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  1. My credit union, bank and Paypal itself to name a few. Since this just now seems to be the new common practice, I have bitten the bullet and provided the information requested (sort of) and had my account unfrozen so I can transfer Lindens to a paypal account again if I ever choose to do so. As I have said, my main concern is not what LL (Tilia is just LL staff) will do with my info. My problem is what others will do with it and if you read Tilia's "secure process" you realize it is only a matter of time before it falls into other's hands, as happened in 2006 In their own FAQ on Privacy and Security, they admit that the data is not even encrypted. LL has already had With the information I provided, a person who obtained it could do the following with ease: Obtain a driver's license Apply for a credit card Obtain my birth certificate Open a bank account. Thanks for all the feedback. I am just going to cross my fingers and go on.
  2. Hi, I am reaching out anyone else who cashes out lindens into a papypal account. After providing my basic information to become premium member (name, address, credit card) I was of course asked to provide more information, (provide driver's license) to Tilia when i tried to withdraw Lindens. That was over three months ago and took about two days and I was verified. I typically withdraw about 20000L per month. Just this week, i tried to withdraw lindens into my paypal account that they have on file, and received a notice that the order was placed on hold so that Tilia could very my account and they requested more information. The information requested was: Driver's license photo Photo of recent utility bill Photo of second form of ID Photo of social security card or tax document with SS number on it Date of Birth. In your experience, Is this standard procedure? To say this seemed a bit "excessive" is an understatement. My physical bank has never requested some of this info and certainly no online business ever has. Also, a process that took 48 hours before is now stretching into a week. LL basically now has every thing they need on file to duplicate me online. Of course they wouldn't but what about the crazy Kurdistan hacker who will inevitably get this information? I am curious, if you cash out Lindens of any amount, has this process been similar for you?
  3. None of the above is acceptable and that Niran is describing this as "ifinitalely better" than previous versions is mortifying. Where are the residents who were asking for this? How many resident have pushed LL for something like this? I am not going to come right out and say that they don't exist, but it is not a stretch to consider that to be the fact. I have yet to hear from a single one of them on any forum. It truly does sound like a wonderful idea on paper, but it also sounds like a horrible nightmare when actually tested as something that can actually enhance the Sl experience. I would love to hear the process that went into deciding, "yes, this is definitely a project that people would want and that we should invest SIGNIFICANT time and resources on? Are ideas just thought up randomly at a meeting and put in a hat? This is not sarcasm. I think it is worth explaining the process that went into deciding that this was something anyone wanted and deciding that it was worth disregarding all the negative effects it will place on creatives who rely a lot on (pause) good lighting and good shadows. LL has a fairly small staff for what they need to do, so I can't help but think of the things that people actually want, that would be much easier to do, that have been tossed aside for something that , based on what is being said by the people creating it and using it right now, will likely change everything as far as graphics in world, and not in a good way.
  4. Interesting thread as I have been trying out several differant viewers lately. I *was* a huge fan of the Exodus Viewer. It came out and had a significant amount of features and was very reliable. To refer to it asa viewer for combat RP is very misleading. I it also geared to visual artist. However, it has not been updated since January and developers have had trouble meeting their own dates, so I have moved on until they put together a more current release. I haved used Niran's Viewer and it truly is a stunning piece of work. It is worth trying just to enjoy the camera movment alon.Just so many features and I often think it tries to do too much. I think of it as a high end sports car. Fun to drive sometimes, but not great for everyday use. For photographs or simply wanting things to "look good" this is THE viewer. I am surprised no one has mentioned the Dolphin Viewer. This has become my "go to" viewer which I fnd myself using most of the time now that Exodus has faded. If offers a lot of features you will fined elsewhere, looks grear and is, for me, extremely reliable. It can take a pounding. Also, the developer updates regularly. Currently ,I find myself using this viewer daily along with the SL viewer which I find improving with every release.
  5. ...and while we are at it, let's go back to cassettes instead of CD's and that cumbersome IPOD. Also, i find that the internet in general keeps changing and evolving in a way that does not suit me. Since it does not suit me, it obviously could not suit anyone else, so let's get rid of the internet and go back to just writing letters.
  6. I encourage anyone who has not done so to sign the Jira listed above. LL has been aware of this issue for some time now and through several releases, but those lines still remain.
  7. Thank you Paola for staying on top of this the way you have, both in here and with the Jira . I would imagine that Exodus will fix the issue first. At that point Exodus will like be my primary viewer. I hope the issue is solved soon, all of the "fixes" i have seen so far (turn off High Rez, turn off antialiasing, Photoshop) all result ina poorer quality of image.
