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  1. Go to https://my.secondlife.com/ and change it in your Browser. Hope this helps
  2. Da Traffic überall um den gleichen faktor gesunken ist, ist das eigentlich egal.
  3. Why didn't you report them to the Sim Owner 1st ? Most Adult Venues have rather strict rules about Ageplay, so that would be my 1st choice of action. Just sayin
  4. You mean those Icons that NOW pop up behind my HUD or open Tabs? I could see them when they were visible on the bottom right of my screen!!!
  5. Not sure if i get this right, but if you use the Starlight Skins, there are some more options considering notifications. Especially about the time these stay visible. Maybe this helps
  6. Delete or take back some other of your things on your parcel. Well , there is also the solution to add more land, but that is more costly
  7. Hmm, no default "following" here. I don't stalk anyone and no-one is following me per default either.
  8. Maybe they post there , because it is a forum about SL after all ? The users there (which also might or might not be posting here) care as much about SL as anyone here. And if there IS more attention to get, i rather find it a good idea.
  9. Prokofy Neva wrote: ..... It's about FOREIGN piracy. That means it will affect YOUR COUNTRY -- particularly if you are in Europe, Russia, China and some other high pirating areas. That is EXACTLY my point. Some smart*** Senator, which i didn't vote for, whose name i don't even know, from a country i don't live in tries to pass a law that affects me. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and btw, are you really suggesting that all other countries except the USA are only there to violate IP Rights ? That the average american is innocent and all foreigners (from your point of view) are guilty by definition? I sure hope i misunderstand you there, otherwise you threading some serioulsly dangerous terrain.
  10. 1. As Carole allready pointed out, not all SL Users are Americans. 2. A Proposal like this, that makes normal Companies something like Judge , Jury and Executioner is not something i would like to have. 3. If said Companies would finally acknowledge that their marketing strategies of old do not apply anymore and find new and better ones, stupid laws like this wouldn't even be neccessary. 4. These "Thresholds" youre speaking of, are exactly what the Companies who lobbying this proposal DO NOT want to have! To sum it up, SOPA = bad!!
  11. Thanks for this info. Another question though remains and maybe you might have an answer. What are these Trendings ?? Great feature when noone knows (or cares) what it is.
  12. valerie Inshan wrote: .... Not to mention the "Trending" thing as you point out. It's packed with complete strangers. If someone could come with an explanation of what the heck this is means, I would be curious to read it. Or better, how to to shut this "Trending" off, completly !! And no, i don't know what this is for either. Looks like random ppl posting random stuff which i have zero interrest in!
  13. Checked mine, all as i set them. But, i also set the prefs for Followers as soon as that stuff was "introduced". Seems to be the only difference here. Still, i would call this some serious bug if Privacy settings change whenever something new comes along.
  14. Eloise Baily wrote: Doesn't it? Oh well. I stopped using official viewers when they put that pesky sidebar in Another perfect example of condemming something or having an opinion about something, without knowing the actual thing. Just great
  15. Try out the Shing Dev Built , this Dev-Viewer has the latest Graphic Bugfixes and some other improvemnts built in. Or if you like to try out a TPV which has all the fixes of the above, look at Nirans Viewer. Both of these have the latest UI and are very fast.
  16. CatherineG Walworth wrote: I am buying a new tower and looking at a gaming computer that has a AMD Radeon HD 6480G graphics card. Is this compatable with SL? I remember ages ago there were limits on which cards you could use. Any input would be helpful Thanks! You sure you got the Card right ? The Radeon HD 6480G is an integrated Graphicchip not a Card. And therefore not what i would call fit for a Gaming Computer and certainly not in a Desktop! Better try to get a normal Card, any Graphic-card that is able to run a "modern" Game should be quite sufficient to run SL.
  17. Well, still can't really understand why i should want to go back to some closed session, but at least on the Tab Issue i guess i can help you with Try out the Starlight Skin ! Apart (for me at least) making the official Viewers look better , they also provide some additional functions, INCLUDING tabbed (in the same window) IM's! This should at least solve 1 of your probs. (guess i didn't thought of it before because i use the Skins for ages now, sorry)
  18. Previous sessions with the same user will allways be visible like this. Its automatic when a new session starts with a user i had a chat before. But, again, if you close an IM it's CLOSED, ENDED, DONE ! I only close an IM (or conversation) when i know it is ended, if im not sure or want to talk a bit more i minimize the IM Tab. Also, with people on my friends list its irrelevant, because i can allways start a new IM Session whenever i want (and still see what was said before). This is the way it works and allways did. And exactly this, is why i do not understand what problem you have. If you don't like minimized windows and allways close everything, well, i think you are out of luck here. And if Imprudence is the only viewer that has something like this, well, use it.
  19. Why going outside of SL ? Every previous session will be seen INSIDE the IM Tab, although greyed. So, whenever you have a conversation with somebody you had a previous one before, everything said before is right in front of your eyes! I really don't see what problem you have here.
  20. As long as you have your chatlogs enabled, you will allways be able to see what was said in a previous conversation with another User, even after you close an IM. And im afraid a simple Toolbar-Button wouldn't provide you with this option either, because this sounds like a function that simply does not exist in V2/3.
  21. For Skins you might want to take a look at Sakurako , JOMO or May
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