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  1. Well, that was kind of my point. "Mistake" is 100% an insult in this context. It's literally staring off the answer (to a clear, precise and kindly phrased question) with, "your wrong". That's what typically happens on the LSL scripting forum. You ask a question about a script with an error and you get told that "your entire approach is wrong" and that the person answering it could re-write everything this other way and it would be so much better, yada-yadda ... yet somehow the original question is literally never answered. The only reason I bothered is because I'm on a deadline for a product that I want to roll out tonight. I guess I'm on my own, but I repeat ... there is a way to generate a channel number using random numbers. If anyone wants to just post that code so I can use it at the top of my script I'd appreciate it. That's what makes it so galling. I know that almost everyone answering this thread probably knows how to do that but no one wants to say it, lol. They want to argue about "proper" procedure and who's method is the best.
  2. LOL. I was so very careful not to be rude in my response to your rudeness. I really tried, honest. I used smiley's and 'perhapses' and every circumlocutory prose I could think of to couch what I was saying in nice terms. I even thanked you profusely for your obscure and inscrutable suggestion that was given to me without any practical explanation or application ... and then *you* post a rude huffy response anyway. I think I know which one of us has trouble communicating with the other monkeys. 😉
  3. Ok, I guess I got all the scriptures mad at me, lol, BUT ... People actually come here for help and none of this is really that helpful. I have a product ready to go and all I need is a way to generate a channel at the top of one script and nothing said here has actually helped me out. It's all just theoretical discussions about the details of scripty things among scriptors. I can make the change to reduce my 196k script load for less than one minute of the sims time later, what I need now is what I know is probably a simple snippet of code to fix my problem and no one is coming forward with it. integer Channel = Key2Chan(llGetOwner()); seems to be a custom function and is not working at all. I know that some people use a random number generator to do the same thing. Can someone provide a clue as to how I would code that instead?
  4. Lol. This is exactly why I rarely ask questions here. Many genuine thanks for this: integer Channel = Key2Chan(llGetOwner()); Which is basically (one) answer or one way to do it, but I have to say that I find this response extremely rude. - My first "mistake" isn't a mistake, it's just a choice, and the memory usage on a script in this situation is about as important as which potato chip you pick out of the bag first when eating potato chips. I don't use mono on the buttons so we are talking about less than 200k even on my most elaborate HUD. 200k which will be in use for less than a minute when a person is changing clothes. It also means I never have to worry about scripting buttons (or anything to do with buttons) which saves me huge amounts of time. I have pre-made HUDs in inventory with button arrays of two, three, four, six, eight, and twelve buttons. I drag a HUD out of inventory with the right number of buttons, apply a texture, and change the main HUD code as needed. Simple! The main HUD code is always going to be comprised of a simple list of UUID's (the textures) and an if/else list for the button messages anyway, so I can just plug in the new UUIDs and maybe once in a blue moon have to edit the llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast()sections. It's a very simple, clear, practical, reusable system that works very well indeed and is totally not a "mistake". - My second "mistake" also isn't a mistake, it's actually the situation I posed to the forum in the first place. The very question I asked you.
  5. Hello, I wrote a texture changing HUD from scratch but I have a question. Basically, the HUD has button prims that when clicked, use llMessageLinked to tell their name to the main HUD prim which then hears them on a link_message. The main HUD prim then relays the messages to the mesh clothing (things like "button_01", "button_02" etc.) using llSay on a channel. The clothes hear the messages and change textures, and everything seems to work fine except ... if two people are changing clothes in the same room their HUDs affect each other and then change each others clothes. I'm basically using the same channel and only identifying the HUD to the clothing by the name (of the HUD). I'm sure there must be a better way wherein two people can buy the same clothes and the HUDs they bought don't affect each others clothes? Perhaps by setting some random channel when the HUD is attached each time? I'm just not sure how to do this or if it's possible or if customers generally care about it. The odds of two people buying the same product changing the texture in the same area are pretty small but it does happen. Any help would be appreciated. Sylvia 🙂
  6. Aaaannnnd ... on perhaps the 20th or 30th log-in ... everything seems to be mysteriously working again. For absolutely no reason at all. Unless some Linden was secretly reading this and switched whatever switch it was that made it work again, lol. Thanks to everyone who commented. Sylvia
  7. You're right, it tells you what the parcel allows. I mis-spoke. It doesn't change the fact that there is a complete mis-match between what the parcel settings (that I set as the owner) allow, and what is shown as actually allowed. The top bar in this case is showing what the actual situation on the parcel is.
