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  1. They aren't yet named. I looked at some like here ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1752/96/178/23 The landscape is more natural, not so much cloning, but when you are insice there isn't much advantage to the place I allready have in Memison.
  2. OOOps I was wrong! I meant THIS to be the new ones ... they seem more natural But what I got was even more to the south west The new ones (which I would like to go for) are in the MIDDLE where there had been a gap before.
  3. They are obviously releasing the "new" Stilt- regions north west of the older ones. My alt just caight and abandoned one on water in BootleggersAtoll. Sorry if this is old news. Did not read this thread much since all my alts have what they want. This alt was just chasing for all the newest versions of content creation packs and Stilt was still missing.
  4. Can that take SO long? They produced that commercial in August, teased in in December and now its nearly May and still nothing to be seen of it? The production process looks really fascinating but does not seem to have any resemblance to everyday Second Life average lifestyle. You MAY be able to create similar avatars but who does?I never met any of these extremely fancy creatures. And though we usually CAN fly it's not what we usually do. People who watch that commercial and join are sure to be disappointed!
  5. WoW!! The things you made look great! Would be interested to buy them ... am sure to be not the only one ... Do you sell them in the MP ... or would consider to do so in near future?
  6. I guess there are Shells then for the Stilts on the MP? Or did you make that yourself? And just now I realized that the water isn't the sea but a pool in the deck- WOW good idea! Did you make these yourself?
  7. I love the way you decorated your walls - seems to be wood - blue and white . How did you do that?
  8. I just wanted to point out that (as is sometimes said with prostitution) the buyers are the ones to be blamed ... perhaps even more than the sellers. It is the buyers that make a market! ... so just ASSUMED there were people who try to make money out of Linden Homes ... just ASSUMED ... then we should all just refuse to buy but reveal them instead to the authorities ! No buyers no market!
  9. In that case I would go straight to the Lindens or Moles an tell them! If we all handled "indecent proposals" this way no scalper could hope to get any money! ... but lots of trouble instead!
  10. I see your point @Chic Aeon and you are quite right there: Once a linkset is linked you can only use it as it is and put it in any house of the same type anywhere as it is and by doing that furnish a new home real quick, but if you plan to change it that will be difficult. So my method is only good for me and people like me: people who often swap plots and do not enjoy furnishing them, people who think: "thank God! Now I finally figured out the perfect decoration of a Traditional Continental (or of a Houseboat Evening Star) so lets put a backup of this into my inventory and be furnished within minutes next time I move into one of these!" ... plus save landimpact for I only live in Lindenhomes and am constantly short of that! PS: an alternative (rather risky) way to do it: put the whole linkset into your new home and unlink it alltogether ... lots of little pieces but all in the right place! If you lateron want to push over your flowertable just a little bit first link it ... then move it or replace it! If you want to take everything away and start anew: just send EVERYTHING back into your inventory by using the landmenue... and delete the resulting bundle!
  11. Maybe I do not understand what you mean. I never link animated furniture - just a cube- dummy as place marker. I do link not animated furniture such as cupboards or kitchens or flowers or deco though most of these things consist of more that one prim but of course I know I cannot UNLINK them again because then they fall to pieces. I merely unlink by "edit linked parts" the pink anchor prim and the green placeholder dummies the rest stays linked ... which also saves landimpact. Is that not right?
