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  1. Penny Patton wrote: I'm just pointing out why adding it might be more complicated than you think based on what I know about the appearance editor and how the sliders affect things. The problem is you are thinking in human configuration. What should it matter to someone making mesh that is designed to completely hide the relational proportions you're talking about? When only the skeletal bone length matters? The answer is it shouldn't matter one bit... and since Qarls addon work doesn't seem likely to make it into any official LL viewer any time forseeable... the point of even bringing up height-related proportion is lost.
  2. If they have to fake it because their RL significant other is home, then the ONLY thing you can assume is that they wish to avoid *some* kind of unpleasantry if witnessed. It DOES NOT mean that this person is cheating on their RL partner, because you cannot know if that significant other would view the activities as cheating or merely something funny to tease this person about. It may be that the significant other doesn't care one way or the other, and this escort is merely avoiding the personal embarassment if they were seen not faking it. Only the facts carry weight, and the only fact is that they just didn't want to be seen for whatever reason. Any assumptions about what that reason may be is just drama fuel and speculation at best. When one purchases a "service" like that of an escort, you may get the real deal, or you may have purchased a fictional roleplay "performance"... it depends on the personal outlook of the provider.
  3. Sonja Smedley wrote: It feels somehow like a love and hate relationship that kills each other. You know what I mean?:-( Sounds like the initial attraction is gone, and what's left is several layers of good or routine stuff on top of a few nasty personal incompatibilities. Like all relationships, you have to choose wisely, knowing full well that one day the magic will wear off and what's left when it's gone is what you'll end up with. It may be a love/hate thing.. not sure what else to call it, but if it's leaving you hurt or questioning things then it's probably not "love" as you define it. It also may not be real hate either, but either way I'd have to say it sounds like it needs fixing before any real positive strides can be made.
  4. Since one doesn't need to take stuff off before putting another on, I see no need to leave just to change outfits. However, if it's a new outfit with prims or stuff that might need adjusting then I usually will TP home for that.. not like anyone cares to see me editing prims anyway... booooring.
  5. I have someone following me who doesn't have a follow button, isn't an ex-friend, have never met the person, and when clicking on their name I get "name does not exist". I highly suspect that their account is either suspend or banned, in which case I'd like to be able to remove them from following me forever for no reason.
  6. Ian Undercroft wrote: I can easily see that you can have a relationship in SL without disclosing RL contact details or detailed personal information. However, I remain unable to see how it's possible to converse or relate in any meaningful way, and certainly in a manner that's sufficient to establish and sustain a relationship in SL, without drawing extensively on your RL background and experiences. Yeah, that's because most of those who say "RL and SL are seperate" do NOT mean there's no talking about ones RL at all... that is a false assumption, and it's typically made by those who don't understand WHY someone wouldn't want to include all of their RL in their SL.. ala facebook. There's also a huge difference between having an SL-only relationship, and keeping SL and RL completely seperate.. the first one DOES NOT have to include the second at all. All it means is for no RL contact or interaction.. that's it. Can talk about RL all ya want and it's still a SL-only relationship.
  7. ebutterfield wrote: I don't know about the majority of ya'll but I am not an octopus. It's called "taking turns", and any partner worth their salt will step up their game to fill in the voids that are created when the other person finds typing at that particular moment cumbersome. It's all part of creating an enjoyable shared experience that truly *is* enjoyable for both, not just one. As for the OP, I just don't date voicers.. problem solved. For the very same reasons I don't care what someone looks like in RL, so do I not give a *bleep* what they sound like, and I'm not so needy that I'd trash my immersion just to make things "hands free easy" for them. In this area, either the puzzle pieces fit or they do not.
  8. Looks like the overlay bug to me. Something you were doing brought up an active window in front of the SL viewer window right when some SL texture was finalizing, and so your downloaded eye texture (found in the cache) got corrupted. It happens.. I've found my internet browser toolbar texture on the outside of my old skybox before, as well as various in-world textures and SL viewer textures painted across my eyes, skin, and clothing. If this is the same problem, then merely clearing your cache and relogging will fix it.
  9. For fuzzy avatar textures that never fully load, the fix is to turn off http textures like suggested, but you also have to clear the cache at the same time or it wont work until you do clear the cache. Both of those pics, although very small and hard to tell, look to me like you're getting the window overlay bug. It happens when your AV is downloading or baking it's textures and you either minimize the viewer or bring up another program or window in front of the viewer (even some of the official viewers own internal popup windows can cause this)... the result is you can get textures applied to one thing that come from another, or even parts of the viewer or other program toolbars applied to things in SL. Looks very much like your dress in the first pic, and the hairtie in the second pic are picking up the green bush texture you see in the background. That would be caused by having some kind of window up in front of the SL viewer (internet?) at the wrong time in the rezzing process. Disable http textures, clear the cache in preferences, relog, and don't have other things going on while you wait for things to rez. Good luck.
