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  1. Has anyone had this happen? I'm getting junk mail -- not email, I'm talking about catalogs in my mailbox at my house--and it's addressed to my av. I have a total of 3 avs, and my roommate has 2, but they are not getting junk mail, All three have been premium accounts. The junkmail is target marketed to maturnity shopping, Pampers, baby stuff, you name it, and absolutely nothing else. I'm not a child av, and I have no child or SL family interests, or group memberships. And . . . in real liife I have no children and I often joke that i prefer the company of my pets to children, and baby birds to baby humans. This appears to be a prank. And, there is only one person in SL who knows me in real or first life. Other than the Lindens and this person, no one in the game knows my home address. And no one in my first life knows my avs name. So I'd like to ask, has this happened to anyone or have you heard of it? Do you think it is a first life prank? Do you think the first life jerk (former c-worker) may have put me on a mailing list? Or is it possible this is being generated from with in SL? Thanks, Rae
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