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  1. Rolig Loon wrote: Kostya Noyes wrote: [ .... ] But users don't see content on face of object, only after click on them. [ .... ] Yes, that's why I wrote that "In theory" your code should work. In practice, I have never seen prim media start automatically. I have some MOP objects that auto-play IF I turn on the "Allow media to auto-play" option in Preferences. If not I see my "Media on A Prim" texture until I click the object. Firestorm viewer is all I can speak to. The experience of others may vary.
  2. Caitlin Tobias wrote: I got the memo. And the new page is better, now you can subscribe for email notifications. Really? Not a memo you could share?
  3. I haven't looked through all of your logic. There is a simple problem in the 'if' statements: if (value = 0) direction = 1; should be if (value == 0) direction = 1; As you have it coded the 1st 'if' sets ' value' to 0 and then the 2nd 'if' sets 'value' to 4 every time. Which is why you're gettting stuck at that number.
  4. sndbad Ghost wrote: hello guys i want give object from content to some avatar name not UUID avatar! is there anyway ? No. You need to have the UUID.
  5. Nah... i'm missing my buttons below the tabs (Rich Text, HTML, Preview). I'd upload a photo but - I'm MISSING MY BUTTONS! They briefly appear if I change tabs but then my text vanishes. Maybe it's a firefox problem.
  6. LOL... if i preview my reply it vanishes... what have you done now LL? well.. maybe I can revise and get my reply in here... Not stolen? Well, all the residents agree to only upload content that they have proper licensing for. But... sometimes some of the residents upload content that they don't have proper licensing for. Now, all the residents grant you a license to capture images of all their stuff. But... sometimes some of the residents didn't have a license to grant you a license. So then you capture those things in your images and publish it ... like anywhere you want. I think maybe there can be little problems.
  7. I suspect the OP has wandered away... probably because they had a single prim object. In any case when using inventory name to set texture it must be copy to set a non-inventory link number. No-mod is not a problem.
  8. Estelle Pienaar wrote: It will all be good. I realized that the HUD only needs to perform the operation once, when it is attached.So it will be no lag disaster... ;-) About the logic and because I made you wondering: The script does download the game progress from the server when the HUD is attachedd. There are 200 non-linear game events that can be non-completed (=0) or not completed (=1). Yesterday I realised that the URL lenght for LSL-PHP-SQL communication is restricted. I is not long enough to communicate the player key and 400 characters of list content +commas. So for transmitting it to the server, I convert the list into a string without commas which is easy and fast in LSL. When receiving info from the server, it needs to be converted back into the list which is obviously more complicated. Last but not least you might say: "Wait there is not only 0 and 1, but also a 9 in your string." These numbers are leftovers from my tests with PHP where it would cut the string. It's easier to spot than counting all the zeros. Hmmm.... if it's all 1 or 0 then the 200 values could be mapped over a handful of integers. Although setting and testing bits isn't trendy or anything.
  9. Rolig Loon wrote: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Exclusive-Message-for-Second-Life-Residents-Available-Inworld/ba-p/3018245 April fools day item from the LL. Dats funny.
  10. Qie Niangao wrote: Maybe a preference for having the inviter script set to the group to which it's inviting is to avoid inviting somebody to the very same group they currently have active, for which llSameGroup() is handy. There's another option now, however, using llGetAttachedList() of visitors and then getting OBJECT_GROUP on those attachments. Still, that only reveals their current active group (with rare exceptions), like llSameGroup(), so I'm not sure it's preferable to checking against a cache of recent invitees. Sure. My goal was to show an easy way for one script to allow a selection of more than one group to join. The OP wanted a greeting message with a drop down menu offering a choice of two groups to join. Simple to IM (or llRegionSayTo) a greeting including the ability to click on two groups if you want to join them. Having the greeter script decide what groups to offer or when to offer groups at all... that's not so simple.
  11. There's a script in one of the libraries from Betlog Hax that I've modified slightly to support a list of group UUIDs. No drop down menu although it could be added. It works off of touch but the code could be dropped into a greeter welcome message. One script that IMs it's target. //// Modified 22 Mar 2016 by Qwalyphi to support a list of group UUIDs (must be open enrollment)// BETLOG Hax//// AEST: 20080613 0704 [sLT: 20080612 1404]// For Harleywood Guru request in SecondLife Hobos group chat//// Thanks to Punkaroo Snoring, and Pavig Lok for inadvertently pointing out something// i read in a RC release notes and totally didnt pay attention to. But which is really useful.//==========================================================// ---LICENCE START---// http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/// ie: Attribution licence:// Give me credit by leaving it in the script I created.// Supply my original script with your modified version.// Refer to the wiki URL from which you copied this script.// https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Group_invitation// ---LICENCE END---//==========================================================// SHARED CONFIGURATION//----------------------------------// CONFIGURATION//----------------------------------// CORE CODE//==========================================================default{ state_entry() { llSetText("group join offer EXAMPLE - touch to get the IM", <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>,1.0); } touch_start(integer total_number) { list GroupList = ["19657888-576f-83e9-2580-7c3da7c0e4ca","5b435599-bb15-086a-f5ea-d03504737ee1"]; // Second Life Beta Advanced Creator Tools Notification llSetColor(<1.0, 0.0, 0.0>, ALL_SIDES); //IM adds a delay.. indicate this visually string msg = "\nJoin a group! Please click a group link in your history window (ctrl-H)"; integer lengthOfList = llGetListLength(GroupList); integer index; do { msg += "\n secondlife:///app/group/"+llList2String(GroupList,index)+"/about"; } while (++index < lengthOfList); llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0),msg); llSetColor(<0.0, 1.0, 0.0>, ALL_SIDES); //IM adds a delay.. indicate this visually }}//=========================================================
  12. Sixty two examples of user functions can be found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_User-Defined_Functions
  13. Rolig Loon wrote: llGetAttachedList was introduced with server release last September. The LSL wiki is maintained by SL residents, primarily through the tireless volunteer efforts of Strife Onizuka, not by Linden Lab. It is not easy to keep a complex wiki up to date. Strife deserves a lot of the credit for making it our most valuable scripting resource. I looked at the page to see if I could update/fix it. After reading the discussion page it's clear I shouldn't touch it. Could be it's the result of some wiki software issues. The function does appear later in the "G" group list.
  14. I was not aware of those exceptions when attached while rezzed in-world or llGetAttachedList. Thanks Qie. edit: Hmmmm.... my usual path into the list of functions doesn't list llGetAttachedList.  Found it though. It's always something.
  15. steph Arnott wrote: Then one may as well just turn the orb off. bite me.