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  1. Hello, I just came back to SL after many years and I found that all my friends and the people I knew here left and are no more online, many popular sims that I used to visit are closed or just empty. So I find myself alone and loneliness is borring. Please, If you want to be my friend or just looking for a new friend feel free to add me or send me an IM inworld I will be glad to chat with you. Thank you and have a nice day.
  2. Greetings all (What's up ?),This is Nexus (A great person,Friendful,Helpful,Cool ) and he need new cool friends ( Any friend just have to be cool and like having fun ,from any country,from any planet ),it's an emergency (Don't fear ,i'm not dying ) so who is interested ( You are great ) or who search a new friend ( Before start a thread,i'm here ),contact me by IM inworld ( Yeah that's cool ),Thank you,( i will give you a candy )
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