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  1. I use Singularity and do not really understand what people mean by having "the map open" - I see in the map the name of the region but not the names of houses / plots.
  2. If I want to know about a home I click on the LAND and see who is the OWNER. If that is Governor Linden then it is available ... or will be soon . The name is of no im,portance to me.
  3. Beware! They had this as offer short while ago as part of a kitchen SET. Allways good to check your inventory for the name before you buy.
  4. Going?? My alt got a Stilt on Pier there on 21st of January! I upgraded her to a years premium to keep it.
  5. I guess that refers to Firestorm? I am using Singularity.
  6. There SEEM to be all three types of Stilts on the LP but I just wasted four tries on https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seasalt Chip/164/36/0 and ... https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hourglass Sands/28/60/0 ..... THREE times within 10 minutes or so (both not bad locations but obviously unwanted) I experimented- tried to be real quick NOT to get the same one- but by beeing real quick you WILL get the same one! Better to wait a while best to keep standing there and watch till its taken - and before its thrown back again! It seems that the last one coming in is the first one to be offered again!
  7. I do pity the people looking for a Stilt on Land ... preferably next to the sea. On Pier is easy. I am looking for that, have two I really like and while hopping about idly with my two househunter alts that will expire on 31st have been offered tons of really agreable ones. I liked quite a lot of them just aswell and would have kept them. I found none I would have really preferred, at least not to an extend that would have been worthwile another year of Premium. Stilts on Pier are all more or less the same and I like most of them. Contrary to many other GoH players I do not want them to be on the edge of nothingness. Not because I fear what might be put there and when but because I do not like to look into nothingness! Same might refer to Stilts on Water ... which I generally do not like. But with Stilts on Land it is as difficult to get a real good situated one as it was with the Trads and the Vics. The ones that have seashore on one side are rare and sought after. I had two of them and abandoned in the very early days of Stilt release. But now instead of getting newly released regions with a fair percentage of really nice ones you are bound to get the leftovers, the many not nice inlandish ones nobody wants.
  8. Just caught and released one in Snorkle - they are getting on through the alphabet!
  9. Just caight a Stilt on Pier in Samaritan - will abandon. (Just looking)
  10. According to @Brilynn Roussel those have been gone for a while. Seems NEWLY released would mean one of these ... Salty Crab, Samaritan, Sarong, Scallop Bay, Sea Witch, Seasalt Chip, Shell Cove, Shrimp Quay, Single Strand, Snorkle, Starboard Lights, Starry Waters. Strait Home, Stranger Tides, Sweet Myrtle Tiki Twilight, Tilapia, TradingPost, Treadwater, Twin Anchors, Twisted Palms, Visser, Whaley Windrift, Winfleet Harbor My impression is that as long as there are Stilts on the LP, untill every abandoned one found an owner willing to KEEP it, they will not give us new regions.
  11. I would have taken it too - had it not just been a temporary househunter alt that will expire on the 31th ... and would not two other more longterm premium alts hold quite acceptable Stilts on Pier. I just let my two temp-alts that I created and made premium on the spur of a moment on new years eve spend their money by hopping around and look what there is to get. On the whole I found out that 1.) I am an on Pier only type - no on Land or on Water for me! and 2.) the Stilts on Pier in contrary to the Traditionals do not vary widely in quality. I like a lot of them and love none of them. So the ones I 've got are not much worse or much better than ALL the numerous ones I went through.
  12. All day long no on Pier ... suddenly all types again! I thought they must have put a fresh region in the pipe and tried my five tries. What did I get? The same I had just abandoned (or yesterday) over and over again! This for instance - got ot twice in a row - now it is in maintainance. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hourglass Sands/140/216/18
  13. At the moment - for me Monday morning 10:00 ... about Midnight SL still ALL eight types of homes to choose from on the LP. How long will that last ??? PS: five minutes!! As I was writing this Stilt on Pier was gone!
  14. Lots more! all sets for 60L$ this weekend a SuperSale at Bee Design Most things would fit the Stilts nicely - tropical beechy
  15. So they seem to have put them all into the pipe after all ... before leaving for their weekend.
  16. One of my two Hunter- alts that will expire end of the month went quickly through her five tries just to see what she would get ... allways C&A = Catch - go there - Abandon. That is what she landed ... https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hourglass Sands/176/224/0 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lifeboat/72/192/0 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Long Pier/136/148/0 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hourglass Sands/176/224/0 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lifeboat/108/192/0 Three different regions two identical homes two homes on same region, all not bad Stilts on Pier - the only type I go after.
  17. I fetched all the late KAZZA weekend sales and did not look for triangles. Most of them contain a potted plant that comes in handy for my Stilt Home.
  18. I still see all three types of stilts on the LP. What do you think: Are they still releasing handish one by one (so likely no new regions on Sunday) or is the "mass release" going on and they are all in the pipe in an automated process like what we saw over a year ago when the Victorians were released?
  19. I got it - more that once - and I will never stop! *lol* My suggestion was not about me and what I am looking for but about the system that throws the same home you just abandoned back at you over and over again. That cannot be in anybodys interest can it?
  20. Just like me!! What I do not understand: LL has no interest to anger or discourage their paying customers nor that we roll and abandon over and over again, so they should see to it that the same person should NOT be getting the same home (or even the same region) they just abandoned simply by putting an abandoned home in the LAST place in the row, BEHIND all the others of a certain type. Would be bad for people who try to give a certain place to their alt or their friend but that is not LL's concern.
  21. With Stilts on Pier Ritter is still on the menue. Just got my third (different) home there.
  22. I will never figure out how the mixing of new homes and abandons is done: I got the same home in Pelican Bayou three times over!!
  23. Still you do not get THAT if you choose a Stilt on Pier (let alone on Water or Land) Just now I got Pelican Bayou and Beaufort Three. Lots of abandons in the pipe - mixing with the new regions? Or do they only sell new ones when all the abandons are gone?
  24. NOW I understand! BTW. Ritter seems to be on the Menue right now. - pierwise ... Got a Stilt on Pier there - abandoned it - got another one ! - still have it.
  25. My most importend criterium is immersion, that my home should feel like a natural plot would. I do not like piers with three houses that end in nothingness or generally Stilts on water. I usually TP into my home but I want to be able to take a walk or a bycilcle ride from there. That is why I sherish my three Traditionals and one Houseboat all on the Old Bellisseria continent, the houses even on the coastline of the Pickle Island that feels like a REAL Island with coasts and cliffs and woods and lakes and not like an artificial quilt made with a coocky cutter like the Victorian- , Loghomes- and Stilt- regoions do. Second in importance is the VIEW. I want to see water but not JUST water (which really is an artificial nothingness) but houses on the other side, not rows of all the same houses but a bit of landscape, some trees, boats that sort of thing.
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