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  1. Those look really very good. I will have to try a demo. I understand the purpose of the shading on the eyeball, it makes the eye "sit" in the socket more realistically, but when the eyes move, the shading just looks dumb for the most part. Possibly Lelutka just overdoes the effect. I think a part of my problem is that while a lot of folks seem to be fine with controlling (actually freezing) their eye movements, I'm not interested in that at all as my whole purpose in making my avatar is to make it as realistic as possible. I like the default SL eye movement and I like to be able to make my avatar look at stuff and have expressive eyes etc.
  2. I agree about the rigging. The rigged eyes sit too far back in the head for my liking. I am currently using some old mesh eyes with my own textures applied and they work fine. Rigged items only work well when everyone has the same size and shaped head, and I don't see much point in doing that. Lelutka also has 9 different sizes of teeth, (which is great), but only the very smallest ones fit the shape of my head.
  3. Thanks, but making my eyes always stare straight ahead isn't really a solution. I don't want to look like a zombie. I want my eyes to follow my focus like normal.
  4. Okay ... found an answer. The settings are in Firestorm > Preferences > Move & View (duh, lol).
  5. Thanks for the answers. I will check again for that crouch button. In answer to Marigold's question, I'm asking here because the Firestorm user group is notoriously populated by dismissive bullies of course, lol.
  6. Hello, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I looked for a while and couldn't find anything specific to Firestorm. This is also a non-technical question, so don't give me grief for my phrasing, and no lectures from the boys in the room about how I'm doing everything wrong ... ok? :-) Okay, so I'm on a Mac and it used to be that pressing the Fn + Up would make me do a handstand, and pressing the Fn + Dwn would make me crouch. Super handy! Since I started using the Firestorm built in AO last year, both of those functions are gone, but I don't see anywhere in the AO interface where I can trigger a crouch or a handstand, (probably because FN+Dwn now equals "fly"). I can do without the handstands, but crouching is hard to leave in the past. Is there nowhere in the Firestorm AO where I can click a button to crouch? A keyboard shortcut?
  7. Thanks Chase I will totally check it out. I'm currently using some old mesh eyes that I put my own texture on, but I'm sure there are others who've done better work on this, lol.
  8. Cool, good to know. I bought the Omega applier add-in for Lelutka heads but I haven't applied it yet. I guess textures are personal and I should just shop for others as you say.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the answer but that's kind of my point. they don't seem to be adjustable at all. They are rigged of course (which is good), but I can't see anywhere in the HUD where they are moveable. They are set a teeny-tiny bit too far back but even if they weren't, I would have the same problem. What I'm looking for is a way to remove the brown shading. Here are some pics to show what I mean. I'm starting to think it's just not possible. I was hoping someone had an obvious solution that I'm just not seeing.
  10. The recent update to the Lelutka Simone Bento head has included mesh eyes for the first time which is great, and they are (mostly) very well done, but ... Has anyone found a way to get rid of the redish brown shadow on them? I love the texture of the iris itself and the gloss etc., but this red-brown shadow is driving me nuts! Every time I look down or up, or to one side, all you can see in my eyeball is brown. I'm basically wondering if there is a toggle to turn it off that I'm missing. Alternatively, anyone got links to some good mesh eyes that are compatible with Lelutka heads? I'm looking for just regular eyes, not elf eyes, or dragon eyes or any kind of specialty eyes etc. Thanks in advance, Sylvia :-)
  11. thanks Rolig, this particular one is not that high a LI though, it's basically a squashed tube with no textures and no specular etc. I'm pretty sure this is just a bug and I just re-built from scratch anyway. Thanks everyone for responding.
  12. thanks for the reply, but no. not even mesh. simple prims, one twisted and one regular sphere. rezzes anywhere else perfectly fine. anyway, rebuilt it from scratch already, but I would still like to know what the answer is if anyone has it.
  13. hi Klytyna, nothing too unusual actually. no specular at all. it's just a 24m transparent sphere with a twisted tube prim for a floor inside it. I was editing it recently, but I was just trying out some spherical textures on the inside surface to try to block out the ugly builds on either side. I keep the build locked (because this has happened before), and I guess I left it unlocked because when I looked this morning it was gone and all the vendors were hanging in mid air. the weird thing is that I just rebuilt it from scratch by rezing it in a sandbox and writing down the measurements and then recreating them on site. no problem. I have auto-return on for the store obvs but it's just so frustrating, and it happens fairly frequently on my home parcel as well. at first I thought it had something to do with large prims because I remember when the limit was 10m for a sphere, but it seems almost completely random. oh well, I guess only the Lindens know the answer and they aren't telling of course, lol *shakes fist at the sky*
  14. So ... what's the deal with the "You can't rez this object because the parcel is too full" message? I live in an older mainland sim (Sage), and I have a store on a separate parcel in the same sim. I have hundreds and hundreds of prim available but I cannot rez my store (only 2 prims!). I had inadvertently let the build unlocked the last time I edited it, and I log in today and it's gone. So I try to rez it and it says the stupid message above. Does anyone have any idea WTF is going on with this spurious error message? I seem to get this sometimes, but other times not. The store involves one large sphere and a twisted prim, but sometimes I can rez it and sometimes not (this happened while I was building it too). Now I have a store which is just a bunch of vendor hanging in mid air and no one can actually shop there. Presumably at some time in the future it will magically be possible for me to rez the store again, but what's the deal? What is the actual variable that's making the system tell me there aren't enough prims, when there are in fact hundreds? Meantime I lose any customers that might visit, possibly forever.
