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  1. hello, I am a user of the new Lelutka head and I love it (well tbh I don't love the HUD). I've figured out most of it but the "Personalize" (sic) tab is confusing as heck (see picture) Nothing about this tab works for me. The manual says: "This section of the HUD is for using your own full perms textures to customize your look. Holding down ctrl you can drag the texture/s (up to 9 textures at a time) from your inventory to the section of the HUD that says DROP YOUR ITEMS HERE do not drag to the red box, we know you want to, but drag higher to the place allocated. Once the texture is loaded, you can then click the larger square (red rim) and select one of the layer swatches below. If you use 9 at once, all 9 swatches will fill, if you add one at a time, you can click and hold a smaller swatch on the right, which will copy from the larger swatch to that location." Which is ... ? I don't know. I've read this lots of times and it just doesn't make any sense at all to me. I keep reading it, but nothing happens in my brain, lol. In any case the very first step is dragging the textures while holding the Ctrl key, and that fails for me completely on every texture, every time. I've tried all the other keys just to be safe (Cmd, Opt, etc.) along with Shift modifiers etc. and nothing happens. Anyone out there with the Lelutka head got this to work? I'm curious now, as to what obvious and dumb thing I'm doing wrong here, lol. Sylvia
  2. Hey I'm making a multi-lingual sign and while I can use Google translate as well as anyone, I suspect that the Arabic translation is probably garbage. If anyone out there can read this and correct it for me I'd appreciate it. The Arabic: (I know it should be right-aligned) جميع الملابس في هذا البائع هو استعدادا للتونيك الهيئات *. إذا كنت لا تملك هيئة تونيك وهذه الملابس لا يصلح لك. supposed to say: All clothing in this vendor is rigged for Tonic bodies*. If you do not own a Tonic body this clothing will not fit you. Thanks in advance for any help. Keep any Daesh-related or anti-Arab comments to yourself please. Sylvia :-)
  3. I love my new Lelutka head, but the face always has a sort of "shine" to it. The lipstick layer and all the other layers have "shimmer" (shine) controls, but I don't see anythign for the face itself. Is there any way to turn this off?
  4. For the record, I didn't defame or insult anyone and anyone who reads what I said, with all the carefully couched language, lols and smileys can see that thsi wasn't my intention. I'm sorry if you see it that way. On the other hand, what you've posted is a clear violation of the exact "regulations" that you yourself posted. My intention was only to describe my personal experiences in trying to solve a problem. My opinon of a store or a product is as valid as anyone eles's and the forum in fact is created *exactly* for that purpose (the posting of user opinions and questions on topics relating to Second Life). I think the guidelines you are referring to are about *intention*. As in if someone is trolling or just posting ith the intent to defame, criticise, harm etc. and clearly ... clearly, that was not my intention, whereas your entire intention seems to be to crap all over me. Have a nice day. :matte-motes-grin: Seriously. It seems like you need it.
  5. cool! still sceptical but it's totally worth $99 to find out if it works. that would solve my problem completely in tha tI coudl use omega appliers on my own skins.
  6. Thanks for the detail that helps a lot. It means that I will soon have to buy *another* $5,000 head which is sad, but at least I now what's going on. I did find this thing .... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Lelutka/10550651 ... that says it makes lelutka heads omega ... something, but it isn't really clear what that's all about either.
  7. Thanks, that seems to work at least for the head skins. Still wish it were Omega though so I can have the same skin over my whole body or use my own skin. Edit: I take it back, lol. 746 results of which only a small number are actually "skins." How annoying.
  8. Hello, Couldn't find any information on this on Lelutka's site or in-world store, or MP or blog etc. but are Lelutka heads not Omega compatible? If not, why not? Why the proprietary system? I have an Omega compatible mesh body and a Lelutka head, it's looking pretty good with the exception of the "Glam" skin (i'm more of a "low makeup" girl) , but this non-compatibility is really getting in my way. Even assuming I just wanted a skin for the new head *alone* and was willing to forget about the body for now ... where does one even get a skin for a lelutka head? I spent about 45 minutes walking around their store looking at every little thing (and there are thousands of things) and didn't see a single skin for sale by Lelutka or any of their associates. I'm confused. $5000 for a head and I can't do anything with it until I can install a nice realistic skin. It would be nice if I could do body and head at the same time too. Sylvia
  9. I guess everyone has a different experience.
  10. Thanks Bobbie :matte-motes-grin: I'll give it a try, although I don't see how it will work for this problem. Still searching for other heads atm. By AK I guess you mean Akeruka?