  8. (pictures removed) Thanks for the heads up about the teleport routing. You are correct, I don't use a landing point, but I used to and did not reset that setting. In practice it hardly matters but I will change it anyway. The problem is that despite all the settings telling me that everything is correct, the actual fact of the matter is that everything is turned off. so what's showing on the parcel preferences tab is not reality (Note in my original snap that in the top bar of the viewer, the correct, i.e. "real" situation is that I am unable to build on the land). Also, from time to time the parcel settings tab greys out or doesn't register, only to come back a moment later. Other things I've tried: - Logging in as my alt (the other member of the group) - Checking the status of all members of the group - Getting friends to visit Everyone who visits reports the same thing, i.e. that the top bar of the viewer tells them they cannot build there (even if they normally could), the music won't play, media doesn't work, scripts don't work, etc. and that all the parcels that surround me are fine and that the sim itself is fine. I guess I will submit a trouble ticket, if only I remembered how to do that, lol. Linden Labs seems to hide that pretty well as it's no where on the main page or in my account pages AFAICS. 😉 Edit: Anyone have a link to how to do that? it's been many years since I had to. Interestingly enough going to "help" on the main page doesn't get you a link to support tickets, and searching through help topics for "support ticket" or "trouble ticket" get's you nowhere as well.
  9. Owner. Also Owner/Queen of the group it's set to.
  10. Thanks for the reply. As far as EEP goes, we only really have a choice between the LL viewer and Firestorm and LL's viewer is just so bad and so limited that it really isn't a serious option for anyone who's been in SL for very long. I know I can use my own Windlights (and I do) but I'm seriously tired of changing back and forth all the time. Also since most of the places I go have their own Windlights I need to switch back and forth from "Use region wind light" to my own wind light literally every single time I TP anywhere. It's exhausting and it's been more than half a year now. Irrespective of that the real problem is the broken sim, and yes, I've tried enabling/disabling thing is the parcel settings. Things tick and untick but nothing actually happens the readout in the top bar doesn't reflect the choices in the parcel preferences and doesn't change when I tick/untick items. (see picture) Nothing has changed since yesterday when it all worked fine (luckily I put the item I was working on, for sale last night before I logged off otherwise I'd be completely screwed right now). The group is fine, my account is fine, etc. Everything is completely normal and unchanged from the way it always worked according to the interface anyway. I didn't even look at parcel details for weeks let alone change them. The object list doesn't reflect any foreign objects although I'm not sure if I can assume that it's working considering the mis-match between the parcel settings and what the top bar is telling me.
