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  1. My partner doesn't have payment info on file but I do. The main problem is that I will shortly be having a restriction put on my account and I don't want it to affect my partners sl experience. Is there a way to determin if the IP address counts for us both. In other words will my situation with LL affect my partners account? The reason I ask about alts is that when my restriction goes into place I would like to use one of my alts. I set up alts a long time ago at a different IP address. My old home. Will I be able to log in with them at my current IP address?
  2. Hi there. I have two questions a Firstly . My partner in rl and sl has recently moved into my home address in real life. I'm wondering whether his sl account will now be linked with my avatar account because we're using the same IP address. Or do LL base things on where the original account was set up to differentiate between them? My second question . Is there a way to retrieve all the alt account names associated with my main avatar? I tried submitting a ticket but havent had a reply as yet. Thanks in advance for any help.:)
  3. Excerpt http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Required_Tax_Documentation_FAQ How do I know if I need to submit documentation? If you are required to submit documentation to Linden Lab, we will email you with links to the appropriate forms and instructions on how to submit them. If you do not receive an email from Linden Lab, we do not need you to complete these forms. I received an email from LL requesting the above information today. I sumitted a ticket immediately to LL before I filled out the form and they replied stating that it was a genuine email.
  4. It doesnt show if theyre currently online in a group. Only that they were online that day
  5. are you mental??? paying £5oo-600 for a phone is ridiculous !!
  6. Is it possible to check if a friend is online if they've checked there offline staus so as not tobe seen in friends list> I was thinking that there may be some script which will show them still online. I checked in their group but it only shows when they were last online. Thanks :)
  7. Hi I tried that and it still isn't working. Dont I need to add something to the line in properties multiple es or something like that. Can't quite remember now. Please any help would be very much apprecitated.
  8. could you tell me where the debug settings are please?
  9. Please could someone tell me how to run 2 viewers at the same time. I forgot how too. I know you add something like muliple es to the viewer properties but i can't remember exactly. I'm on imprudence viewer Thans in advance
  10. Could someone please remind me how to run mulitple viewers? I'm on Imprudence. Many thanks !!!
  11. Hi . I'd like to rent some land space above my sim and will be setting up a platform to rent out to a friend. Trouble is I have a store below and dont want the my renter to have the ability to rez at my shop. Is there a way to set things so that he can only rez in the sky on his platform? Thanks in advance for any help :)
  12. I have a full sim for sale . Full transfer. 15,000 prims. Class 5 server. $400 USD for quick sale. http://slurl.com/secondlife/INNER%20SPACE%20DESIGN/142/112/23 or IM Lynne Lusch inworld for the LM
  13. Hi I am looking to rent a half sim or possibly a full sim class 5 server with as many prims as possible on a low lag estate but I need to rent from an established landowner. Two years or over. I want to rent in SL for at least another 2 years . I went to Lorena chung originally but the customer service was terrible and the land very laggy. Thanks
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