  12. PUSH ... I feel this is too good to be forgotten
  13. This is an old thread but I feel it is still very usefull. Just now I am going to abandon a Stilt on Pier that I had allready partly furnished and move into another empty one. Contrary to many here I do not enjoy furnishing. I find it tedious to push around items till they are in the exact place I want them to be. So I try to backup my furnishing and just rerezz it. Quite a lot of the items can be linked together (which even saves prims). To place them I link them all to a bright pink anchor- prim which I have placed very exactly in the entrance door. It has to be the LAST prim, making it the root prim. Now I can take a copy and rerezz the thing in the new home. Usually I have to change the angle, but as soon as I fiddeled this one Prim exaxtly into place all the rest is positioned as it should. Then I can unlink just this one (edit - edit liked parts - choose it - unlink - delete). Only problem is that you should never link animated furniture. So all beds, chais, couches, many kitchen pieces, bathtubs and so on can not be handeled this way. Now I invented a workaround: I edit the sofa, noting down its angle and postion (x y z), then take it away. Now I replace it with a green cube (named sofa) and give that the exact same angle and xyz position. I do the same with every animated piece there is ... now I can link all these green cubes to my linkset. Take a copy, bring it to the new home, position the whole linkset ... and then one after the other unlink these cubes and replace them with the furniture,. Sounds like a lot of work but is much quicker than puting everything in its place by hand ... at least for me! PS: There is a Thread about this by @Chic Aeonlinked above in this thread ... I just pushed it up a bit. It should not sink into oblivion.
  14. I looked at the post by Access but did not really understand where I find the weekend offer. In the Your Dreams Mainstore I found the Small Bathroom but it is 300 not 60. Is the offer somewhere else?
  15. I visited and liked it a lot. Very well done! I have one question: upstairs you used a "{YD} Small bathroom - Shower" which would come in very handy in my home in Axim. But in the marketplace I could not find it. Did you buy it as part of a furnished house? Or is it old and no longer sold?
  16. Well I usually put all homes to a family-group wher ALL my alts (basic or Premium) are in so everyone can rezz there. Don't you?
  17. I wanted to leave this out, but to grab a content pack I should finally decide which of my two very simiilar Stilts on Pier I am going to keep for good and drop the other ... decisions! HARD decisions! quite dramatic!
  18. That's an EXCELLENT location. Never have seen any like this! On which region is it?
  19. I look into the landpage seldom these days ... but whenever I look it's Campers only! I guess we'll have lots of Chalets ... and following that lots of all kinds of homes being released to grab a Chalet .... sooooonish!
  20. Took a closer look at these regions and found several (but the minority) of them are either German or meant to sound German ... these are ... Schneebank - Wiesenbriese - Mariesteich - Tritt - Lachender Bach - Heraus - Gebuesch - Waldblick - Arnarheim ?? - Ziegenkaese - Eichenhain - Vergessener See - Trinkgeld - Hertzenskind (F) - Wolfskamm - Oberhasli?? - Huebsche - Englesdorf (F) - Ziemlich - Bachmann - Forellensee - Omas Kuh - Berghochzeit - Muehlenbach - Heidi - Schuss - Leuchtkaefer - Bergheim - Ruebenwurzel Where I put (F) they are spelled incorrectly Where I put ?? I am not sure I read right ... isn't German but Doubledutch Only about half of them make sense as names of a region (imho) ... translations ... Snowbench - Meadowbreeze - Mary's pond - Kick - laughing creek - out - shrubbery - wood outlook - xxx ??? heim means home Arnar means nothing - goat cheese - oak grove - forgotten lake - tip - Herzenskind means child of my heart there is no T in Herzens - wolfs ridge - xxx ??? ober is upper but hasli means nothing - pretty (fem.) - Engelsdorf (not Engles..) means village of angels - rather - creekman (used as a Surname) - troutlake - Granny's cow - mountain wedding - mill creek - Heidi is a girls first name - shot - firefly - mountain home - turnip root. Well make of this what you please! *lol* Thought people may like to know what the name of their region means.
  21. Just now only Campers left! High time for the release of the Chalets!
  22. Just a suggestion from a German native speaker to our quarrel-loving friends: They definitely are (look like) not Chalets but Fachwerk- houses ... but the latter is quite a mouthfull and unknown / irritating to people who have never vistited Germany (or Austria or Switzerland) and seen them. So let this quite virtual homes be named Chalets and be happy with it. SL and RL faintly look alike but are not the same!
  23. Just a suggestion... see next posting.
  24. I guess this is where the Chalets are going to be . One region is called "Omas Kuh" (German for Grannys cow) another "Mühlenbach" (German for Mill stream) ... "Heidi" (German Girls First name) "Bachmann" (German Sirname) ... "Ziegenkaese" (German for goatcheese) ...
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