  11. sadly, the eve-olution one looks a lot like my mum
  12. good idea! I knew there was a reason I'm posting here, lol. yes Tonic has five different neck sizes but the range is subtle I guess, the smallest size is the one you see in the picture which is still quite a bit wider than the lelutka head. (not blaming either, just sayin). I've been having fun with checking out these Bento heads though and they are all so different! here is a picture of the way I have to deform my legacy head to make each of the bento heads look as close as I can to my actual legacy head shape. I include it mostly because it's HILARIOUS, :matte-motes-big-grin: but also it's a great insight into what the defaults that have been "built-in" to each mesh head shape are. .
  13. I guess I wasn't that clear. I have a mesh body I've been using for quite a while and it's a really good one (Tonic). The problem is that while the neck on a Tonic body is essentially the same width as a "lagacy" neck (so the legacy heads will fit properly), the neck on a lot of popular bodies like Maitreya are super skinny. My belief is that the Lelutka head and Catwa are designing for this "thin" neck size rather than the "regular" neck size, but I admit I'm a bit hazy on the details of all this and am still learning. A picture tells a thousand words so I will attach one that covers my attemtp to recreate my legacy head with lelutka. *Note this isn't a criticism of lelutka per se, which I think is the best mesh head out there that I've tested so far, but you can see the neck is a lot thinner than the legacy one. .
  14. Thanks for the info. :matte-motes-grin: I've got a couple of leads on Bento heads from Mesh Body Adicts, but I've been having trouble finding deomos in world or on MP. The Lelutka head for example is the best I've found so far, but it doesn't appear to even exist on MP. I have an unusual face shape that I've had for years that isn't the standard "fasion model" type, so it will likely be a while before I find a Bento head yes. To any head designers out there ... I think there is definitely a market for a more realistic looking female head. Not everyone wants to look like Barbie, etc. Also, SL has a long history of user creation and customisation. I think the Bento head that will win the market is not necessarily the prettiest one, but the one that is the most adjustable perhaps.
  15. hello, like many people I've been testing out Bento heads lately and while I haven't found any yet that are capable of replacing my SL legacy head (most simply can't adjust enough) there are some that get so close that I could see them working some day. The big problem I've found with the current batch however is the neck. It seems that both Catwa and Lelutka (the two currently most popular), are designed specifically for the very narrow neck of Maitreya Lara and cannot be fitted on another mesh body, let alone a legacy avatar. Maitreya Lara is possibly the most popular body in SL of course, but there are gazillions of people who don't use it as well. So my question is about whether or not anyone is aware of other mesh heads that have The same size neck as a standard or legacy avatar, or if there are plans at Lelutka in particular to issue some sort of "neck fix". Please note that this is not a slider issue I'm talking about the shape of the mesh used and the choices of the designer. Thanks for any help, Sylvia
  16. Rolig Loon wrote: Yes, as long as you don't do it as you are defining the global list. You can't calculate things as you do a global declaration. Can you say that again in English? lol. Edit: nm, I've figured out what you mean ... I think.
  17. I don't know if anyone is stil interested in this but I think I've started to work it out. A question I have though that doesn't seem to be answered by the LSL wiki is about how to write the rotations in the strided list, and what kind of entries are allowed or not. In the original script for rezzing a single object, I define the rotations like so: llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI_BY_TWO>); because they are all 90 degree rotations and I don't have to manually figure out quaternions (as if that's gonna happen). So a rough of my strided list for the new script I get something like: list vendorList = ["leb_vendor 1", <2.625, 1.27887, -1.225>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI_BY_TWO>), "leb_vendor 2", <2.525, -1.265, -1.215>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI_BY_TWO>), "leb_vendor 3", <2.625, -1.375, -0.25>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI>, "leb_vendor 4", <1.78, -1.375, -0.75>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI>), "leb_vendor 5", <2.041, -1.375, 0.3547>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI>), "leb_vendor 6", <2.626, -1.375, 1.1454>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI>), "leb_vendor 7", <1.78, -1.375, 1.1454>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI>), "leb_vendor 8", <2.041, 1.40387, -0.75>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI_BY_TWO>), "leb_vendor 9", <2.625, 1.40387, -0.25>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI_BY_TWO>), "leb_vendor 10", <2.625, 1.40387, 0.75>,llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI>), "leb_vendor 11", <2.041, 1.40387, 1.1454>llEuler2Rot(<PI,PI_BY_TWO,PI_BY_TWO>) ]; is it actually kosher to use 11Euler2Rot like that?
