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  1. More fantasy style ... dragons caves fantasy plants ...
  2. It is open now and I visited SLB Enchant and SLB Spectacular ... only landscape no homes!
  3. Looking at THIS I find Wiking - medieval - nordic more likely ... ... and would prefer it a lot
  4. I once asked a question about how people organized their furniture- inventory and got helpfull answers:
  5. What a choice!! I guess people are preparing for the next theme?
  6. Only TWO more days!! ... "The 18th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL18B) will be held from June 17th to July 1st." Where is our hint? where is our teaser? Has @Patch Linden abandoned us? *whine*
  7. Golly I finally DID it! Thanks a lot for your help! Now I am one of the people that hate that part about TMP
  8. The HUD is called "Edit 1.1" there are three parts fist is about Hand Positions ... second say STYLES if I check that it says "Loading your Styles" but it obviously cannot. Is there something amiss? PS: figured it out I had to check "Play streaming media when available" in preferences. Golly what a HUD! Never had any like it!
  9. How did you get it to use BOM ??? ... I just got one and cannot figure out how to do that.
  10. If it has anything to do with space ... I'm out and my alts can stay retired.
  11. I too consider reviving one or two alts. But only for one month and not before the RELEASE actually STARTS. That is a game that requires NERVES ... more than I have! Several times in the past I was deadsure that tomorrow will be the day and booked a months premium ... and then the release was about two or three weeks later! Just a fortnight ago I cancelled three premium memberships though that meant giving up two really excellent homes that I had fought hard for getting. Now I will WAIT and first SEE and consider how desirable this new theme really is before I join in the game of homes again.
  12. MIGHT this be a hint ??? I wonder! ... I tried to eclose one of his Flickr Photos ... did not work! How do you do that? This is the LINK Funny! NOW it shows up! Anyway looks to me somewhat Nordic and historic and Fantasy stle.... or rather Red Indian? In Nordic climate he might catch a cold!
  13. And what does SSPNCR mean?🙄
  14. Only nine more days to go ... and still no tiny hint from @Patch Linden???
  15. Well now it's only two more weeks till we'll be wiser " The 18th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL18B) will be held from June 17th to July 1st. "
  16. Just now - Midnight SLT - five types of homes available: Traditional - Camper - Victorian - Chalet - Loghome
  17. A lot of people posted what they WHISH for ...But has anyone any idea what is LIKELY? June is coming nearer and we speculated there would be a reveal on the SL Birthday? When is that? and will there be a reveal? Any hints yet? any word dropped by @Patch Linden that might give you ideas what the next theme actually might BE?
  18. Ooops so sorry .... am late!! Victorian will be going 9:15 am SLT
  19. The second is a traditional also at the seashore http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackwater Shoals/78/198/33 will let that go one hour later at 10:00 am SLT
  20. Because my alts premium expires today I will let go two extremely nice homes. First is a Victorian at the seashore http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunbar/150/184/24 Will let it go at the full hour 09:00 am SLT
  21. I bought it but I cannot find cooking animations, only washing at the sink or eating and drinking on the chair at the table. Where do I sit for the cooking?
  22. There are lots of other 60 L$ offers available there. (reached by teleporter) Grabbed a few. Will unpack and test later.
  23. Five types of home on the LP just now ... all but Tradionals and Stilst. But I have seen these in the last days several times. The home market seems to run smoothly and the offer meets the demand.
  24. Wow! Even if I try hard I can see hardly any difference!
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