  11. Seriously, if having the wind light screwed up for the better part of a year by EEP (with no word from Linden Lab on whether it will ever be fixed or even when!), isn't bad enough ... Now my parcel is completely "broken," for lack of a better word. I logged in this morning to find that my entire mainland parcel has building disabled, scripts disabled, music disabled etc. So there I am standing in silence unable to build anything on my own plot which also contains my store. Luckily the vendors in the store continue to work, or appear to, but literally nothing else works. The parcels right next door in the same sim all work fine so it's not the sim. I've searched online for an hour or so. - There are NO notes fromLL as to any problems - NOTHING in the forums or anywhere else of anyone having similar problems. - No problems shown on my dashboard. - No problems with my account - NO support from LL that I can find. Seriously, I'm starting to wonder why we even pay the fees! $72 USD a year for a small parcel on the mainland that has been basically broken (because EEP) for 7 or 8 months in a row and now won't work at all. Anyone have any ideas? Sylvia
  12. Thanks Sasy, I will definitely ask although it's probably a bit late (2019 Pride is in three days). I still find it just plain bizarre that even without the full perm, these very basic animations and poses don't even seem to exist for Bento. Someone must have made something similar within a week of Bento's debut, but they aren't available for sale. I guess this is more evidence of how people don't make things in Second Life anymore (unless there is a big cash payoff that is). There was a time when LL would ensure that such things existed so as to keep the whole "user-created world" thing going strong. It's sad really. Sylvia
  13. Hello, I have some small hand flags for 2019 Pride and I want to give them away with a Bento animation so they can actually be held in the hand. I've looked on MP and can't find anything even remotely useful or related, which is puzzling to me. Is it really the case that all this time after Bento debuted, there are still no simple "hold a thing in your hand" animations for sale? Anyone know where to get such a thing? Needless to say FP is required. Actual animations related to waving the flags would be even better, but I'd settle for a simple "grasping stick-like thing in the hand" kind of deal. Thanks ahead of time for any leads, Sylvia
  14. I'd like to re-activate this thread since the same thing is happening to me and none of the answers here seem to actually work (or make much sense). Every time I log on, I'm greeted with floods of SPAM that is only relived by the cap limit. (see picture) The advice is of course to block it, but it's coming from a UUID that just constantly changes. I can't search for objects or avatars by UUID. The only location it mentions is my own location, so I can't go and look for it either, although I have a suspicion about what sim the evil came from. BTW before you say it, there are no foreign objects in my parcel, I have scanned my whole plot very carefully. It's also not attached to me or an object in my inventory. It seems that someone has probably just nabbed my UUID by way of a malicious object and I'm on a SPAM list, but I have no way of finding out who owns that list or who/what is sending me the SPAM. I searched for at least an hour on this and in particular, I find LL's "advice" to basically go back to the sim where the malicious object attached to you to "look for it" ... to be very poor, and very dangerous advice indeed. The building where the suspicious object (may have) attached to me is no longer there and even with beacons turned on there is no way I will ever find it. The sim has 100's of scripted objects, there MAY be one that is spamming me, but it may not be there at all. It would take a year to check them all out and there are more scripted objects in the sim than I could eve add to my block list anyway. How is it that with Second Life as old as it now is ... a person can still SPAM someone else with an object and yet they have no way to find out who the owner of the object is, where the object is, or what the object's UUID is? Any advice? Anyone? Someone recognises the maker or the object so I can block it? Anyone resolved this problem before? Sylvia
  15. Yeah, thanks Skell, I just found this out. As I amended above though ... LAQ hasn't updated the old gestures and the original "smile" is pretty lame. They now have a good smile, but they haven't distributed it to those who bought the old heads. 😞
  16. I think that as it is with most questions about LAQ heads the answer is probably just "NO!" but ... ... is there a way anyone knows of to trigger a LAQ head animation (a smile basically) with chat? I'm thinking of making a gesture the way we used to be able to do with the old pre-mesh bodies so that when I type ":-)" it triggers the smile animation. I am fairly certain that traditional gestures don't work with Bento animations and that LAQ probably has the permissions all locked down on their animation, but geez it's just totally ridiculous to open up the gigantic HUD, switch to page two, and then select "smile" every time. I know about the "moods" and I already use them, but specific situations call for specific animations. It seems like a big loss that we can't do this with mesh avatars now. Edit: I found the "LAQ gestures" so if anyone is reading, it *is* possible. Unfortunately, if you bought the LAQ heads *before* they started selling the HUD separately, you only have the "old" gestures (which lets' face it are pretty sad), so you won't be able to trigger a smile. LAQ has updated the HUD even for those of us that bought the original heads, but they don't include the new gestures in the package. thanks, Sylvia
