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  1. Thank you...I submitted a support case also.
  2. Hi everyone I finally was able to get a Victorian home today so of course I immediately tp'd over and wanted to get to work. When I arrived I clicked the control panel to activate it but it wasn't the build I wanted to after figuring out how to change the build I switched ii to the Verne but when I click the control panel nothing happens. I relogged and still nothing so I changed it back to the originaland the control panel works but if I try any of the others it doesn't work at all. I went through the forum but didn't find anything that could help and I am not sure what I need to do to get this fixed so help plz. Any help would be great...thank you
  3. At least your getting your offlines..I can't even get those to show up and I have checked, rechecked, unchecked and rechecked and still its doesn't work
  4. !!! CALLING ALL DJS !!!! There are quite a few DJ's who no longer want to spin on a regular basis, but like to DJ when they get the itch. Sanctuary of Rock would like to invite those DJs to guest at SOR. You will not be SOR staff, but you will be part of a pool of DJs that will be invited to DJ if no SOR staff is available. You may also be invited to do special events, or even be invited to take part in a DJ battle! This is something brand new we are trying out, so right now we are just looking to add guest DJs that play Rock and any of its sub-genres; EBM and Industrial. If you think you might be interested, stop by and check out SOR! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Nightingale/39/76/1999 If this is something that would work for you, fill out an app and we'll get in touch. https://forms.gle/HQD4e9VWMVg5HRCN8
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