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  1. Everything was working fine for me before these restarts happened. Once they did everything went to crap. It's not my end because I've done mutliple troubleshooting and contact my ISP to comfirm anything on their end. It's LL and something they did.
  2. This is possibly the worst I've ever experienced SL in my 14 months here.
  3. Today has been an absolute rage fest for me in SL. Nothing is loading, voice keeps crashing, and teleports keep failing. I've cleared my cache and done a clean reinstall of my viewer (firestorm) but nothing works. Is there something going on I'm not aware of?
  4. Thanks for the reply Theresa. Good to know its not me.
  5. I recently upgraded my internet to a much higher speed and its been running great until today. I log in and I'm getting loads of packet loss my red bar just filling up completly. I have called my ISP and talked to several different agents and everything is fine on their end. I even tried loading up an online MMO I play and my connection is very smooth. However in SL today its just a lag fest. Is there a problem I should be aware of? Anyone else in the same boat?
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