  17. Interesting. I don't use the Linden Viewer so I don't have the "pick time of day thing" but otherwise the behaviour seems identical. As with your example, the time of day affects my lighting when I'm using Region Default, (it's much worse when the light is brightest at sunset and sunrise for example) but it's still pretty horrible the whole time. I think it's absolutely APPALLING that Linden Labs has changed the windlight everywhere when the viewers (apparently) don't even support it yet. I think it's disgusting that they can just screw up the lighting on my plot for weeks at a time and not have to compensate or apologise for it. Sylvia
  18. Thanks Chic, Yes, I already use "Nam's Optimal Prim and Skin" a lot of the time (because it's the best when you're working on clothes or making things). It's like having makeup lights on your mirror, lol. But often I want to get "real" light (sunrise, sunset, etc.) so that I can see what the clothes I'm making look like in "regular" environments that the people who buy them are going to be using. A lot of the custom windlights completely ignore the day cycle. I certainly hope that we still have a "Default" at the end of this process. It makes no sense at al for every one to have their own windlight in an environment like Second Life. It's nice for people to have the *option* of their own windlight, but if there isn't a default and there isn't a day cycle, then all kinds of problems will ensue. Sylvia
  19. Ah, so it is a Linden screwup. Still, when they mes things up it usually doesn't take this long to straighten them out. And they used to provide information to affected users, but I guess those days are long gone. So ... sometime in the next few weeks or months either a Linden update or a Firestorm viewer update will straighten it all out? How encouraging! (not). thanks for the info, Sylvia.
  20. Hello, For the last few weeks, the (SL default) windlight in my region (Sage) has been completely screwed up. Other residents in the same sim tell me it's been this way for a while now, and no one seems to know what to do about it. Based on the local chatter, presumably the Lindens all know about it and are "working on it" but it's starting to bother me because this is where my store is. I'm afraid that people popping in to my store (admittedly only a small number) will find it hard to see anything or perhaps just leave, as everything looks so darned UGLY. To be specific: - During daytime everything is super WHITE. - During nighttime the sky is also too light. - The "stars" at night are BLACK spots instead of white spots. - At sunrise or sunset when the light is brightest, it's like a complete white-out - There is no colour in the sunset and sunrise, just WHITE. I'm using the latest Firestorm Release for Mac, but my neighbour experiences the same and she is using the latest Firestorm on Windows. The only parts of the sim that show correctly are the parts where someone has set their parcel windlight separately (a couple of parcels). If I set my own windlight (for my viewer not my parcel) then that works, but I generally like to have the default windlight on. What am I missing here? Is it ok for a sim to be screwed up for this long? (pictures attached) Sylvia
  21. Thanks a lot for this link Qie, I had forgotten about that toggle. 🙂 For anyone following this thread, (and as a lovely retort to steph who automatically blamed and insulted me, lol) ... it turns out that it WAS Second Life that was to blame after all. What happened is that thing we don't talk about but that actually happens a LOT in Second Life building wherein an object or an object inventory is updated or changed and the viewer shows the change, but the change hasn't actually happened. This is what I was getting at when I was "cussing" SL, and what I was talking about when I said I did a bunch of resets on everything. It turned out that the THIRD time I did a complete reset/rebuild of the contents of the box, that the permissions (which were showing as fine the whole time) were actually fixed for reals. So yeah, SL is a lousy place to build and you have to check the permissions on everything three or four times, ESPECIALLY permissions on inventory inside of boxes (prims) which are notorious for being completely inaccurate sometimes. The best advice as Qie pointed out is probably to use Advanced Permissions which will sometimes show you a completely different situation from "regular" permissions. If only Advanced Permissions weren't so incredibly confusing and dense! (and if only "regular" permissions were always accurate). Oh well, lesson learned. Thanks to anyone that helped, Sylvia
  22. lol, "cussing"? What is this 1954? 🙂 You didn't read what I originally wrote and then replied with two personal insults and no suggestions at all so please, just stop replying on the thread thanks.
  23. Yes, I can see the script, I wrote it myself. It has never changed between the version that works and the version that doesn't. That, and the fact that the object works for me but not for someone I give it to is what makes me think it's some kind of weird permissions problem.
  24. And how is taking the time just to post a random insult actually helping anything?
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