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  1. Just now - first time since many weeks - I saw only TWO themes available on the landpage: Chalets and Fantasy homes. Time for a new theme I guess!
  2. The animations and lots of lovely food- props are all in the chair and that has only 1 LI. Good bargain! But beware! If you change the name of the chair the HUD für the textures will not work any longer.
  3. If their goal is to induce people to leave the old homes without protest and be happy the most logical thing would be two more themes: one ultramodern glascube type (Meadowbrook) and one Asian style ( Shareta Osumai). If many years ago when they first made Lindenhomes they decided that modern, loghouses, fantasy and Asian would meet the wishes of ALL their customers best, I see no reason why they now should think otherwise. First they introduced three themes that were really NEW: Traditionals, Houseboats and Campers. These were eagerly taken by the people who were NOT satisfied with the old choice. After that they started to give us 2.0 versions of the old themes.
  4. At the moment I have four LIndenhomes: Two Traditionals, one Houseboat (all on the good OLD first Bellisseria continent!) and one Stilt on Pier. I planned to abandon the Houseboat in order to degrade that alt to Basic but I forgot and whooosh LL took the money for one more year off my Paypal, so I decided to keep it for one more year. And now Houseboats are the rare thing that comes seldom to the LP. All four are Halleluja homes! all on seashore with great views (one Trad and the HB view with lighthouses!) and all four are SO much better than ANYTHING you are offered nowadays that I cannot bring myself to part with any of them. It cost me so much time and nerves to catch them that it seems to be a terrible waste to let any of them go. All four are on annual rate and I would never consider something else. If you calculate closely (and count the stipend and do NOT spend it but accumulate it to pay for the next annual) it is really quite cheap. If the next theme is really overwhelming (for ME !which Campers, Loghomes, Chalets and Fantasy were NOT!) than might be I part with the Houseboat and go househunting again. And MAYBE I'll buy one or two alts a monthly to assist ... maybe ...
  5. Alt just visited. Extremely well done!! Never thought the Fantasy houses could be furnished so much in stile!
  6. If you take away all the furniture and then carefully subtract all the outside (edit liked parts, choose one, unlink, delete) then you get this still fuctionable shower with all the animations (both pg and adult are in the 60L$ set) with only Li3 plus the water on/off thingy with LI2 ... all you need! I made transparent visible so you can see the parts.
  7. THAT is absolutely GORGEOUS for the price! Everything (without the rezzing box) is LI32 but you can just TAKE various items: the toilette LI2 basin LI3 showercurtain LI2 and several deco items only LI1 each and create your own bathroom in any little corner with low LI. Plus the shower itself: if you unlink the whole thing - only beware to leave the points for the animation. The water on/off thingy (transparent) is seperate LI2 . I just LOVE it! JUST what I needed for my beach home!
  8. Did that with Thomas and my malealt - the free Signature Classic Body anf the free AK M02 Head. Looks quite fantasy! with and without horse!
  9. Great idea @Frigga Freidman! I wondered in which attire my youngest alt should inspect the Fantasy regions! And there it is among the Starter Avatars in the library! complete with horse! The "Rhiannon"- Outfit from the Library - for men it is "Thomas" This is the original tested at my stilt home ... I'll add some individual details later ... head hair skin ... But for the time being she looks quite sweet as she is
  10. I've got those (found them in my inventory) and they are cream and look just like in your photo in my Midday windlight. So it cannot be the WL but must be the curtains!
  11. Your white is worlds whiter than mine - what is the light you use? I usually use the normal "Midday" if not "Region default" . I IMed the creator and she told me she uses CalWL to test them. She gave me those links... https://gyazo.com/2eec2de12241d8082691b56df344fa85 https://gyazo.com/b35836a34f9f6aa62c3472a3c43f9086 I tried CalWL and the curtains looked great ... but everything else looked very light, colourful and unnatural. I would not permanently use another WL just to look at my curtains! That is how they look on my beach - with Midday and with CalWL... I just talked to the creator. She is very nice and plans for an update with other colours and a lighter shade od white for peple with other windlights.
  12. I got these and am just testing it. Whatever texture I choose for the curtains it is allwasy DARK just different shades of DARK. Am I doing something wrong? If I choose white I get this ...
  13. Might make sense to frequently look at the list of newly arrived regions http://gridsurvey.com/index.php?r=a pick out the ones that names sounf like fantasy and visit them to check. I just looked at Moon Stone ... no Linden homes!... Mystic Wonderland no access but map doesen't look like it ...
  14. How do you FIND the object concerned?
  15. I am allways very much in favour of let well allone or in other words: live and let live! The covenant should be a means of making people get along well with each other not something sacred that is to be defended like the holy grail.
  16. Well and why should that really interfere with anyones interest? Why take offence? ... at least if they are set to phantom too and only returned to visible and real as long as their owner is present.
  17. To me that sounds as if they plan to put some Fantasy regions there ... but surrounded by other themes? I dounbt it! - Anyway now the SL18B festivities are over ... there should be Fantasy regions released real soooooon ... ish
  18. Same procedure as every sale ... I went there, found you get a lot for each 60L$ ... got greedy and grabbed a lot ... ... a lot I doubt whether I will ever even get down to unpack it! let alone USE it! That is why they make sales ... and why you save most money if you do not go there!
  19. If I were the Lindens I would just cut out the old homes from being availabe on the LP. Maybe slowly one after the other. I would first cut Tahoe for fans of those have easily available Loghomes and Chalets to choose from. After the new Fantasy theme is fully released and the hipe and the "shiny new toy" affect has cooled down and it turns out that there are more of them than demand ... I would cut down Elderglen off the LP. Doing this will have effects. People MIGHT complain but I doubt it. After some time I would start with Tahoe giving notice. I would send people IMs (that are usually forwarded to mailaccounts) telling them that they have one month to get out and take one of the new homes or else there stuff will be returned to their inventory. Then wait for the reactions. People MIGHT howl and protest but I doubt it ... wait for that to cool down ... then proceed ... I assume that MOST people who still have old homes and did not apply for the new ones (which are far better in lots of respects) just do not care for these homes at all and never use them , maybe have forgotten they have them!
  20. Offer differs very much depending on when you hit the LP. Yesterday some time I saw six types - now @Marisa Starbrook saw only one! PS Just now 6:33 SLT again five to choose from... Trad, Camper, Chalet, Loghome and Trad on Land.
  21. Sorry I didn't count! @Daniel Voyager mentioned Trads and Housebouts in one but counted them as two! You are absolutely right!
  22. I do not cout Traditionals and Houseboats as one theme though they were released together. So Fantasy is theme nine and I trust there will be two more. Since the Chalets came out there are constanly Bellisseria Homes on the landpage so in number the offer by now seems to meet the demand. Still when trhey start to notify peolpe in the old areas that they have to get out by day X or be thrown out then they should be able to offer them something that comes near to what they had ... and Meadowbrook and Shareto Osumai still lack their 2.0 equivalents.
  23. Beautifully done ... but personally not my cup of tea. No new premium alts needed here.
  24. nope! ... not the regions I visited
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