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  1. That or the meter is no longer supported. DCS, CCS, Vitae, MCE, KROS, LaRPS, Osiris, GLM, Spellfire, Assassins Grid, URA, Chaos, the list goes on and on. All dead and the MANY RP sims that used those meters are dead as well. GM is still around, but it’s Specifically geared for melee combat and designed for Gorean RP. I wouldn’t call bloodlines a RP meter, more like a pyramid scheme imo, one designed around spam non players, buying consumables, and other garbage pay to win mechanics. It’s not even good, I have no idea how it’s still around and why the idiots support it in the first
  2. I can’t believe this spam/ptw meter is still around while good (non-pay to win, non-spamming ones) have failed. Wow. It just goes to show the idiot millennials really did screw up the video game industry. Incredible it has worked its way into SL too. Absolutely incredible. “Vitae” was far better than bloodlines; less spam and you weren’t buying gems/potions/whatever. Had plenty of stuff to buy, but it was not basically required after the hud. Now it’s dead. CCS/DCS are dead, both were better than bloodlines in every way. You know what, it doesn’t shock me, in fact this is
  3. I just signed back into SL after a few years break. Just noticed CCS and DCS2 are dead apparently? I do see a lot of sims advertising they are still using the huds but mine are outdated and I’m looking for a place that still has updates if possible (or does it not matter as they won’t work anyway?) I have CCS version 1.0.4 And DCS 2 version 2.99.55 I have a lot of products by “LR WEAPONS” which are all updating automatically when I equip them, and say CCS/DCS2, so someone is still supporting the meters. I believe they also work on GM which updated fine when I put on that met
  4. The REAL issue is LL should have updated the standard AV model years ago. I don't see how making the edges of your AV more rounded could break anything. Adding extra polygons to the standard AV which was created over 10 years ago would NOT break any existing clothing. Mesh bodies are a workaround, not a solution to the problem; they just go over your standard body, it's like putting a band-aid on a wound. Why over 10 years later have we not seen one update to the core SL standard body wire frame?
  5. The Mesh Project has a free full body mesh AV. I use that one if I want to get naked but for 99.999% of the time I only use prim hands/feet as a full mesh body is basically useless. Save your money, SL2 is around the corner and nothing you buy now will work in SL2. Lastly, if you want to see how terrible mesh has been implemented, feel free to look at my post here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Fashion/Giant-butts-have-invaded-SL/td-p/2816168 Unless you are a fatty don't bother with mesh clothing as they won't fit correctly and unless you plan on running around naked don't bother with a
  6. Who came up with these standard mesh sizes? XXS is NOT XXS. I guess the majority of this world is now overly fat and so apparently we all have to be in the virtual world too. My AV is 5'7" tall and 118 lbs according to a body scanner in a high end developers store; that's not an abnormal size, in fact it's 6 lbs under ideal weight for that height by Dep of Health standards. Apparently though in second life it's even smaller than XXS mesh as every single piece I try makes my ass look huge. I adjust sliders but it doesn't matter, mesh clothing is made for fat asses. There has always be
  7. Valerie is wrong. There is a viewer for Android, Lumiya which is a full 3d viewer client that runs great on quad core Android tablets. www.lumiyaviewer.com/ There are not any full 3d viewers on the ipad because none of the ipads have enough processing power. Apple fanboys will try and tell you how great Apple products are, but people don't buy Apple expecting cutting edge technology. Steve Jobs made it very clear time and time again that Apple's philosophy was to focus on reliability and simplicity over cutting edge specs. For example, the new ipad mini is just an ipad 2 in a smaller pack
  8. Well said. I just finished typing out a long reply on the same subject here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Time-to-renew-your-Second-Life-Premium-account/m-p/1400065#M52430 No reason to post it again as its on the forums but for those who care, thats my take on the matter. I am in the same boat and while its been fun, I will probably be jumping ship. I tried to hold out; I stuck around a lot longer then a lot of people I have known over the years in Sl, but you need to know when to punch out or get dragged down into the abyss by a sinking ship. While its
  9. I just renewed and it will be my last 3 months as premium. My first account here was in 2007. I didn't do much with Sl until 2009 when I decided to start fresh with a new name, which meant back then a new account. I have been premium ever since, now about two and a half years. I have spent a good amount of money in SL, in fact far more then i should have spent but as someone else said, hobbies cost money. In three months I will make the call if its still worth using SL. If I decide to stay, I will just pay rent on private land. For the cost of my premium account I can rent land thats l
  10. If you max everything out (Most modern "Store Bought" PC can NOT handle SL on max settings BTW) and fine tune the settings in your graphics card's settings as well (16x AA/AF... etc) , SL does not look that bad. I would LOVE a new graphics engine but I am not holding my breath. My main issue with SL graphics is Avatar bodies, which look ok standing up in a pose but awful when in most other "natural" positions. Sit cross legged on the ground and your legs are boxy, pelvis is all out of whack, etc. Mesh in theory will fix some of these issues but as of now, you have to buy a new mesh for e
  11. I know I bashed ya about Windlight tonight, and I stand by that but I just noticed a new option in Viewer 3 many of us have been asking to be added. You can now turn off sound made by others obnoxious gestures! No longer do we have to be dancing in a virtual club trying to listen to music, tormented by annoying sounds others are making. Hell, if I wanted that crap I would go to a real club. : ) Anyway, THANK YOU very much for adding that feature. I know it was not [rightfully so] at the top of your priority list, but its very appreciated. Again, thank you. EDIT: Now if there was on
  12. Phenom II X4 555 BE (Unlocked) Overclocked 3.6ghz GeForce GTX 560 Ti Overclocked Corsair 4096MB DDR2 SDRAM PC6400 (Gaming Ram - Low Timing/Cas) GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H Motherboard Thermaltake 850-Watt TR2 RX PSU Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Thats my system; its a little over a year old accept for the PSU and GFX card which are about a month old. I built it and took into account everything from matching the FSB with my ram speed, to making sure I had the lowest ram timing I could find. I am getting 10 FPS in public places with every graphical setting maxed, AA 16x/AF. When alone in my virt
  13. What it comes down to is they need two different viewers; one for builders and one for everyone else. I like the current viewer for end user stuff but agree its awful for building. I used Emerald till the devs stole my information and posted it as a torrent, like so many other people who used their viewer. I never grief, only used one account, and have always followed SL's TOS so there was no reason they should have been logging my info. The whole "We did it to prevent griefers" was a total lie. This is why I refuse to use Phoenix as its a lot of the same devs. Unfortunately, like you ha
  14. I was able to run SL on a Netbook that had a GMA 450 with everything GFX wise turned off getting about 5 FPS. I used this free app called GMABooster to pick up another ~5 FPS. Not great, but it runs. Your GFX card is clocked lower then what it should be which is where GMABooster comes into play. Nine times out of ten, a GMA GFX card is clocked at 200 mhz instead of 400 mhz which it can handle w/o an increase in voltage. Its kind of an overclock hack but does not really effect battery life or increase heat. Keep in mind that card is really, really old. Even if you bought the laptop yeste
  15. Please stop screwing around with this Windlight crap. It's too bad Blue Mars is going Mac only, because at least they had the sense about them to use a MODERN graphics engine, in fact they went right to the top and picked the CryEngine (Crytek) which is what Crysis was made with a few years back. I have heard several times the excuse that they want their viewer to be available to a broad range of hardware, which is why we have such a pathetic excuse for a graphics engine here in SL. This is crap, in fact if you actually spent some money on a real graphics engine for your program MORE people
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