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  1. Yeah I've thought about how I may not make much of a profit off my idea. In a weeks time I'm sure I haven't even explored 1% of what sl has to offer and I already find a lot of stores have very little people in them. The most high traffic shops ive seen so far are clothing, hair or animation stores. I have looked into what it takes to do those as well and it makes me wish I had that much talent. Sure I know some of the skills it takes to do some of that stuff (I'm in a college program where I've learned photoshop, programming languages, photography, and 3D) but I do not think I'd be able to compete with some of what I've seen out there already. Although the backgrounds idea is not a bad one either. I don't honestly know if there are any other buisnesses out there that sell backgrounds alone, but maybe if I did that it might be a big thing amongst photographers. If it makes their lives easier, I'd be willing to help.
  2. So I looked at some of those links, messed with my windlight settings like mad and went out and took more pictures and also made a flickr account. Here is more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/72917055@N07/?saved=1 another self portrait is in there too. I think I worked out a lot of the shadow problems, but there is probably still room for improvement I'm sure. by the way I did not use photoshop on any of those ones. I'm honestly thinking what I'd enjoy doing more is taking pictures of places and things rather than people. Perhaps its my social anxiety talking, but it would be nice if I could make a cozy profit off those kinds of pictures. One did mention about setting up a shop with the pictures I take. Would that really get anywhere? I wouldnt really know where to set one up or where to really advertise.
  3. Thank you both for your replies ^ ^ It has made me wish to keep looking into sl photography. I also knew about the face light, more like knew that it existed, since one of my shapes came with one, but being the noob I am, I did not really understand its purpose other than possible annoyance, like when I saw a woman walk by me with a face light that nearly blinded me lol a bit of an over exageration but still, it was bright. I suppose I should of figure it would be good for photos. Lack of sleep makes me fail at putting 2 and 2 together. Anyways, thank you again
  4. Hiya, I am new to SL and have been searching for a job that I would enjoy. Photography peeked my interest and I have looked into it a bit. I took a couple of my own pictures and touched them up a little in photoshop. one a self portrait another more of an enviroment picture. http://imgur.com/ZVfly - now one big thing that bugs me and im quite sure im doing something wrong, is the shadows on her face. No matter of editing was making that look right at all. I have been seeing a lot of portraits that do not have this issue at all. Their faces look pretty much flawless. Am I doing something wrong with my lighting settings? Or maybe the shadows, but right now I don't have shadows on because for some reason shadows make me lag like hell, even though I can have pretty much everything else pumped up to ultra. http://imgur.com/9rbuS - starting to think I might be better at these types. but what I am here for really is to ask what you all think. Also I want to know if photography is even something that will be a good paying job if a person can get good enough with it. I really do not have the first clue about how well other photographers do or how I would run a buisness of my own if it ever came down to it. Truth is just about any job in this game makes me nervous due to the face that I am very nervous about talking with people (probably going to take me a half hour to post this even). But I would like to overcome that or I wouldnt be in a very social game trying to get a job :) But I'd like to get a better idea of if photography might be the path for me or if I should look into something else.
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