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  1. @JemimaRosenthal, your idea may appeal to gacha players. It’s a popular pastime. When Bellisseria rarely showed up on the land page last year, I landed a few old homes in wonderful locations. It only took 10 years to get those spots.
  2. for only a 100 prims? That's about about 1,000 less than you'd get on a private estate.
  3. But if the breedables have prices on them, then it would be deemed a commercial venture. That would be ARable.
  4. This is what @Patch Linden had to say about the number of breedables back in May.
  5. This would be a keeper for me, too, Chloe!
  6. That’s why when I abandon a Vic, I always change the style to one that you’re free of the stairs. I’ve been trapped countless times. 😂
  7. Back in 2006, I came to the old forums, because the grid would be down for about 6 or more hours a day. When that would happen, people would gather there (here) to commiserate about not being inworld. I had a terrible computer that could barely handle SL and couldn't figure out why I was continually crashing. Once I got a better graphics card, the world opened up. I was able to spend time inworld with my friends. I joined these forums back in 2009 but didn't feel the need to participate until Bellisseria emerged as a hot topic. I've felt that I made a lot of new friends through our mutual interest in Linden Homes.
  8. My first houseboat was on a square parcel, but I was surprised at how much I like the more typical arrangement. I usually use the Wallower. On the square plot, I ended up facing my neighbor. Fortunately they never were around, either.
  9. The key is to get the spot on the end and realize that your neighbor is from April 2019 and hasn’t decorated. People were never around when I’ve been at my houseboats, anyway. I appreciate the need for privacy, though.
  10. You're more than welcome to stop by any time. You'll probably run into me before you see my alt. She only comes on to adjust settings. Good luck on finding that next great place!
  11. I wanted to thank whoever gave up that spot in Wolfington. And you’re that wonderful person! My alt landed it yesterday, and I immediately decorated. I even did some fishing! Again, thank you!
  12. Well, I'm a Leo but I don't know what my rising sign is. I never felt attuned to my supposed brash and dramatic personality. I'm from the Great Lakes State, so water is what draws me. I'm more in touch with the moon than sun. I only burn and don't tan. I bounce between houseboats, Trads, and campers. As much as I want to like the log homes and Victorians, I can't stick with them.
  13. It's my view now, Chloe! Thanks for sharing the wealth.
  14. Famous last words. I've got to stop making pronouncements I can't keep. I'm nomadic, too!
  15. The Wallower is my favorite houseboat style. And I have that interior wall add-on, too. You always inspire me with how you create individual rooms. Maybe you might steal ideas, but you create unique designs all your own. Now I'm going to steal some of your ideas. 🙂
  16. That’s why it’s so much fun in SL. You get all of the excitement, and none of the consequences. 😊
  17. Ayerdale was released on Friday. I caught and released a couple.
  18. And my alt is in time out. "Don't cry for me, Argentina."
  19. @Marianne Little, even if you don't want to have the hassle of a store: you could have a thriving business as an interior designer. Every time I see your homes, I swoon. I'm sure there are many design-challenged residents that feel the same.
  20. Welcome to the Linden Homes land forum, Libbie! This is my go-to source for finding out about new region releases and abandoned homes. It comes down to luck and perseverance. You can’t choose what region you will get when you click on a home style. You hold your breath and hope that it’s a great location. The log homes were the last major release (over 4,000) a few months ago. The newest style — the stilt homes that were previewed at the SL17B celebration won’t be coming out until the fall or winter. In the meantime, there seems to be a Victorian region released every few days. As far as traditional homes go, you have to rely on abandons. Those are few and far between. I got lucky recently with an abandoned Traditional. I posted my view in “”Beautiful Abandons”. I look forward to seeing your post about your landing your first dream home in Bellisseria!
  21. So these regions already exist, I take it. So much for a new Bellisseria neighborhood. I think I'll pass on Mainland. Thanks, @LoganPryor!
  22. I kept my not quite perfect houseboat in Isthill. I've had better locations, but this one has won my heart.
  23. I keep wanting to love the Vics, but for some reason, I can't manage to keep them. The Doyle is my favorite, because it's the smallest. Then there's the Verne, because I love wraparound porches. They seem to work for any parcel. I can't bear to have the same house as a neighbor, so that limits me sometimes: whether its the color I choose or the style.
  24. I want to be in Starborn.
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