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  1. It seems to me to imply “If you say things I don’t like, you are hurting the BLM movement.” Same with “We have voted and most people here don’t like you, so if you support BLM we will be against it.” The very idea that there are people who base their approach to the most profound, transformative movement we have had since the 60s on forum posts is to me ludicrous.
  2. How am I supposed to know anything about you but what you post? Which is that you appeared to use BLM as some kind of threat. Which had already been done once with the assertion that BLM marches made people angry,
  3. Yeah, not much interested in unifying with those types.
  4. You must be thinking of those people who “got angry” at the BLM marches, mentioned elsewhere in this thread, and possibly right in this forum. Let me explain something: Black lives matter no matter what you think. It’s not up for debate. It’s not dependent on forum posts. THEY MATTER.
  5. True. But no point in trying to enlighten people who have made a choice to believe sources of “alternative facts”. They are delusional and utterly without remorse or shame. Also, anyone can Google to see that BLM marchers, masked and outdoors, didn’t cause a spike in covid. That is a fact.
  6. You are interested in convincing white supremacists that Black and brown people are their equal. Laudable. (But just see what happens if you ever ask them to say it.) I am interested in justice, before anything else. I don’t want to hear the delusional, ignorant garbage that leads them to think they are entitled to overturn our election and murder anyone who gets in their way.
  7. Actually Stalin was worse. But why do you think England and America, fighting with the Soviets against Hitler, should have declared hot war on them instead of the cold war we did launch?
  8. So it is the fault of BLM marchers that the white supremacists are resentful and angry. The same BLM marchers that caused people all over America and the world to pour onto the streets chanting NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE day after day. That made the innocent white supremacists, who were told they “have white superiority” , so mad! If only they hadn’t been told they were superior! Then maybe they would not have tried to violently overturn the election and kill five people.
  9. I don’t believe they can be convinced of anything, a waste of time to try. But we can call it out when we see it.
  10. Chamberlain wrestled w the pig. Churchill declared war on it and made sausage. After 400 years of this outrage, it’s time to make sausage.
  11. When your car runs out of gas I guess you get angry at it. Covid has been and is changing the world, but not in ways you would like.
  12. People coming back out and spreading infection was because the administration embraced herd immunity, opened up businesses prematurely, mocked mask wearers, and threw huge superspreader events.
  13. Australian Associated Press Sat 6 Feb 2021 00.25 EST Australia has marked another day with no locally acquired cases of Covid-19 as more stranded Australians prepare to come home when international arrival caps return to higher levels. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia all announced zero local Covid-19 cases on Saturday in their respective 24-hour reporting windows. Western Australia, which on Saturday exited its five-day lockdown after a hotel quarantine worker picked up the virus, also recorded no local cases.
  14. It’s a crying shame that such working conditions were allowed, much less pretty much blessed by the previous admin’s cdc.
  15. Really? Angry at a virus. You know why I am angry? I am angry at the people who cost us tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of lives that could have been saved. Not just those who refused to do their jobs but all those who shamelessly supported them and still do. Not just those who flew all over the country doing super spreader events but those who attended.
  16. A lot of people are asymptomatic super spreaders without ever knowing it, and already over it by the time they were tested.
  17. I have a MAGA friend who asked me if I thought Black ppl loved their children like “we” do.
  18. I would like to vent about the thousands of 460,000 dead who could have been saved.
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