  18. Good advice, thanks. I tend to disagree about comments though. I find that the popular advice to add lots of comments to scripts much more of a hinderance than a help. It should (to my mind) be clear what's going on for the most part if the script is succinct and well laid out (again, I'm talking about vidual clutter here). I've rarely found a script yet where I couldn't rip out literally 90% of the coments and yet make it much clearer what's going on as a result. But then, I only deal with simple scripts.
  19. Ela Talaj wrote: There is no reason to hardcode position/rotation offsets in a list. In fact it is bad programming because not data driven. I would've (and did in this product) rezzed all objects from the list of their names originally in the center of the rezzer, then I would've manually positioned the objects correctly around the rezzer and recorded (via on-touch menu button) their positions/rotations relative to the rezzer. After positions/rotation are stored in the script, on subsequent rezzes the objects would be rezzed in the positions/rotations last recorded. Of course I didn't invent a bicycle here, most commercial rezzers work this way. Well, this is kindof what I did, except I didn't do it with a commercial rezzer, I manually figured out all the offsets and rotations. the reason for the list is also as you say, which is that I want them to rez at the same spot every time. Basically the initial object is rezzed, you click it, and then the eleven other objects (vendors basically) rez around it in various locations. So, it's hard coded into a list in order that they always rez in the same spot in the same way, relative to the original object, no matter how the original object is rotated or positioned. Each object (vendor) has a "die" script inside so a second click on the original object puts them all away. I realise this is an awkward way of rezzing eleven vendors but it's a peculiar and unique situation/object.
  20. As sad as it may sound, I'm leaning against using the strided lists because of "visual confusion" The list of eleven object names eleven vectors and eleven rotations would wrap around the page so many times it would just look awful. I'm more of a visual person and it's important to me to have the code clutter-free and easy to read. I find that when the code is poorly formatted or has lines that are too long to fit on my screen that it gives me a headache, lol. :smileyhappy:
  21. Thanks, It's interesting that an array can be "faked" that way, but it seems a bit confusing to me and the list would be terribly long. I guess three lists are the way to go for me.
  22. Thanks for the replies, What I have already is a script I made for a fireplace that works for rezzing single objects (in this case the burning firelog in the grate). It seems short and efficient. Let me know if you see anything wrong with it. The trouble is this new project is eleven objects and currently I have hacked it by simply having eleven scripts in the "master" object, which is at best clunky. A second click de-rezzes the objects, so when there are eleven scripts like this the chance that they get out of sync is pretty high. There are also a lot of pauses and pinwheeling. I'm really not sure where to put the loop (that would access the lists and cycle through rezzing the eleven objects) or how to code it. // ===================================// fireplacer script by Sylvia Wasp // ===================================integer _fireOn;vector _currentPos;vector _fireOffset;vector _rotPoint;vector _newPos;rotation _currentRot;rotation _fireRot;default{ on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llWhisper(59,"poke"); _fireOn = FALSE; } touch_start(integer total_number) { if (_fireOn){ llWhisper(59,"poke"); _fireOn = FALSE; } else{ _currentRot = llGetRot(); _currentPos = llGetPos(); _fireOffset = <0.0, 0.1, 0.0>; //change f/pos of log from root _rotPoint = llGetPos() + _fireOffset; _fireRot = llEuler2Rot(<TWO_PI,PI,PI_BY_TWO>); //the rotation _newPos = _currentPos - ((_currentPos * _currentRot) - (_rotPoint * _currentRot)); llRezAtRoot("firelog w/fire", _newPos, ZERO_VECTOR, _fireRot * _currentRot, 42); _fireOn = TRUE; } }}
  23. Hello, I'm trying to write a script that makes an object rez a bunch of items from it's own inventory at various specific locations around itself. I have all the off-sets and rotations for these objects and I can make one of them appear easily enough, (I have my own working script for that) but I don't quite know how to make them all appear simultaneously. My preferred method would be to declare an array of the necessary data at the top and then have a loop at the part of the script that rezzes the object, that queries the array so that it can quickly and recursively rez them all, essentially (but not actually), simultaneously. It's the "exactly how to do this" part that I'm not too sure of. Are llscript lists always one dimensional? (meaning I can't actually make an array)? If they are, that means I would presumably need a list for each vector and each offset? There are eleven objects to be rezzed and I want to make it as efficient as possible and not use fifty global variables or whatever if I don't have to. I have an understanding of basic scripting and of LL script but it isn't my "thing" so someone who dreams in code and wants to help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sylvia
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