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  1. I have been reading the blog and the FAQ and couldn't see any mention of the random nest givers...hence me asking here...Sorry
  2. I really cannot scroll back over this incredibly long thread. But will the random nest givers that a lot of Meeroo sellers have at their stalls be outlawed too?
  3. Well I for one enjoyed playing gachas, end of the day its a personal choice as to if you played or not, and yes I sell my extras on MP, but not at the exorbitant prices of some folk..I think LL have their hands tied on this matter. I feel sorry for all the places like Arcade and Epiphany who tailored their events round Gachas
  4. Damn I am an elf, but fail on the big boobs front......shame he seemed such a catch 🤣
  5. Clowns scare me..I blame Tim Curry as Pennywise in It. I am also scared of Spiders too, so a clown/spider would prolly cause me to run screaming
  6. I am from the UK and love Halloween, in fact I love it more than Christmas...we have always celebrated Halloween in my family, when i was little my Dad carved Turnip and swede lanterns and put a tea light in them and hung them from our balcony..we didn't go trick or treating, but we dressed up and had a party..In SL my SIM gets decorated and my SL house looks like Halloween threw up on it..LOL In real, I decorate my home, carve a few pumpkins and dress up
  7. I am grateful for some amazing friends, My wonderful sister, my cat...And having SL to be a distraction in difficult times
  8. I am English, and prolly one of the few who doesn't hang out in London City, there are lots of clubs on UK/Euro times you normally find a good few English folk there
  9. People in relationships who say they are 'taken'..where are you being taken exactly? to the pub, the shops, for a ride?
  10. With My Friend Snupz, who I have know for many years, a lady with a heart of gold
  11. First of No Text Speak...I am not one who goes out looking for a relationship in SL, if one happens it happens..but I like people to be honest, kind, good sense of humor, a half decent avie, must be able to cope with me swearing like a trooper (British i got a bit of a mouth on me) and my random sense of humor, also I have mental health issues so I have days where I am not the best to be around so must be able to accept that..I am more a person who looks for Friendship.
  12. I was given a years Premium membership as a Christmas Present..so on the 28th December 2006, ZenCho Balhaus aka ZennyRose was born....I remember going through the old orientation island experience and carrying that damn torch about, how hideous the default avies were that you could choose when you joined, how the grid was offline all day on a Wednesday and how totally FUBAR it was when you could finally log back in.....teleporting and everything being up your backside when you arrived....but here I am still here after all this time, still amazed by the beautiful sims people create..Happy to have met some amazing friends who are now friends in real too (and yes we have actually met) I have been a dancer and host in many clubs, done some crazy things and some things I am not that proud of either....I look forward to seeing what LL does in the future, and I hope they reward those of us who have been premium members for so long and I don't mean those linden gifts that I have never used..apart from a few days when i have been to ill to log in i normally pop in for a hour or two each day....I still love SL and I think it will be something I will carrying on loving
  13. Contact Aash Writer inworld, shes a good landscaper
  14. The Waterhole is a new club set up the 1st August 2019, we are looking for DJ's and Hosts to join our team. You get to keep 100% of your tips..Please contact Snuppy Page (snuppelure), ZennyRose (ZenCho Balhaus) or drop in and collect an application form http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xanadu Isle/202/104/32
  15. My avie at one month old I joined 28th December 2006, and my avie now
  16. I joined SL on the 28 December 2006....I received a years premium memberships as a Christmas gift....after many many years I am still here
  17. I never have had any issues with lag, even on my old computer that was practically steam powered...I recently got a new computer and I am super happy. I find most of the folk who complain about lag, are the ones, who have every scripted object under the sun attached..are using a computer that never had the specs to run SL and are running with the graphics on ultra, when you try and help them they don't want to know
  18. I visited this sim today, thanks to seeing this thread, it would be such a shame to see this place go, I hope it keeps going, I left a donation
  19. I am a bit of a loner in SL..I like to wander about exploring sims, and taking pictures..I do have couple of really close friends I hang out with....I sometimes feel lonely, but that is just the way of things...I am really Shy in Real and suffer with complex mental health issues, so I am not really outgoing and stuff.
  20. What if you don't have access to a scanner for the ID thing, what do we do then?
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