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  1. Just wanted to add that the problem of getting viewer or other desktop textures baked into ones avatar is an old one, but clearing cache usually works. The most common cause of this (that I've seen or heard of) is people bringing up OTHER program windows (like a web browser or itunes) in front of the viewer window during the time that the viewer is refreshing those textures. One can reproduce this fairly easily, and I've even managed to corrupt the exterior textures of my skybox with pieces from my Firefox web browser toolbar at one time.. so it's not only avatars that can be affected, and there's really no mistaking what caused the problem.
  2. For me, the answer is quite simple: FRAMERATE!! Every other viewer with mesh code included gives me a maximum of 10-12FPS.. anywhere, regardless of what's displayed on the screen or what the detail levels are or how big the draw distance is. I have proved this to others by rezzing at the bottom of an ocean in a completely empty and lag free sim.. with zero change in framerate. Something in the mesh code is triggering this but it does NOT do this with phoenix, with which i enjoy more than triple the framerate that other mesh viewers can give me (i have tried them all). I am not the only one.
  3. Something you need to ask yourself about this relationship... was either you or him in the habit of trying to garner sympathy, or constantly feeling the need to get generous "poor baby hugs" from the other? I ask because in the beginning of the relationship, such a bahavior might have come across as being sensitive, caring, or even endearing, but it is not.. it is selfishly trying to get something preemptively that's not freely offered at the time by the other. Over time the drain of that kind of needy behavior creates feelings of indifference, isolation, and ultimately rejection in those who grow tired of hearing it day after day after day. That also may not be the case at all, but a question worth asking yourselves. One truth about relationships in SL is that not everybody who wants to be part of something romantic and special is equipped, or willing to handle the stress that comes with these kinds of partner burdens. It's also all too common in SL for people to let the buzz of the moment override their ability to make good and sure that a certain person is indeed right for them, and they let themselves get careless and wind up with someone totally wrong or totally incompatible with their own personal needs. A problem easily solved by skipping that romantic dance, or that zomg cuddle session and actually discussing expectations and boundaries openly, before things get so deep that it becomes too late and someone is going to end up feeling misled when the truth comes out. It's about making the responsible choices first, and exercising a bit of self control.
  4. "Plainly you are (this) and HAHA"... the digital point and laugh? Really? Plainly you are exactly NOT what the OP has expressed interest in, and exactly what he clearly has expressed a DISinterest in. Bewildered as to why these people are always so accurate and never miss hitting the post reply button.
  5. Sounds to me like this "wierdo" was a squatter hoping to keep out other squatters and wanderers, so they could have the run of the place all to themselves.
  6. It's not just excessive lag and packet loss, the problem seems to have bled into the inventory database as well. Standard layers eventually show as worn and rez, but prim items never do, and tons of 'missing from database' errors.. possibly a timeout, dunno.
  7. >Drama Why does no one want to talk about their problems? Because most people realize that others are here in SL to relax and have fun, and that does not happen when they sit and listen to other peoples sad, depressing issues that wreck their good moods. Many will call talking about problems "drama" and point the finger at you for talking about such things, but that is only so they don't have to personally admit that they'd rather not have to think or deal with the emotions related to whatever problem is being talked about. It's a very selfish attitude, but I can only find fault with the part about calling it drama as a deflection, instead of just being honest and saying "look, i'm here for ya, but this is getting too deep and really bumming me out.. can we talk about something else?". I cannot and won't ever fault someone for wanting to preserve their mood or stress-free air when in SL, so long as they don't do it at someone elses expense. (expense.. not failed expectation). So many people are like that.. they'd rather wedge or stymie a good relationship or friendship simply because they don't have the backbone to admit something that might make them look like they're less than a superman or wonderwoman. There are also others who do not take into consideration that what they're wanting to confide or heap on someone else requires a listener who is far beyond the casual, entertainment-based typical resident here in SL. Nobody wants to be a depressed, unpaid psychologist when they came to party.
