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  1. That is a possibility, but I highly doubt it. I saw this person being attacked in Freebie Galaxy. If she had any power I am sure she would have banned them or did something. I have actually seen a few people with these invisible spheres in Freebie Galaxy.
  2. Where are those variables declared? I don't see it in the code...
  3. Okay thanks. I don't know how people ddi it in Freebie Galaxy. Also I play a game inworld where sometimes it's best to keep people a certain distance from you. So that's the reason i asked about the distance. Yes, I know i can use move lock. I do have some anti-push tools as well. Those would work fine, but as I said i need to keep avatars a certain distance away sometimes.
  4. Okay yes, that is what i was looking for. But it appears either way I can't use something like that. What is n and PI?
  5. The one I bought that has to be rezzed is called an orbit. But yes a security sphere would do. Many things are called different things. But I think you get the idea.
  6. I have tried that. People can walk right through the prim if you wear it. maybe I am doing something wrong or don't know how to do it. I ez a prim of a larage size, I take it, and i go to 'add."
  7. I am looking for an orbit/shield that prevents avatars from getting too close to you. I bought one but I have to rez it and I need a shield for no-rez zones. I have seen seen shields used like this in Freebie Galaxy(no-rez zone). I need one that creates an orbit of at least two meters from your avatar.
  8. Okay thank you. Yes I noticed that not too long ago. I can just edit the link.
  9. I am trying and it says, "Can't set root prim to have no shape."
  10. I bought a sky box that is 128 x 64. I might move location and I want it smaller. I have been un-linking the parts and rebuilding it to a smaller size.My issue is that there is a water prim. When I stand on it i stand on top of the water. In the original sky box I go through it. The water comes up to my chest. How do I make my version so I go through the water(prim)? This is standing on top of the water This is in the water(What i want)
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