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  1. I didn’t explain very well: I just want pics of two Avatars using the sofas, not install the animations.
  2. I need someone with Payment Info on File to take pictures of the couples PG animations shown here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Straight-Arm-Sofa-Wheat-COPY/20017324 ,on three other colors of sofas (There are actually more animations than shown in the listing.) And take a pic of each, similar to the ones in the listing. I will pay 500L* per photo. After taking one photo and giving it to me for evaluation, I will decide whether to order the rest of the photos. * or 1000L worth of merchandise if you prefer. I will send interested parties a link to a sofa to take the pictures of.
  3. As a former teacher, I have been acutely aware, as only a teacher can be, that the plans for schools opening “Safely” are not really doable. For multiple reasons, they are simply not. Teaching is the greatest job in the world but it is also gruelingLy difficult. So now they are supposed to suddenly do something that will make it exponentially harder, like for example teach half the students in the morning, half in the afternoon? On top of reminding kids all day long to keep their masks on and keep distance, to say nothing of trying to help kids when they get stuck without being able to crouch at their side? All in the middle of a raging out of control pandemic in most states. (Unlike in most first world countries that got control of the virus first.) A lot of teachers would just quit or retire. So, there is a need for out of the box thinking, in part involving creative leveraging of technology. Specifically VR, or Roblox, or SL. So with those videos it looks like someone may have some idea along those lines — yes SL had campuses before, but there never was much purpose to them. Now, maybe there is? Since SL is my job, I just hope they don’t kill it off.
  4. I’m moving my operations across the street for a while. Ironically, it’s safer now.
  5. Yes. It’s one thing to be distressed by a natural disaster, but something else entirely to watch helplessly while our medical teams and essential workers risk their lives because pandemic planning was scrapped.. That is what has plunged many of us into despair/depression, not the virus alone. If it was just the virus, we would normally execute our well developed plan and save many lives. But this is not normal, and distress is an appropriate response. Discussing that response is not “discussing politics”. IMO.
  6. Not any calmer, but commiseration over the situation can be found in the other forum, which has become a pretty supportive place during this catastrophe.
  7. During my front yard social distancing cocktail hour, all kinds of neighbors strolled by that I had never seen before. I am enjoying it, for as long as the weather holds out — Texas summers are brutal.
  8. I just had Bloody Marys with neighbors, seated eight feet apart in my front yard. I recommend it.
  9. Yes but Beth my favorite post is yours about someone’s pie hole. 😁
  10. I mean, a lot of people will be removed by covid. I guess we will see if social distancing is yet another hoax or not.
  11. It is indeed bending most places. Not in the US, still going up with a bullet.
  12. I have the distinct impression that natural selection will have its way. They were warned. As for red state governors, i just can’t for the life of me understand why they would want to throw their citizens and themselves into the volcano.
  13. Yes, I was just thinking how grateful I am for dishes to wash, food to prepare, for any little simple task.
  14. I am trying a new sleep tactic, by pretending I meant to wake up, and having little tasks to perform, instead of lying there ruminating. Last night at 2am, I soaked in a tub of hot water. At 4:30 I logged into SL and fixed a toaster a customer had requested. Each time, I was able to go back to sleep for a bit. I used to easily sleep through the night with the aid of a cannabutter cookie, but I can’t do THC at all because it makes me ruminate. By the time the first covid patient arrived in this country I had already ruminated the Apocalypse we are in now. I don’t want to go there anymore, however prescient.
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