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  1. Does anyone know where to get A good quality Oriental female skin besides Dr.LIfe or EAB? I went to Bare Rose, but thats kinda obvious but good Oriental skins are hard to find. Ik I posted this question already, I kinda posted it in a wierd section by accident so here is the orginal thread. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/Female-Asian-Skins-and-clothing/m-p/1232199
  2. Does anyone know where to get A good quality Oriental female skin besides Dr.LIfe or EAB? I went to Bare Rose, but thats kinda obvious but good Oriental skins are hard to find.
  3. I found sulptures of horses and breedables, but is there any you can ride? I need one for a contest, I would really like it if it was a pegasus or a unicorn. Especially a Unicorn.
  4. so far I looked at glance-international,Classic with Style, Moda modeling, and  Miss Virual world Modeling academy. The tutiton is about the same and I've been saying up for some time to attend to one of them, but It would be nice to hear about people's experiences with them so I make the right choice. I'm also looking for one that has paegents and shows regulary so I can earn money to buy for clothing and shapes.
  5. I just got zbrush reccently, but i'm having some trouble using the Zproject tool, Ik there are tutorials out there but it just won't work. Can you polypaint and use reference images as well? and how would you be able to export your textures to photoshop?
  6. Is there any way to be afk for long periods of time? i tried everything i just keep logging out and i'm not sure if I want to buy an anti idle hud. I ask this because I work at a store as A model, and i want to get hours in while i'm asleep or taking care of business in rl. Oh i forgot to add that i don't use the secondlife viewer I mostly use Phoenix viewer or Firestorm
  7. I hate to be dumb, but if it happens again what category would i put this under? WADE1 Jya wrote: The style of operation does seem like it is using a bot, as it seems to have a little more capabilities then an inworld LSL-scripted item could do as a stand-alone... I would be unsure the account is hacked, but yes perhaps it could be at risk. Keep in mind that the bot needn't access her account to do this (simple to execute through access to friends list data in conjunction with an inworld scripted object renaming itself to name-match). The fact it is promoting a web store makes me think of
  8. Innula Zenovka wrote: It's easy enough to write a script that will spoof someone's name in chat or in IMs to another avatar, but I can't see how it would work with spamming group chat, because scripts can't post to groups. Only avatars can do that. The simplest explanation -- which is why I asked about what happens if someone clicks the OP's name in the group chat -- is that someone's adopted her name as a display name and is using that to post. I think you maybe right about that because everyone gave me this Message, if i sent both my display name and my sl name would be showing but it
  9. Far as i know it's not an object and it's all done in IM whenever I sign off, when a group post like an event or something then it IMs and spams that group
  10. yes i've done that but everything comes up clean, anyway I've change the email adress my account is linked to and all the passwords for my emails hopefully this will help =/
  11. this seems to be the message i'm getting from everyone and it appeared in my email that was linked to my secondlife account AmyRose Starfall: Hello, friend Good news for you! I found a wonderful website walafa.com and bought a laptop. How amazing, they take 5 days to send to my home. On their web, they have many products. If you need to buy something, you can go to look and check it Thanks
  12. not that I know of and no I haven't built anything in sand boxes
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