  10. Morgaine Christensen wrote: What is the term for older women that aren't out being predatory and stalking the younger crowd of men? It's "women". The term "cougar" specifically refers to the habitual predatory part, not just to the age difference where the woman is older. To be a cougar means to intentionally seek out and burn through relationships with many younger men, with the intent to take advantage, and nothing else. One is either acting like a cougar, or one is not... so there IS no other term. The confusion arises when people just assume it's only about older women and younger men when it's not. There's some real psychosis involved in a true cougar that cannot, and should not be attributed to those who just prefer to date younger men in a normal fashion.
  11. For me, 9 times out of 10 any hair that comes with a hat isn't all that great, or if it looks good it's all sculpted junk that gives you the helmet head look. I always buy seperate hat hair that has a low profile and lots of flexi flow to it, but I've only been really happy with the stock ones I've gotten from Tukinowaguma, even though I do edit them. In fact that's the only place I buy hair at all now.. even the hair in my forum badge is from there.
  12. Madelaine McMasters wrote: it's all frosted with airbrushed beauty and animated grace, with none of the distraction of RL to slow your fall down the rabbit hole. Perfect description right there ^^^^
  13. It is possible to navigate the middle ground and have relationships that are as real as they get, yet not slide into uncontrollable emotions of love, but it's a hard and difficult road to take. One has to be exceedingly self-aware and slightly selfish in order to recognize and steer away from specific situations that lead to the deepest kind of love. An SL relationship without "losing it and falling head over heels for someone" is the same as going to a 12 course meal and only allowing yourself to have 9 or 10 of them... the ones you do get are still just as tasty but you have to sacrifice some things that nature and your heart will not want you to give up. It's very much like living on a diet instead of just pigging out on anything and everything. Most things you can enjoy to their very end, but a few others you have to step in and say "ok, I cant go there.. because that's where *I personally* start to lose my control".
  14. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Dana Hickman wrote: People need to forget the false numbers and use proportion as their guide. And yet if you use proportion as your guide you will end up with an avatar under 6 feet tall. You can't do humanistic proportions otherwise. The quote of mine you're talking about is taken out of context. I was referring to AV size in proportion to the world of SL and the other people in it, NOT AV shape proportion. How people shape and balance the parts of their AV is unrelated to what I was saying about scale.
  15. Verena Vuckovic wrote: "Part of the problem is that many are hung up about the numbers of their height, and still think they have some relation to real world measurements.. they do not. They are for game use only, and only as an internal reference. The true measurement of ones height is in relation, and proportion to the averages found in SL." This is nonsense. Things DO actually have specific sizes in SL There are no relative sizes.....a sim is specifically 256 meters by 256 meters. Rez a block and it will specifically say 1 meter. If your height says 8 fot 2 inches...it is because you ARE 8 foot 2 inches ! Reread.. i said the NUMBERS are not related to real world measurements, as in they are not a 1 to 1 ratio. NOwhere did I say a flippin thing about anything not having specific sizes in SL. In fact, I even validated that by specifically saying they're an internal game reference..which means I can NOT have said they don't exist. So what's the real reason you called nonsense on 3 consecutive opinions on the subject? They are, after all, opinions.. and not yours to correct tyvm.
  16. Part of the problem is that many are hung up about the numbers of their height, and still think they have some relation to real world measurements.. they do not. They are for game use only, and only as an internal reference. The true measurement of ones height is in relation, and proportion to the averages found in SL. Average default shoe size, average door height, etc.. If one sits on 10 couches from various makers and your knees do not make the edge of the cushion on 8 of them, your height could say 15 feet tall and it doesn't matter, you are a child-sized AV. The same goes in reverse.. if you bury your ankles in the floor on 8 of them, it could say 5'2" and it really means jack crap, you are an amazon. People need to forget the false numbers and use proportion as their guide. Another part of the problem is that the shape adjustments allow people to be much shorter or much taller than you'll see in real life. This spreads the spectrum of the sizes you'll see and will highlight the differences much more so than in RL.
  17. LSChicky Fredericks wrote: I am having this same problem. I have tried everything listed above, sometimes it works for a minute or two, but then it goes back. Could this have something to do with the massive amounts of server restarts they seem to be doing? (or are those a normal amount?) This almost sounds like the cache hasn't been cleared, but if you have then it wouldn't be that. There is another bug relating to fuzzy looking AV textures but I don't think it involves the viewer *not getting* all of the texture like the above issues. It acts like the viewer just doesn't know that the new texture is available and so it never tries to update what you see to the new one. The fix is to just go into appearance mode, then click on the clothing layer tab you're having the problem with. On modify clothing you should see the layer texture in the texture box, and if it *is* the issue I'm talking about then that texture will look clear and crisp. Simply exit out of appearance mode without saving anything and your AV *should* do a rebake and display the proper clear texture. Think of it as kicking the viewer in the rear end to get its attention. Sometimes it only takes going into appearance mode, but I've definitely seen it where you *must* click the tab for the specific layer of clothing that's fuzzy or it won't work, and you can sit there and rebake all day and that particular layer will still remain fuzzy.
