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  1. That is just the funniest thing I've heard! :matte-motes-shocked::smileyvery-happy: But I do agree they need to re-instate last names.
  2. I live in a place where its the sex trafficking capital of the world, daddy tried to rape me, and a fat old pervert jumped in my bed without permission... but its not about me here. But I could go on, though that's not what I started the thread for. :matte-motes-grin: Hope you have a wonderful day too.
  3. I agree with that too, that people have different things they like to talk about. And mood does have an impact, like if they're a woman and have pms. That can really sometimes effect a person and make them not want to listen to constructive criticism. Some have so much ego that they can't take any, I won't mention names but I do know a few. But that may be my next topic... How do you take criticism like for instance the products you make...:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2::catwink::manwink:
  4. yes I thought people do thrive on drama, I agree Jeanne people lie. And someone else said its a low blow to America. Kind of ironic that Second life was started in America and the Linden Lab headquarters is in california, last I checked. Kind of an oxymoron don't you think? And I'm not a drama queen and no I don't like to gossip. But I am an intellectual and like to know what is going on in people's heads. :catwink: So sue me, if I like movies and " drama". Any actors and actresses here by the way? Tell me how much you would get out of life with out drama. I bet you would be rather poor.:matte-motes-silly: :catwink:
  5. Drama, what is its definition and why to people abhor it so much? In Hollywood people love it, they get paid millions of dollars to make movies, and people watch them. There are countless magazines with "what happened with Bradd Pit and Angelina". But we are not allowed to talk about what's going on in our own lives. My question is why? And what if someone joins a group and is new to SL and doesn't know what drama means, should they be beaten and banned for their ignorance? Seems to me that's more dramatic. And how can you tell if you will be called dramatic if you do not know what another persons definition of it is? And before someone sends the SL police after me for posting this is it so bad to have discussions like this to empower people's self esteem and give them knowledge. I mean if people didn't talk about their "drama" to their therapists they would be out of a job. And psychologists would not get their paycheck, and people would be worse off with out their ant-depressants wouldn't they?
  6. I've noticed on the marketplace that there is a link selling used items. My question is how do I sell mine, or do I need permission to sell from the original creator. For instance I have genital attachments from jazoe...do I ask for permision to sell, because it cost me some money but I don't need it anymore. Any suggestions?:catsurprised:
  7. He has bought so many things on it that he would hate to loose it. He has called multiple times to linden labs but they told him since he does not have a premium account they cannot help him, or to go to the website. Which he cannot log in to. Plus the internet he had is disconnected and he cannot log in to the email account that he had with them. His password was on his old computer's harddrive but it is expensive to place that into his new computer. Any suggestions besides us making different accounts? It is ironic that in our lives we have such "a comedy of errors".:matte-motes-mad::matte-motes-dont-cry:
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