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  1. I build the SL viewer for Mac OSX from Linden provided source. I do this because I have a few custom changes to the handling of editing scripts which is important to me (I mention this so you will realize that my minor changes are far removed from the UI). This used to be all good and fine, but as of late it is not. The problem is with the UI. All of the boxes are uniform gray and no icons or images appear (I assume they are gray, too). Needless to say, this does a useable viewer make! The last version I was able to build which looks normal is: Second Life 2.5.0 (0) Nov 23 2010 20:10:43
  2. Daria.Afterthought wrote: tl;dr why do people AR you for the exact offense they just commited themselves expecting results? Answer: Because that is what they understand Comment: Daria, this is the best written post I have seen from you
  3. I sympathize with your points. I think the unfortunate answer is that either forums are open or they are not. Freedom is a messy thing. I do not think there is a thing you have suggested I would disagree with. I would hope all would think like you do. But in this world it is not true. There are a great many opinions, some better than others, and no universal judgement. Some come to these forums to ask questions, some come to learn, some come for entrainment, others to entertain (be it themselves, their friends, or the community at large). Some, honestly, come to be disruptive and build
  4. Irene.Muni wrote: I'm not sure about "player selected when registred". The registration form ask your language or ask where do you live? What language is detected form countries as Finland (only a example hehe)? It has been a while since I registered, so I will accept what you say. It is also possible it is taken from the locale setting you use on a daily basis, which would be much more likely choice to use than what country you say you live in. After all, if you have set the locale of your system to some language there is a very high probability that that is a language you speak :-) The
  5. Isn't it often the case that there is a kernel of truth in some of the most outlandish rumors. The truth is passed from person to person and slowly evolves into something that is nearly unrecognizable. Heh, that is sort of like the answers and discussions on these blogs! Given an avatar's UUID you can make some determinations that sometimes provide geographical information. In LSL (Linden Scripting Language) there is the function llGetAgentLanguage(key uuid)which returns the language the player selected when they registered for SL. There is good reason to make this available -- it allows
  6. Prokofy.Neva wrote: Keep asking questions about the Emerald viewer, and do not be dissuaded by the propaganda. The issue of scraping the avatar key needs a lot more debate than it gets from the cheerleaders here. There may be good reasons to question the Emerald viewer, but this is not one of them. Claiming the data is "scraped" is quite misleading. It is not scraped. It is easily public information that in no way can be hidden. It is no more dangerous to know that than someones name in SL (since the two are essentially synonymous and trivial to convert between). Scraping is gatheri
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