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  1. Also, when I bought my first region eleven or so years ago, I seem to recall it cost $1600 usd. Can that be right? A few years ago i was paying $295 per region, now $179.
  2. That’s the definition of anecdotal. There are no stats for you and stats for me.
  3. Mansplainers. How would we silly (but adorable) little ladies get along without them?
  4. That’s your literal statistic? I don’t think either word means what you think it does.
  5. You mean the CDC just two weeks ago decided maybe large gatherings were not good, maybe keep it to 50? But keeping schools open was okay? (When I had been isolating for three weeks.). And are trying to decide now whether to recommend masks? That CDC? The one headed by Redfield, who has had zero experience managing anything like the CDC? “In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now advising against gatherings of 50 people or more for the next eight weeks. In a guidance announcement issued on Sunday, the agency said it was warning against large events and mass gatherings that include "conferences, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, weddings, and other types of assemblies." The agency called on organizers, whether they are individuals or organizations, to cancel or postpone such events. However, it said the guidance did not apply to the daily operations of organizations such as schools, institutes of higher learning or businesses.” Pretty obvious you know nothing about Med Cram and have not looked at their projections or data about how heat can enhance immunity. While you are at it, read about how malaria fever was a cure for syphillus early last century pre penicillin. Might learn something.
  6. My business has picked up considerably since lockdown. And it may be that lockdown is going to last a lot longer than we wish. If so, LL could be well positioned. So it would not make sense for them to cut prices, esp since they just recently did so.
  7. My two Med Cram posts I got from a segment of Rachel Maddow, whose team’s vetting I trust more than the current American govt agencies groveling to keep their jobs.
  8. You have hit the Jackpot again: I have read one book each from Waugh, Forster, Pym, Amis, and Barnes, looong ago, several Wodehouses, but GRAHAM GREENE is one of my very top favorites, and I think I have read everything of his in all genres! His gift is supernatural. I will look into the others you named — I have a hard time finding things I can stand to read. I can’t think of any I have read from the same era besides mystery writers like Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie.
  9. I have been hoping that this catastrophe would have this exact silver lining, that the environment and get cleaned up at least. Of course Trump just removed a lot of regulations of pollution.They are other positive possible effects. I never saw so many people out in my neighborhood before. And I think there is a realization that capitalism, unregulated, it’s not gonna solve our problems. Isn’t it crystal clear now that survival depends on cooperation? I am also suspecting that a lot of what Has seemed carved in stone might be open to amendment for the better. If the unimaginable happens, then anything can happen.
  10. Maybe search terms such as Optimization for tips. There are a ton. I don’t know any because my iMac does fine.
  11. I reported, too. The problem is that when the Lindens are not at work there is a flood of spam that the rest of the world has to deal with.
  12. Pursuit is the best, I think. What are some of your other favorites? It’s like we share some of the same best friends 🙂
  13. I like James a lot, but I LOVE Nancy Mitford! Let me know what you think of her.
  14. Lanolin (from sheep) doesn’t smell good but it really is the best moisturizer. Other oils can even draw oil out of skin.
  15. I am reading Ulysses, Canterbury Tales, and Beowulf. Oh and the Iliad. In Greek. Just kidding!
  16. So how do you feel about insulting people for their deeply held beliefs, Maryanne?
  17. I make a lot, give to family, freeze a quart. Put in plastic bags to cram in freezer. It’s so easy,
  18. Projections by state. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
  19. That’s not the opposite. I will investigate tiger balm. I make chicken noodles soup, with carrots.
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