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  1. And what exactly IS that?? I googeled it and found nothing! L T W A T doesen't mean anything! does it? I am not a native speaker but usually you even find slang when you google it.
  2. Alt I was JUST about to downgrade snatched a Pier in Memison that seems to be perfect - as far as my view on the tiny netbook shows me! Might upgrade her to a year and let all others go!
  3. I really think it has been my mistake - I looked (at the wrong house) and abandoned (the right house) thinking I had abandoned the on Land one ! *lol* ... seeing too many stilst come and go makes me muddleheaded! I really just try to verify that the one I intend to keep (at least till July) is a rather nice one compared to MANY others (if not all). So I can downgrade my four one-month-house-hunters without regret!
  4. Looked on Pier on the map but looked like THAT when I landed there. But maybe you are right and I got muddeled using the tiny netbook, seeing hardly anything. Anyway next I caught was the next door neighbour!
  5. As there still are all types on the LP I decided to abandon all but the one on Pier held by my longterm Premium and just gamble a bit. But beware... What is offered "on Pier" is the rest sorted out by other hunters. I got two ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holiday Dock/220/210/24 17:01 20.01.2021 the controller is not working - was not able to reset it though I tried - no house! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holiday Dock/136/32/18 though sold as "on Pier" is really "on Land"
  6. At the moment 1:00 am SLT there are still all three Stilt types on the LP
  7. I could use LiveChat or create another alt (would be my 11th!) But with that lousy computer performance I would not enjoy househunting anyway. It is such a nuisance if you look whether a new plot is better than the ones you have if you cannot see any of them properly. In addition to that I have other problems RL right now: Went to my Dr. today, got new strong medicine, have to see him again tomorrow. Nothing dramatic or live- threatening but a lot of trouble... besides needing a new PC. So I wish all of you happy househunting and cherish the hope that they will not release them ALL but just a few today, so there will be a bit of the fun left when I am back in a condition to enjoy it.
  8. Wrong moment - for ME! 1.) I downgraded one alt prematurely last week who would have beenn paid for till 21.st - just now I tried to buy him another month and they refused! not before the 21.st! 2.) My big old tower- PC broke down two days ago and I am just in the act of choosing and ordering a new one. Will take a couple of days. Meanwhile I can only be online with my tiny netbook. It DOES SL but very slowly and with bad grafics. Not the moment to play GoH ! 😞
  9. And Hourglass Sands! ... alt snatched a Stilt on Pier there Only 5:00 pm my time ... the surprise came true!
  10. Well now it is 6:00 AM SLT ... let's look foreward to today's surprises!
  11. ... just wish the photos were a bit lighter. Can hardly see anything.
  12. That is why I refuse to stay up late waiting! I have a collection of rather agreable Stilts on Pier amongst my alts and the mere chance of getting something better is not worth my sleep. The ones I have are certainly not the best I could get but I will concentrate on the one I managed to switch to my alt that has 6 months Premium left and retire the others when they expire. I do like some of theirs a trifle more but that isn't worth keeping them Premium and I do not really like the way GoH is played at the moment. PS: I just LOVE the picture of the rabbit!
  13. You are quite right about those five regions. I checked inworld and corrected my list. Thank you! As the list was originally made some weeks ago and only for my own use I expected that there'd be some errors in it. I just copied an pasted the names from the inworld map into my spreadsheet and marked Stilts <> Houseboats <> Water by different colours. When you do 211 regions that way there are bound to be glitches.
  14. Well last NIGHT I slept aswell .... instead of hunting midnight manias ... aehem midnight stilts! The spreadsheet I made up this morning (instead of other things I should have done!) ... by now it's 3:00 pm my place.