  8. Freya Mokusei wrote: Impatience generally guarantees that I'll take longer to get back to them than I need to. Assuming I don't ignore it altogether. Ain't obligated to reply to anyone! Definitely this ^^^^... because to me, if someone's soooo insecure, needy, or impatient that a non-response to an IM out of the blue is going to get them that bent out of shape, I'd rather push it and watch them come unhinged. Beats catering to such things on my part, and these types nearly always just end up hanging themselves with their own drama rope. I'm nice, but have no problems letting people expose themselves for who they really are, and it saves me the trouble.
  9. Ceka Cianci wrote: saying someone doesn't get a free pass standing on someone elses land and embarrassing them in public chat is kind of taking it a bit too far don't you think?that is griefing someone.. No, calling someone out because they are KNOWINGLY affecting everyone elses SL experience in a negative way is not griefing, nor harrassment.. it's highlighting a griefing that's already taking place. No different than a club host (or anyone.. really) telling people how to disable particles during an attack of flying Bill Cosbys. Yes, it's supposed to be embarrasing, maybe they'd get a clue then. Just because something isn't specifically against the rules doesn't make it ok to just go hog-wild with it, not when it affects so many others that have just as many rights (and more en masse) to NOT be affected by the misuse.
  10. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: *checks the time and waits for the rest of the Anti-Facelight Brigade to show up, because we absolutely need another ten-page thread about them* No Griffin, I wear a respecful facelight and I'm part of the Anti-self-entitlement / Anti-general-disrespect-for-others brigade. People who treat others as if they were less than that get the same in return, and I'm not shy about it.
  11. Nice tip for noobs, but totally defeats the purpose of putting any effort into how you look. A high majority of people do not change rendering or windlight settings at all, and should not have to just because some selfish jacka$$ decides that they're "speshial" enough to ruin the views of everyone else around them. Not buying it.. no way. Part of "growing up" in SL is learning what effect you and your things have on everyone else that's here to enjoy things too. Noobs get a pass, but experienced AVs who should know better will get the "upset" every..single.. time. I'll shout suggest in open chat that everyone who doesn't enjoy basking in this persons wannabe glow should derender or mute them immediately, and I'll repeat it as much as necessary. Let's see how long the joy of being the "light of the party" lasts when nobody can see their a$$! Attachable lights are just like guns.. use them properly and they're a valuable tool, use them wrong and you have already earned the disdain you get... end of story.
  12. When it comes to skins, I too have a folder(s) full of them but rarely change away from the one that best conveys the "me" as I see her in my mind. If I find a new one that better conveys that then I'll change, but until then all my other skins sit unused for the most part. Even the giant Pout fatpack I bought last year has just sat there in my inventory, and I think I've worn one of them maybe one time.. that's it. I also create all my own makeup in photoshop, so I almost never have to change skin layers at all. Unlike skins though, I have ONE shape and won't change it unless it's a special occasion. It's the template by which every skin I've ever tried on is measured against, and it's the one thing in this crazy world of copies that's uniquely my own. I get all of my "change up" fix by swapping styles, and mix-n-match, and coming up with new looks. Dong that however requires a constant supply of new shoes/boots and hair.. which is a whole other issue lol.
  13. One thing that I've noticed is that although sim crossings are rough, they're not any worse than they were back in '06 or '07. What's a lot worse since that time is teleporting across sims that are hosted at different colocation facilities. There's also a lot more issues with LL VPNs now than I ever remember them having in the past. How many times have people seen a TP fail with the usual fail message, and the only way to get there is to TP to another sim first and then on to the original destination? That happens a LOT.. some kind of virtual "netsplit" where one part of a locations 2-way communication isn't working to one facility, but is to another. Quite annoying.
  14. Nuuna Nitely wrote: Really? Little problems like this now bother people? Sheesh lighten up and just cam away. This^^^ As long as the person isn't actually blocking a door or TP spot, there's no reason at all that the OP should even care if someone else looks like a doofus for editing appearance when dancing. Half the dances people spend good money on now days look just as stupid.