  8. SImply go to shoutcast website http://www.shoutcast.com/ and search through the 100's of streams they offer. When you find one you like, simply open it but choose "open with notepad" instead of your regualr music player.It will giveyou a text document. There you will find the stream URL for that particular stream. Just copy and paste it into your viewer
  9. Hellespoint Please know that, becasue you refuse to adapt and insist on using a unsupportes, outdated viewer, YOU are now part of the problem in SL, not the solution. Thanks for the lag. The V3 Viewer UI is totally customizable. To complain about it is just to simply show that you are simply to lazy to make simple modifications.
  10. Yes. Just add "resident" to your name when you log into the outdated, unsupported viewer. You will now lag all the rest of us when you land on the sim we are on.
  11. I am surprised no one has the answer to this. Perhaps I should have posted this in the viewer forum, i just hate starting a "XXXX viewer is better because..." debate.
  12. Well, my remedy so far has been to switch to the Exodus Viewer for all photography projects. I will not go into what a great viewer this is here, I will just say that it is great for photography and they have apparently fixed the issue LL is still working on, or looking at...or maybe thinking about possibly looking into. I CAN get rid of the lines by lowering my resolution, but this reduced the quality of the picture as well. I like to save my photos at or above my screen resolution, which is pretty high.
  13. Wordpress has everything you need to start a very nice looking blog, and it is free. Wordpress
  14. no Nazi behavior. (Too bad the original Weimar Republic wasn’t like this, would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.) Did anyone else just love that!:matte-motes-big-grin: Clearly one of the best thought out and executed sims in SL. It is nice to see it get the attention it deserves. This should be a required in-world vist for every LL developer.
  15. Great post Eileen! My experience at Linden Realms was similar in that I came away with both positive and negatives. It IS a very fun diversion and the LL team did a good job of showing how a game environment could be built within SL. Some of the aspects of the design, such as the automatic TP gates and the interactive "creatures" show what may be in the future throughout the grid. And, last but not least, it was fun! What I was not so crazy about was a lack of creativity in creatng the look and storyline of this game. The look and storyline is a direct ripoff of just about every Final Fantasy game put out over the last 10 years, not to mention the folks who have played Everquest probably fellt as if they where in familiar surroundings. Let's just say this is NOT the first time I have seen those rock creatures running around. This goes back I think to the common complaint that the talented creators at LL might be great at the nuts and bolts, but they don't really know what life in SL is like and they are not very creative. (They don't get "it" because they don't use it themselves.) It will be interesting to see what these new tools used in Realms will be like in the hands of some of the creative artist and the folks who have pent a bit of time in wolrd. I would encourage anyone who hasn'y to give the gamea try and decide for themselves. As I said, it is fun and that is/was really the main goal.
  16. I assure you I am not the one living in a bubble.:matte-motes-big-grin: Teen/ Child avitars are spread all throughout mature rated and adult sims. Again, we are discussing ADULT, age-verified members who use a teen/child avi in world. And by that I mean an avitar that is shorter than an adult, dresses and acts as a teen or child, and identifies themselves as such. Hope that is a clear enough description. (And of course my daughter does not stay on a G rated sim. why would she? Her "home" location is my moderate homestead?) I also think you misunderstood the comment about my daughter's DJing. She is no better or worse than most I am sure. Probably worse!:matte-motes-big-grin: However, at her worst she can make in tips 2-3 times at a teen oriented location as an adult DJ will make at an adult location. The point being that, for some odd reason i don't pretend to understand, teen/child avitars have a tremendous amount of spendable income... and businesses have taken notice. Another example would be a sim a friend owns, moderate rated, which recently had it's first teen oriented clothing business rent space on the sim. Traffic on the sim increased noticably once the store opened ...so much so that the sim owner added a few youth oriented aspects to the sim. Sorry to get so far off the OP topic. Just wanted to clairify.
  17. So true. While the reported event is horrid, does it impact me asa person? It is just like that stupid Casey Anthony trial that literally hijacked every "news" outlet for months. These are awful local stories, that should be covered by local authorities and perhaps local media, but why does the national media see fit to make these some sort of national crusades. WHy do i need to know thata 8 year old went missing from her home 230 miles away? It givs the impression that life is going to hell in a hand basket, when actually the opposite it true. Also, thousands of children are starving and living in poverty, but you don't see much about that. It is not scary or sexy. The media loves to scare the **bleep** out of us and dredge up the worst of humanity so we can be shocked and feel better about ourselves as individuals. I say all this as a former newspaper editor.