  15. and last not least ... and not to be released ... the waterways around them Abschalte Deep Ahab Alternating C... Bon Vivant Captain Hook Clear Sailing Direct Current Diving Belle Dribble Drink Up East Flushing Getmah Drift Glub Glub Hello Sailor Immoral Porpoises Keel Over Lone Shark Mellow Submarine Miniature Gulf Murky Bottom Nuclear Fishing Oceans Prey Overflow Plimsoll Mark Pool Shark Sea Plus Sea Sea Rider Serpent Hatc... Something Fi... Sundae After ... Tide Dyed Tiki Twilight Twisted Palms Waterlogged Whatta Maroon all that MIGHT contain errors and there might be regions missing that came after 28th of December
  16. These are the new Houseboat areas (released or not released that is the question) Apostle Shallows Baby Buoy Bubbly Ethel Merman Fintastic Galleyoop Marlin Monroe Nat Kingfish Cod Nauti Dolphin Nautical Non... OccupenSea Pescetarian Residensea Rock Lobster RockyBal Boata Salmon and Gillfunkel Seaweed Salad Sharkira Slice of Life Swim Shady Tide Down Tide Up Translucensea Transparensea Tuna Turner Yeah Buoy
  17. on the other hands these seem to be the ones allready released Abaft Agua Fresca Alagoon Albacore Ambergris Asiago Awash Backwash Barbaria Barchan Dunes Barnacle Shoals Bayport Beachy Keen Beaufort Three Belldowne Betelnut Billowed Sail Blackchapel Blue Marlin Boggle Boomer Shoal Bootleggers Atoll Buccaneer Bumbershoot Bumpus Burkes Pier Calla de Cors... Calypso Channel Cape Marlin Capn Billy Clamdigger Clearwater Shallows Cooperdale Corderosa Corona Antigua Corroboree Cowrie Crawleigh Crystalsong Lake Cutlass Point Dauphine Delta Blues Dive In Driftwood Be... Drinkwater East Overshoe Eastbridge Quay Easton Breakwater Eastwind Marina Edriss Fale Lua Faraway Breeze Ferrymans Drift Fiddle Cay Flamingo Dancers Float Alone Fluke Fort Mesa Gannet Rock Glimmer Cove Glory Gorgeous Aurelia Beach Harborview Wharf Janto Kingspoint Krabbenstrand Leaky Hold Littoral Truth Long Pier Lorelei Montoya Null Quay Seahawk Shining Sea Shore Enough Shore Thing Squeegee Stonewell Tea Time Tradinghouse Westley Whiteshark Reef
  18. Some time ago on 28.12.2019 I made up an Excel- spreadsheet with all the Stiltregions I found on the map and their x-y-positions PLUS all the new Houseboatregions PLUS the new Waterregions around these. Now Inspired by the lists @Frigga Freidmangave us of the NOT yet released Stiltregions I remodeleld these to give me just the names and the tipes in alphabetical order and extracted the still to be released ones ... and I found that they seem to go by this in alphabetical order! Might be the result is of interest for you ... so here goes ...68 left ... mind you it MIGHT contain some errors! Good Humor Good Tidings Harpoon Holiday Dock Hourglass Sands Hovercraft Eels Jamaica Me Crazy Jamison Jasper Beach Jetty Point Jitterbug Knot Atoll Land Ho Lands Edge Lark Nest Leeside Harbor Lei Miz Liberty Harbour Lifeboat Littoral Treasure Lookout Below Lorna Dunes Lunasea Beach Mango Salsa Mangrove Secrets Memison Mussel Beach No Wake Octopus Garden Offshore Otter Limits Palmetto Shores Pelican Bayou Pennywise Plage Marsouin Ponte Squali Popeye Puerto Seguro Red Palms Reeser Ringing Palms Ritter Rum Runners Reef Salient Point Sal*****er Taffy Salty Crab Samaritan Sarong Scallop Bay Sea Witch Seasalt Chip Shell Cove Shrimp Quay Single Strand Snorkle Starboard Lights Starry Waters Strait Home Stranger Tides Sweet Myrtle Tilapia TradingPost Treadwater Twin Anchors Visser Whaley Windrift Winfleet Harbor
  19. At the moment there is abundance! Usually you can get nearly everything! ... besides Stilts on Pier.
  20. The more reason to complain! If it isn't even convenient to USA people whom on earth are they releasing for? A nice time would be between 5 and 10 pm local time. So when they release at 2 or 3 pm SLT for whom may that be? Who is 3 to 7 hours behind SLT? Mermaids?
  21. I have been rather lucky too with catching abandonds lately so as I play with five free Premium alts at the moment I cannot complain. But one of them (expiring in July) has managed to catch a rather nice Stilt on Pier which she will cling to for the time being ... ... two of them expire at the 23rd and another pair (I created just lately just for hunting stilts) will expire on the 31st ... and I will defenitly not be renewing any of these if they keep releasing at my midnight. As @Atina0 pointed out: the main fun is the chase when new regions are released ... or a mass release when you have equally good chances for more than 24 hours. Abandons can be lovely from time to time but usually they are what others did not want for the same reasons that I have!
  22. Well the Americans have the problem that during LL working hours they have to work too ... if they aren't retired. I do realize that! But in the old days when they allways released one region every other day or so they used to alternate times between 6:00 am and 3:00 pm SLT
  23. As allways around my midnight ... me being fast asleep! As most Europeans! I wish they would VARY theit time shedule a bit to play fair!
  24. I will be giving up a rather nice Stilt on LAND that backs on WATER http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Billowed Sail/142/30/21 at 2:00 am SLT There is nice Mole- landscapimg on both sides and a road at the front PS: DONE and in maintainance ... TAKEN within a minute ... did someone get it from here?
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