  15. Thanks Rolig, Sadly, I suspected as much, but I was hoping someone had come up with some fancy script magic to stop it. When SL dialogues are used for adjusting and resizing scripts, the buttons need to be pressed dozens of times in succession so it makes sense to make the menu re-appear. The noise, along with the visible screen redrawing of the menu is enough to give one a migraine, but if it's all we have then it's better than nothing I suppose. Sylvia
  16. hello, I am writing a linkset re-sizing script and have it all working fine but there is one truly horrible behaviour that I want to suppress. I've searched quite a bit and can't find any references to it so I'm asking the simple question here. - Is there any way at all to stop the dialogue from making the awful "boop" sound, every single time you click a button? I'm guessing not because its' something one has to suffer on every "Adjust" script as well but surely this must bother other people to the degree that someone has found a way to mask it out? I'm assuming that it's the default sound the menu makes when it appears and that because of the way re-sizing scripts and adjust scripts are written, that the menu is "called" or recreated after every button press? I find it hard to believe that many thousands of others have not been driven crazy by this maddening "boop, boop, boop" nonsense and that Linden Labs hasn't found a way to suppress it. thanks for any help, Sylvia
  17. For anyone interested who was following this, the answer is ... NO. This useless, annoying notification cannot ever be turned off. You not only *have* to see it, you have to see it in both notification and local chat form. If your local chat is not on, you will see it a third time as a local chat "bubble." I got the answer from FS support directly, who were quite rude and "mansplainy" just as I feared. In their defence, the poor dears actually had no idea that they were being rude, lol.
  18. Hi, :-) Thanks for the help. I did NOT know you could search preferences because it's such an odd thing to be able to do, but now that you mention it ... GIANT search bar at the top of preferences, lol. Also good advice to join the group, I wasn't aware of that either. In the past, for other things I have found the "group chat" method of support to be generally more irtitating than helpful. I usually get *instantly* "mansplained to for example, or offered advice that's really just offf topic, but all groups are different and I will definitely give this one a try. It's sounding more and more like a bug to me though. No one seems to know of any other preferences that control it, and I have them all turned off, yet I get three notifications (local chat, local chat "bubble" and notification "toast") regardless. It's kind of funny really in that it's the most mundane and absolutely useless notification yet it's the only one I can't sem to get rid of, lol. Anyway, thanks for all the help, Sylvia :-)
  19. I know they are working real hard on the beta and I do love Alchemy, but it's been very *unstable* for me. Firestorm (imo of course) has a nightmarish user interface, but it is very fast and very stable.
  20. Hello, Just started using Firestorm and have been going through turning off the many notifications and there is one I can't seem to get rid of. It's the little notification that comes up every single time you teleport from somewhere to someone else. I have been through the three pages of notification settings many times and have yet to find it. A search of the forum reveals this advice: "See if Preferences/User Interface shows the box for Use Stand-alone windows for Teleport History checked. If so, uncheck it. ... Try Debug/Show Debug Settings. Type teleport into the search box. Find "floater_rect_fs_teleporthistory. Make sure all values are set to 0. And the next setting, floater_vis_fs_teleporthistory. Set it to FALSE." I looked at both of these and all the settings are correct or at least as noted here, yet I'm still getting this irritating notification every single time I TP somewhere. Anybody? A bug? Am I stupid? What? Sylvia.
  21. Thanks for the link. No the numbers aren't visible in Alchemy it's just part of the UI. I only recently found out that the same thign could be created by fiddling with the debug settings.
  22. Hello, I use the Alchemy viewer becuase I believe the UI and general layout of it is far superior to the rest. You may disagree and that's ok, but this isn't about that. Since Alchemy does not yet support Bento (coming soon I think), and I have a Bento head I've been using Firestorm instead but the one thign I really, really, miss and almost can't do without is the "shoulder view" from Alchemy. In FS your camera is about 15 metres behind you and above. You can switch to front view, but there is no shoulder view as in Alchemy. Now I know that I can go into the Debug settings and change the default camera ocation and angle in FS, but I have no idea how to figure out the actual settings, numbers, etc. Does anyone out there know what numbers to plug in exactly? Sylvia
  23. Hello all, I thought I would end this thread on a bit of postivity to cunteract the meanies, lol. This is the end result of my journey to recreate my unusual knobby head with the various "fashion model" Bento heads available. None were really up to the task so I had to "let go" a bit of my real self and make a more "fashion-y" version of myself. Possibly this will imporve in the future as more heads come online. AK in particular seemed like it might end up being the best head of all for recreating "real" people in SL, but it seemed to be not ready for prime time sort of speak at the moment. Oh well, early days as they say. Attached is picture of the new me. Made with: - Lelutka Simone Bento mesh head - DeeTaleZ skin for mesh body/heads. The most dissapointing thing overall was the lack of a neck adjustment which was the reason I started the thread in the first place. Literally the *only* way to solve this atm is to make your body with ZERO (yes ZERO! fat), which is pretty sad. I ended up *drastically* reducing my fat slider, (from 30 to 12) but I couldn't force myself to go any lower. I still want to look like an adult woman after all. You can see how I eventually "solved" the neck problem, lol. Sylvia
  24. nice lashes! although I love the built in ones myself. Sylvia
  25. Okay, cool. I am thinking tht it might be permissions as you said. Ctrl on Windows, Cmd on Mac? I'll give it another try.
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