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  1. In the US, we are not just dealing with the virus disaster but the avoidable results of catastrophic and often deliberate mismanagement by those with power. The first is hard to bear but the latter is much worse. It is terrible that people are dying, but unendurable that so many of them could have been saved. Even now, nine states have no lockdown orders. Georgia just reopened the beaches they closed just the other day. It is all madness, or spite, and that is what is so hard to endure. For those not listening to Gov. Cuomo’s daily briefings, they are inspiring. Gov Cuomo has begged for national rolling deployment* of medical resources for when states are peaking, instead of individual states bidding against each other AND FEMA, then when the peak is over, being left with a glut of equipment. This makes perfect sense, but the admin says no, states are on their own. *“Calling New York a hot spot in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the governor urged President Donald Trump to consider a “rolling deployment” of ventilators and medical personnel first to this state before moving to other regions. “We can take the equipment, we can take the personnel, we can take the lessons to the next area in need,” Gov. Cuomo said.”
  2. There are multiple current threads expressing similar views. Have you asked your grocery store to cut prices?
  3. All a huge keyword field does is make it harder for people to use search.
  4. On the contrary, there are many brilliant, honest, patriotic, heroic, deeply moral people in Congress, working constantly to save our democracy. The impeachment was not a circus, but a battle brilliantly executed in the name of truth and justice. But there are a lot of others with blood on their hands. And they are fine with it.
  5. LL has a long-standing preference for preserving spammed keywords, as shown by their refusal to cut the size of the keyword field.
  6. Right now I feel safer outside, but when it’s 110 I may feel inside is not that bad.
  7. Not much, if you have reported and he keeps making alts. You could switch to a different account. Of course, if he gets zero response, eventually he will stop.
  8. Just talking or breathing may spread it. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/02/health/aerosol-coronavirus-spread-white-house-letter/index.html?utm_term=link&utm_medium=social&utm_content=2020-04-04T07%3A50%3A05&utm_source=twCNN
  9. I first came to SL to make a virtual clubhouse for my Yahoo group for ppl with bipolar loved ones, since it can be very isolating socially. I invited everyone, a few came, but only one stuck. Since then I have not bothered inviting anyone — no one I knew had the special quality that SLers have, some combination of whimsicalness, introversion, curiosity, and a soupçon of Misifit Toy. Until now. My neighbor is holed up with her young daughter, teaching from home, and I think, yes indeed, she might really enjoy being able to walk around freely and go dancing, etc. whenever she likes. All kinds of people might find this form of escape attractive now that they never would have before. I do expect SL to always be a hard sell for some reason, but maybe not so much now. Will report back. Is there one person you think might be a candidate now that wouldn’t before?
  10. Really I hate feeling compelled to monitor everything, I know I shouldn’t, for my mental health, but I keep gleaning information that I hope will help my super high risk husband stay alive. Six weeks ago everyone thought I was overreacting but no more.
  11. I have seen that and felt the same relief, but since then there is more data suggesting it can stay airborne and spread if ppl are just breathing or talking or singing, like the choir group in WA that practiced distancing and did not cough, but many got it and some died.
  12. I am finding the opposite — I feel like throwing up in disgust much of the time.
  13. Exactly. It’s not the virus as much as the arrogant incompetence galling me.
  14. I am the opposite, since politics is how we got to this disaster on top of catastrophe. Politics, for example, is why red states get more medical supplies than they request, blue states less. Politics is why ignoramus grifter dilettante Jared Kushner is in charge of the catastrophe now.
  15. @Scylla Rhiadra So what about 19th c English lit. Or Russian?
  16. Our TX governor’s excuse is not ignorance but viciousness.
  17. It’s like watching a train wreck: I AM NUMBER INE ON FACEBOOK! My ratings are like the Bachelor Finale! I rate my performance a ten!
  18. Anyway, I got the app mentioned in the post Maddy made, called covid-19 Tracker. Interesting.
  19. An example, Dr. Fauci has a security detail because he often publicly contradicts Trump, who would fire him if all hell would not break loose.
  20. So without knowing about our govt sources, without looking at what I posted, and seeing that I am female, you assumed I was too stupid to evaluate information.
  21. My point is they offered a buy down, $600 per region. Then just as I was going to have to buy a fifth region for the prims, they cut prices across the board and added a bunch more prims, so I didn’t need to buy a fifth region. They have been pretty accommodating.
  22. No. They are full Sims. I did the buy down a few years ago, on top of the recent price reduction.
  23. So you, say, carve a notch on a stick every time someone says tier is too high, and that’s your data?
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