  15. Definitely have her report it, but also have her send out a club group message that explains someone is trying to impersonate her inworld identity. Let people know that her *Firstname* *Lastname* is the only real owner, and that *FirstnameLastname Resident* is not the same person and not be be confused with the real owner. Plenty of people should be able to help word it out in English for her if she needs help.
  16. Perrie Juran wrote: So a rebake or clearing cache wouldn't clean this up? Or would be those be the next steps to try? The issue isn't in a downloaded asset or setting, so I doubt that a rebake would help. Likewise, clearing cache in and of itself might not do anything, but the relog that goes with it would certainly force the correct LOD to be displayed... that is until the viewer gets confused again. Sextoy Gynoid wrote: Can't you just disable dynamic LOD or something? Technically yes you could, but doing that also turns off ALL other LOD switching as well (land, trees, objects, Avs, Imposters, etc..), which could bring many peoples systems to its knees. This problem is closely related to that old bug where worn attachments that had small prims weren't showing up or were disappearing. The conditions that triggered that rendering issue (also a problem with the dynamic LOD and lower LODs sticking) are the same that trigger this one... when your camera stays out beyond the LOD switching distance for *some* period of time, or you're constantly zooming back and forth over that switching distance.. some times the lower LOD sticks. That is why zipping your camera out past that switching distance and back again quickly works to give it a boot in the rear, although like I said sometimes it takes several tries. I've also noticed that wearing a LL physics layer tends to exacerbate the problem somewhat. Annoying.. yeah, but not nearly as much as having to relog to see your AV correctly.
  17. Your viewer has your AV stuck on a lower LOD (level of detail), It's a rendering bug, and it happens to me as well. The fix is to focus the camera on your AV (alt + Leftclick on your AV), then use your mouse wheel to zoom the camera out real fast and then immediately right back in again close. It's a quick 1-2 punch that forces the "Dynamic LOD" function to re-evaluate what level of detail should be showing. Make sure the camera travels far enough away on the zoom out, and it might take a couple tries to get it.. though not always.
  18. Thanks :smileyhappy: NealCrz wrote: Dana what filter gives those torn edges? That one is Burnt Edges, part of the Xenofex 2 pack from Alien Skin.
  19. One of those automatic "last location" logout pics that you never notice until you log back in. Not great but I ran it through a few filters anyway lol.
  20. Raven1 Short wrote: Thank you for that. Those do look very nice. Buying feet would seem to get rid of the cankle problem as well. They *are* very nice, just beware of the price they charge compared to others.
  21. Also kind of looks like the stand animation is slouching, which is known to cause these kind of mesh folds when the chest dives behind the stomach.
  22. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: I mean don't panic or anything.... aw go ahead, panic. It's like a conspiracy or sumptin. I've seen it happen already to other items I love. Sooo... teach me that loud alert squeak you guys got and I'll go down to that store and let 'em hear about it :smileytongue:
  23. Haha your gripe of the day was my personal gripe yesterday, when to my extreme displeasure, that stoopid store didn't have either my original mild or original medium salsa. Chunky salsa is evil, like another bad tex-mex invasion for the tasteless masses. Thankfully though, distribution is pretty good in this part of nowhere so I'm sure they'll get some in soon. I can live without salsa as there's a number of good canned Mexican imports I can substitute, but I promise the world will end in female fury the likes of which only God has seen if they quit carrying my real imported japanese wasabi. I eat that stuff on crackers like it was cheese-whiz.
  24. A lot like the real me actually... Dirty and tired from work, sitting around on my butt listening to music :smileytongue: But I'm told I clean up real nice lol.
  25. Zarvarza Novelli wrote: I cannot create new accounts that successfully log in either. Sounds to me like it could be an overprotective firewall or virus scanner that might be preventing it. If you have either of these, have you had the same ones installed during the whole time you've had this issue?
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