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  1. I tend to not keep the sandy Trads. Give me lush green any day of the week. I might have been the person to toss it back into the pool. Or not 😊
  2. It always makes my heart sing a little when I see a home I’ve abandoned with a new name. Maybe it’s the perfect fit for the next person. It also means the Trad or houseboat won’t come back to me immediately after I abandoned it. I’m grateful for the heads up.
  3. A lot of what I enjoy doing in Belli will echo what others have expressed. I have been an enthusiastic GOH player. That seems to be waning a bit, because I keep refining my criteria in what would make a perfect home. I love to boat through the waterways. The fantasy home regions are spectacular. Of course I had to get a leaf boat to navigate the rivers. My favorite mode of transport is kayak or bumper boat. I set up a dragon rezzer, so that’s another fun way to explore those regions. Since I can’t afford this in RL, I search out lighthouse views in Bellisseria: Island with lighthouse for sale
  4. Quartz, it looks like you could use a meal! 😉
  5. @Fay StarlightThat explains how my alt caught Morden this morning. Thanks!
  6. I’m from Michigan. Our state motto (in Latin) is “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” For those unfamiliar with my beautiful flyover state, it consists of two large peninsulas: the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) and the Lower Peninsula (aka Downstate, Trolls — people who live south of the Mighty Mackinac Bridge). Not shaped like eggplants, though, more like a mitten.
  7. I'm glad that I wasn't aware of the eggplant thread, before I paid tribute at that spot to Ebbe. He might have gotten a kick out of it, though.
  8. Now that I managed to kayak the Fantasseria regions and see the sky transitions, I’m sold! Truly lovely! Moles and Lindens, you really have created a magical environment!
  9. That’s what kind of turned me off of the demo regions at first. Everything was way too dark, and I’m a night owl. I finally got a fantasy house, and I seem to be there during daylight hours most of the time. Oh, well. I’ve used @Nika Talaj’s fireflies in all my parcels. Even houseboats, because I love the day cycle. Thank you, Nika!
  10. @Mercedes Avoni know what you mean about the bloom coming off the rose. I tend to be a tumbleweed. No matter how much I love a location, I eventually have the need to move on. I’ve kept houseboats the longest. Even when I rented on private estates, I would decorate my own house, tire of it, and move on to the next parcel. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how you’ve transformed your Linden homes.
  11. I’ve rarely staked out new territory. I always run at least five minutes late to the party. Most of the time, I’m grateful that I stumble over beautiful abandons. Most recently I flipped a coveted houseboat from an alt to my main account. I had always been too afraid of losing the parcel in attempting a transfer. And @Matthieu QuanderI didn’t read your tone as joking. Apparently you have a dry sense of humor (which I tend to love). But for clarification put some smilies in the next time so your joke doesn’t go over my head. 😉
  12. I figured it out when I visited it. 🧚‍♀️😎
  13. Lovely, Yando! Are you auctioning this off or giving it away? Joking, of course.
  14. Now that’s individual customer service! I’ve always had good interactions with the Linden Support staff. I’ve had countless double wide campers fixed within minutes of contacting live chat. But Patch hasn’t come to my rescue yet.
  15. If I roll the same house it might not show up in my teleport history, even though I claimed and released it. Sometimes it looks like I had 4 chances instead of 5.
  16. I noticed that when I step out of my parcel boundaries my music stops playing, even when I don’t restrict the sound to my parcel. I’ve not wanted to bother my neighbors with my choice of music. Is it not necessary to restrict sound then, because I do like to hear the birds chirping outside my parcel?
  17. That was my reaction, too, Nika! Today is my late mother's birthday and my birthday is on Saturday. I think she flipped this Seaprise to me as an early birthday gift.
  18. It looks like I stumbled into a release of Stilts on Water in Seaprise.
  19. Even though I have a Linden home, I log into a skybox where my breedables are embraced and welcomed. I had rented for years on a private estate where I devoted all my prims to my breedables. I rarely furnished a home. Then one day a neighbor complained about lag on the region. The finger was pointed at me. I never had movement or sound on my animals, trying to be the best neighbor possible. I don’t know if breedables have a bad rep that stems from the Scion/Sion (sp?) chicken era. Breedables have come a long way, since then. Nonetheless I’m not advocating for breedables farms to be allowed in Linden homes.
  20. Since you named the region, you should be able to get first choice and the most primo location. That seems fair (at least to me).
  21. I don't think there's an over-abundance of stilts. I saw two in the last day or so. I have my eye out for houseboats, and they tend to be a bit rarer @RacyAcey
  22. Since folks complained about seeing Meadowbrook show up on the land page for what seemed like forever, modern homes will probably be the last theme. I still want an updated Loftroom. That was my favorite of the older Linden homes.
  23. I’m starting to think that houseboats are my favorite theme. My very first one was in Walrus Beach. I got it accidentally during the region release. It’s probably the longest I’d lived anywhere (about 6 months). It had lovely landscaping, very green and at the end of the row. It was on a square parcel. Since then, I realize that I prefer the rectangular parcels. Only a couple houseboat models work well on the square parcels. I like using the Wallower or the Evening Star. Often on the square parcels, you end up facing your neighbor’s deck. I like looking out across the water. If there’s a lighthouse view, then I’m in Heaven.
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