  18. Lazy, your name certianly suits you.:matte-motes-big-grin: I have been an adoptive mom for almost a year in SL. I began at a few of the adoption angencies and ended up meeting my "daughter" in a fluke. We were each cancelling our profiles! Anywa, I have found the experience to be both fun and positive. It isa form of RP, but not more than SL itself is a form of RP. My reason for wanting to be aprent are personal to me and related to my RL experience. Some of the adoptions are very seedy and involve sexual RPand are clear violations of SL TOS. Most of my experience has been differant. My SL child is a teen. We speak like adults. I can not stand the baby talk and the little avis who look 8 and act 4. It is a casual relationship that has lasted about twice as long as most partnerships I have seen in SL. To me, it is much more fun and rewarding than having someone trying to get me up on a poseball. A huge percentage of the SL population are child/teen avitars. I would place it at 35-40 percent of the total population. The comment you made about adoptive avi's " can't sustain his lifestyle in SL without paying" show how little you know about what you are discussing. Teen/ Child avitars spend and produce a fortune in world. My daughter is a DJ and the amount of money she makes at teen oriented spots, compared to more adult locations is insane. Let's just say, she has paid her mother's tier more than a few times. There isa certian "peter pan" quality to their lifestyle from what I have seen. I would be happy to talk with you, and I am sure other's would to. You need to get of your lazy butt, get outside your comfort zone and do your own research if your blog is goingto be worth a damn
  19. For some reason, when i snap a high-res image in the SL viewer, it puts a grid of thin lines throug the image. The sample below was taken at 1929 X 1080, the resolution of my screen. You haveto look close, but you can see the lines at shoulder level. Low rez shots do not have the problem. This is getting VERY frustrating because removing the lines is adding to my workload. Maybe this isa viewer issue and should be posted elsewhere, but I would love to know if their isa fix for this?
  20. I could not agree more with this. I do not want LL devoting time to trying to drag back the old profile system while trying to maintain the new profile system at the same time.
  21. Hello everyone. I have come across some great SL photogrpraphy where clearly some great work was done in photoshop to make the hands and feet look more realistic than the "painted wedges" our avitars are stuck with. I wanted to see if anyone had some tips they could share, or if there are some tutorials on this topic that I could be directed towards?
  22. First, this is not meant asa crticism of any viewer. I am not one who thinks any one viewer should do all things. However. I have noticed that most experienced photgrpahers in SL use the SL viewer, or used Kirstins untill it ceased production. I don't come across many that use Firestorm. Also, in my own experience, I have found a photo take in Firestorm simply does not have the clean lines and crispness of a photo taken in the Sl viewer, even when using the EXACT same settings on my graphics card and viewer preferences. Is this in my head? Does each viewer handle graphics differantly? Is there a step needed in Firestorm I might be missing that does not exist in the SL Viewer?
  23. Very nice work! You are certainly off to a good start. Facelights can be an annoyance, but can also be very helpful with photography. If you search just a little, you can find facelights that adjust their "brightness" and are very subtle. These can be very handy, especially when shooting pictures indoors where Windlight is not as easy to use. Learn to use windlight and make the sky your lighting tool! I could not urge you enough to vist the webiste of Strawberry Singh wich was provided in one of the previous posts. Her tutorials are very helpful.
  24. in the last two weeks, it has become almost impossible for me to login into SL. I say almost, becasue i will often "luck out" and mangeto fully log in on every 6th or 7th try. Here is what happens as best as i can explain it: Once the login process starts, the login "bar" will stall near the end of the process, near the "dowloading world" or "downloading clothing" point of the login process. The stall will continue until i receive the "darn, you have been logged out of second life" message. This occurs on the new Viewer 3 release, the new beta release and I even tried a development viewer.The stall also occurs in Firestorm, HOWEVER it doe not log me off...it will stall but eventually I can login. Here is what I have tried. Cleared cache Empties Second Life folder under APP DATA on my computer Lowered graphics to medium Does anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this issue with the SL viewer? Or is the part of the graphics issue I have read about? Thanks.
  25. Nice advancement on the viewer. Offers many more option to personalize how your viewer function and offers an even cleaner view. I am not eithera kid, ora social networker, but i think this is a great option. (You have to love how LL finally makes the side bar optional, and people still find reason to moan. )
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