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  1. It sounds like you dress like I do! Casual, comfy, sometimes a classy blazer to class it up :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: I would highly recommend Friday, Mon Tissu, Tres Blah (has some cute natural skins), Truth, lamb, Maitreya, Body Co., Toki Doki, I could really go on, lol! Feel free to message me inworld, my display name is Maybe Funke, or real Dahlia Endsleigh, would love to go shopping. I can also help with the shape.
  2. I have actually read a bit about and heard (from videos) about these noises. Pretty freaky if you ask me! I actually enjoyed this thread
  3. My guess would be EStyle skins. Her's look very similar to the photos you posted.
  4. I love them! I would love to see another ginger tabby housecat out there! lol. So far I have only seen me as a small kitty I love it though because it gives me something to wear when I just don't want to decide
  5. Tatianna! Your outfit is WONDERFUL!!! Do you happen to have a sim? If so would you mind passing me the LM inworld? Names Dahlia Endsleigh On the universe, I agree with the Morgan Freeman thing..seems very plausible. Maybe there was intellegent design that set it all into motion, and just let happen, happen. I don't want to believe the black hole thing, as science shows that a black hole rips whatever thing goes into it to shreds. I do think there could be parallel universes however..so the black hole thing just could be plausable...forgive me, at work, don't want to work :catvery-happy:
  6. So my question is, if numerous residents file an AR about a known copybotter that is obvious, why does the creator have to be involved? Why will they not do anything if there is firm proof from the residents submitting the AR's? The reason I ask is that I submitted an AR against the seller, creator and the live model that was in the inworld store for copybotting Truths hair. I sent a notecard to Truth in hopes he would look into the matter (I supplied him with a link to the marketplace, the names and a SURL to her inworld store) I guess I could see them seeing it as a "resident dispute" but then again, I can't. Anyone have any insight on this? (edited to remove full name :)) Thanks in advance! Edit: Only because I for the life of me cannot figure out how to reply to a question/answer lol. Yes the live model did say that the owner of the store got permission from him, which is super unlikely! She was rather rude in IMing me about it too. I couldn't see him letting sell something he created (granted it was older versions of his hairs) for just 10l unless she did pay him a hefty fee... I did want to believe it for a second, but all the hair is offered in one color, and the different variations of the styles and the limitations of the colors suggest it was not him selling them to her full perm. Edit 2: Yes I did report all parties involved because she was well of age to know that the hairs in question were around for sometime. It is the same as ARing a person wearing copybotted items inworld. I have heard of avi's being banned for owning copied material in their inventory. I wasn't trying to be rude to the model, but how do I know it was just the seller on an alt, or a friend of hers that well knew that the hair wasn't copied? Wouldn't you AR me if you saw me wearing an obviously copybotted outfit? Wouldn't it also be suspicious if the creator was so great at manipulating prims and sculpts, but only offered one color each on each hair, would that not raise your suspicions? Edit 3: Yes I did send a notecard to the creator I know is the true creator with all the information. I have never heard of a well know designer selling their creations as full perm to be sold elsewhere, when they still offer the same styles in their own stores at a higher price. I initially saw it on the marketplace, and went to her inworld store to see the "work" (I really wish I could just reply instead of the edits lol) Side note, even if she did have permission, why is the creator different than the seller?
  7. I tried the trend with the pouty upsidedown smile..nope I'm good! lol Some people can rock it, but most are being copy cats. In the same breath though I will mention that all fashion starts somewhere, and you may not like their look, but they also might be thinking the same about yours. I just rock my style and don't follow the trends..takes me awhile to find new stores though
  8. There is an option in some viewers to accept things without notifying the sender. I would sure hope he is accepting notecards as I have come across a copybotter who is copybot selling his hairs on the marketplace. He does have great customer service, I wouldn't recommend IMing him as his profile does say Notecard.
  9. If you are willing to have longerish hair, burley has a great style that looks almost like that..but it's a bit longer...if you need new friends, I pretty much always add anyone
  10. Child avitars don't really weird me out on their own, but when they claim to be of a certain age that an RL kid would be and "tawk wike dis" It makes it hard for me to take them seriously. Now I do not run or ignore a child avi, that is their business to be a child avi, I do however question what makes them desire to be a child in a virtual world that is known for two things: Shopping and sex. Again that is their perogotive. Is it really any different than people shunning Michael Jackson for wanting to relive his childhood? Not really. I find it really hard to believe they are a person wanting to capture the innocence of their youth, when they dress like whores.
  11. Nope TOS always trumphs those crap disclaimers in peoples profiles, and I actually have one counteracting yours. You were in a direct violation of the TOS and the club owner acted in an appropriate manner. Word to the wise, don't copy and paste, you never know who the other person will tell...
  12. So by your standards, if I purchace a japanese lotion from overseas, because I speak english I should expect all the information on the lotion bottle to be translated to english, because I speak the language? So they should do this for every language they expect to purchase said lotion.
  13. You are very welcome! Glad I could help
  14. Okay got the info from her! Direct from the model/photog herself: * Jacket is of *Epic* * Pants is from Graves * Bandana: Defectiva
  15. Oooo I actually know who that avatar is! I believe its Ponyo, Ill see if I can get her to reply on here p.s. Yay it is Ponyo! I'll shoot her a message for ya! message sent, I linked her to this post!
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