv2 looks all rubbish, and with phoenix I can not remove UI for Machinima. :smileysad: What is the best viewer to use for Machinima??? It will get even harder so you may consider just to abandon the idea if you think it's too hard already. Anyway, the best viewer for machinima may be Kirsten Viewer. http://www.kirstensviewer.com/If the shortcut doesn't work and you hide user interface via menu, there's a workaround for making UI re-appear: hit shift ctrl S, as if you wanted to capture a snapshot. UI will re-appear.
  21. Le due risposte sono decisamente fuori posto. Gli autori possono cancellarle per favore?
  22. I read the issue. I think you just got what you asked for. You don't need to act a rebel hero to patch software and provide useful feedback.
  23. Anyone can share some recent demo of Mesh technology? (better if on video) ("recent" as in few last weeks)
  24. Hugo Reitveld wrote: That's awesome news, now I'm just wondering whether it's sheer incompetence that prevents a release date estimate plonk
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