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  1. DiD get up! was curious ... but tooo late! Midnight ... and all gone! Only on Land left!
  2. When I read that I took a chance and grabbed a Stilt on Land ... but what did I get? THIS ... https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fale Lua/56/232/0 Will be abandoning right away!
  3. If they keep releasing Stiltregions at 2:00 pm SLT (which is 11pm my time) I will miss them all, for I am in bed by then. On the other hand if I would stay up just to catch a release there will be none I guess!
  4. No stilts today! - again! At least for me! It is 9:30 pm my place and I'm not willing to stay up till midnight! Goon night! - see you tomorrow.
  5. Nowadays you nearly allways see Camper and Loghome - obviously the least wanted hometypes - you often also see a Victorian, a Houseboat, a Traditional (either or seldom more than one type at a time) - you seldom see a Stilt on Land ... ... as soon as you will see a Stilt on Pier that does not go away as soon as you refresh the page ... THEN it may be the moment we are waiting for!
  6. found the shop in the MP but not the kitchen
  7. Jipppyyyy jay jay!! IT CAN BE DONE! Just now I managed to transfer a nice Stilt on Pier home from one alt (whose 1 month premium will expire at 15th of January) to another (whose 1 year premium will expire in July)! Yesterday I tried something like that with someone from this forum but it did NOT work out. I landed with a Stilt on Pier but with another one I did not want. So it CAN work out after all! But it is risky! But now I am prepared;: one longterm alt keeping a Stilt that is not perfect but good enough till July, two free alts expiring at 15th (which I will definitely degrade if the Stilt masses did not happen by then ) and another pair expiring 31st who can swap places with them.
  8. So it MIGHT have been a test and we MIGHT see the long promised mass release today??
  9. As there obviously won't be a big Stilt release before Monday (if any in the near future) I decided to keep my hunter- alts amused by looking for Houseboats. Three of them in a row got all locations at Ethel Merman - all with broken contollers who could NOT be reset by hovering and left pressing for any number of seconds. As the location isn't too bad (view of the stilts and of open sea) I kept two of them for the time being and abandoned the third - with no boat at all. The glitch with the controllers will no doubt be mended ... on Monday?
  10. I posted THAT about 24 hours ago and meanwhile ...?? No Stilt - mass - release! No word from @Patch Linden about why it is delayed and how much longer it will likely be delayed. This stilt release starts being a pain in the neck!
  11. One of my alts snatched quite a nice Stilt on Pier in Crawleigh. So it was worth the hunting after all and I might go to bed now 10:30 pm my place! Tomorrow is another househunting day!
  12. By now it's 12:20 pm SLT - time for lunch break - still no word from @Patch Linden??
  13. Well I hope there will be many more - sooooon ... or soonish?
  14. I went for it - saw it - but wasn't quick enough to grab it! 😞
  15. I am keeping record. That was in Seahawk 108 23 on Dec 25th. - got it as "on Pier" - might have been corrected meanwhile
  16. Well he might have dropped a hint how things are going BEFORE he went to bed!
  17. Some of them are in the wrong cathegory @LittleMe Jewell. I once picked up a Stilt on Pier which definately was all on water not even near to a pier. Abandoned it.
  18. Just ( 6:00 am SLT) seen a stilt OW pass by ... did not try to catch it. I'm an "on Pier only" person
  19. Exactly the same picture just now Tuesday 5:04 am SLT. I am monitoring since abou two hours. There have been a few stilts or Trads or Vics aswell ... all abandons and all quickly taken. I myself abandoned three Stilts about 5 hours ago - two on pier, one on land wateredge - so now I have four homeless premiumalts waiting at the line for the starting signal like so many nervous horses
  20. Looks like a glorious location though (the best of OW and OL Stilts combined) perhaps the moles can turn the house for you? If not you could add stairs and such to work around the glitch. I would definetely not abandon it if I were you!
  21. Deadly silence! Nobody any NEWS?? Didn't anybody talk to @Patch Linden in the chatgroup these days? Did he say anything about whether or not the Stilts- massrelease will be today? ... or tomorrow? or how long we will have to wait?
  22. Just caught and abandoned a Stilt on Pier in Squeegee Is that a new released region? or an abandon?
  23. In fact I did exactly that ... several times over ... holding the button much longer ... and NOTHING happened. I had the impression that as long as the blue window shows the controller doesn't react to anything but an answer to the question there ... and as soon as I click the post (short or long) that window shows. Might be yesterday was something wrong with the server that is fixed meanwhile??
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