  18. JeanneAnne wrote: I turned HTTP textures off on both Viewer 2 and Firestorm. Then yesterday I noticed that the pattern on my blouse looked a little fuzzy so I checked again, and they were back on! I hadn't changed it. Do HTTP textures come back on after you've unclicked them, when you log back in (with Firestorm)? Or did I do something else inadvertantly to turn them back on? Thanks, Jeanne I haven't seen this particular setting get reset, but I have seen similar ones that i know were unchecked become checked after a crash. I think some of them like to revert to their default state after a crash, or possibly a dodgy or incomplete logout, and i know http texture is ON by default in firestorm. Other than that I really can't say.
  19. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: In any case, if you're so "fed up with meeroos," why do you care? Probably because it's not about the breedable itself so much as the fact that creators are allowed to script in ways to return, delete, or cripple a valid purchased product at their own whim, without having to clearly and blatantly notify the customer before purchase. For whatever reason this kind of functionality is included, it amounts to nothing more than a "bait and switch" when it's used for ANY single thing other than post-copy (copybot) protection. Best advice is to research more before purchasing these kind of heavily scripted items, and to never purchase any ones that include a hidden recall, cripple, or delete function that the creator can mess with. OPs like this one are how others find out about these things, and because the creator's certainly not going to tip his hand on stuff like this.
  20. However, what I noticed was that other avatars stayed gray for a loooooooooongtime. I hadn't typically had this problem before. Could unchecking HTTP textures cause a delay in me being able to see other avs as anything more than gray outlines for like 15 or 20 minutes? Did fixing one problem create a new one? Jeanne The choice of using HTTP or UDP textures is not part of your account settings and it doesn't get carried over from one viewer to another. It's specific to each individual program you use to connect to the grid with. What you probably saw is Firestorm "cache sharing" with viewer2 and using some of its previously downloaded textures. They both use the same cache location by default IIRC, and thus the same downloaded textures that are already in it. The gray AVs I'm guessing was Firestorm still trying to use http to get the textures, combined with what sounds like could be primetime and busy sim symptoms, and not doing a very good job at it. You'll need to find and disable http textures in firestorm to make that work in firestorm.
  21. Charolotte Caxton wrote: How can you know what the other person thinks love is? All you can know is what love is to you, so if it feels like love to you, then to yourself, it is love. If the other person thinks your love is immature and it becomes an uncomfortable burden for them, then you have done both of yourselves a service by getting it out and over with. Very true, and you *can't* really know what they think love is, but you can wait until you're pretty sure that what they feel is how they define love to be. All you have to do is discuss it a little with them. My point was if the other person thinks your love is PREmature, not immature, then chances are they're not ready to make that step yet, and you've just done both of you a DISservice by blurting out i love you too soon. It's not a case of "well if they don't like me saying that then off they should go" because it's about timing, not content. You wouldn't want the dentist to start extracting a tooth 15 seconds after the novocaine shot, would ya? it's too soon and you're not ready yet.
  22. Charolotte Caxton wrote: It it never too soon to say I Love You, as long as you mean it. Oh yes it is. For the same reasons that people start maturing emotionally at different stages in their life, so do people recognize that what they're feeling is love (as it's defined by *them*) at different stages in a relationship. Everyone is different, and unless you wait until it's definitely within the realm of both people recognizing it as being love, you run the risk of dropping a bomb that was completely unexpected. The last thing one wants is to have their heartfelt feelings for someone else be recognized as being a complication or burden.
  23. Tristizia Demonista wrote: This could be a prob with the HTTP Textures. Have you tried to disable them ? You can do that in the Developer Menu (ctrl+alt+Q) BINGO!!! We have a winner! The issue's usually the result of HTTP textures prematurely terminating their download (as in the request gets dropped mid-download) under certain conditions. This does not happen when the textures are sent to you using UDP protocol, and UDP is what you get when you disable HTTP textures in the viewer. I myself have had this same issue before and the fix was most definitely disabling http textures, AND clearing your cache at the same time, then relogging. Using UDP makes all of your textures take a little longer to fully download, but they don't get stuck unfinished like they can with HTTP.
  24. Some people use the act of getting partnered under the guise of being "just friends" as a tactic, or bait. Then they use that partnering to put the pressure on you to act more like lovers, soulmates, or a romantic couple in love. There's some really twisted self-justifications going on when people do that to others, as well as the old "bait and switch" routine, but moreover it just shows that the person who does this is cowardly and manipulative. In this case I wouldn't blame the partnership, I'd blame the partner.
  25. No story at all behind my AV name and picking it was as easy as it gets... it's my RL first name and the last name sounded like it went with it.
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