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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for a scripter to make me a script where the avatar sits on an object, and when touching the object, he will have a pop-up showing some options to move the avatar while it's "sitting". I need the avatar to move by increments of 0.2 while touching the buttons (up, down, left, right, forward and backward too) - forward and backward aren't thaaat necessary but would be cool too. Here's an example I was trying to do, with no success. I'd like a "DONE" button as well so the user can keep on clicking the move buttons, and when he's done he will simply press
  2. Hi, I have some full perm rigged meshes that included .daes, so I imported them on blender and modified them a bit, but when I try to export them to SL again, the skin weights option is grayed out... then I realized that apparently the mesher uses 3DS MAX When I import, I do get the mesh together with an armature, but looks like the armature is empty. So, I do understand these are two different softwares but I'd like to know if rigged .daes from 3DS MAX to blender are really incompatible or if there is a way to import them without losing the armature information? Or am I doing something wron
  3. For hats I'd attach on the nose or the chin... attach on these then just reposition it. Can be on the ears too. Since the skull usually is the "default" attachment for hair... unless people "ADD" the hat it will replace the hair.
  4. I think they ban words like that because people use leet speak to bypass forbidden words 71k3 TH15 haha
  5. Check the language tabs, not the ones on the top of the page, but the ones you see while editing a listing, they have a small flag icon on them.Sometimes when you click on these, the text from the english tab fills the other language tabs. Make sure they are empty (besides the english of course unless you really mean to fill these) Otherwise if use the "quick fill " tool using this listing as a base the text will be copied under the other language tabs too, with whatever text you had there. And you will have multiple items with the same text in other languages all over your mp . -is oh her pho
  6. The banned text is "preteen" you need to remove it, just list as kids children etc.
  7. The dress texture was probably saved as png, it carries transparency info, anything wih transparency overlapping will glitch because the engine cant understand which is on the front and which is on the back =) if you save as jpg that wont happen, save it optimized so you wont lose quality on the texture, you will even end up with a smaller file
  8. You can start with a cube or a cilinder it doesnt matter. Yes you mold it around the avi. Usually i begin with the cilinder, subdivide And move the vertexes here and there some people use generators like marvelous designer it creates clothes with nice wrinkles but meshes thAt need extra cleaning work. I do all my stuff manually cause i think its really fun to model . Blender has crease brushes etc i think these are cool to make wrinkles
  9. As far as i know things like bags clothes and shoes 'designs' arent copyrighteable ,as long as they don't include the brand/logo. You can make spiked shoes, but if you include a Louboutin tag you're in trouble.Please correct me if i am wrong . but sl is not happy about things like that, you cant create "replicas" i guess , even on the mesh ip test they say you cant upload lookalikes .
  10. Is there a way to show whats going on? Try doing the avatar health routine if you havent already. Create a new bridge etc... When i was having issues with my alt and not with my main , the problem was on the bridge (i had 2 attached at the same time) , well idk but at least you can try this
  11. From what I can tell your meshes are too "thin".... and objects can stretch only to a certain extent in SL that's why they look thicker when you upload You can make them nano meshes (duplicate some faces around it, expand/move the duplicated faces a bit around the mesh and resize these duplicated faces to 0x0x0) then you will have a bigger "bounding box" and you will be able to make these pieces smaller. But the right thing to do is exactly what Chic told you to ! =) If you join them, SL will see the whole object as one, so you will have no problems with it changing the smaller parts into mi
  12. Are you sure it's the same person, cause it could be a bunch of different people "reselling" the same thing. A lot of people on MP are just resellers so theres a lot of stuff that is the same but under different stores by different people *edit - or they could be griefers lol
  13. That happens to me sometimes, edit your listing and check if you have any text under the other languages tabs. Sometimes the text is copied if you use that "quick fill" option and you dont even see it under the other languages thinguie. Maybe thats whats going on
  14. Also Check if your sculptie map texture is applied "inside out" on the objects edit tab where you add the sculpt map
  15. I dunno, but you dont have to give up, even if you cant make it to that date, afaik everything will still be "there", but -inactive-, until you switch them
  16. Once i had 11 limited items flagged for spam at once..cause i put them in separate listings. I had no idea how to add more than one under the same listing so after the flag i made just one listing with one item, after it's sold i go back and update with a different box. If there's another alternative for this i'd like to know as well. I need to get rid of many gatcha items lol and MP makes it all too time consuming. Maybe if we could associate more than one box per listing but afaik it is not possible
  17. You can also right click and pick edit on the item name right on your inventory also make sure youre sitting on a pose stand, it helps
  18. she knows... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolita_fashion :matte-motes-wink-tongue: /edit Lolita is a fashion style as well, and it's actually decent and elegant
  19. I think around 7-10 basic colors? Or two tones (one light and one dark) of each color? I myself don't like color pickers/eyedroppers because I can't stand tinted stuff... I used to like but not anymore, they look weird on my computer in certain windlights and mismatch the outfit... but this is just my personal opinion.
  20. Yes. Rezz it and edit the linked parts of the object. On the tab where you add the sculpty texture there is a mirror option, just click on it and this prim will be mirrored. Then repeat with all prims on this object and reposition them. There are scripts that mirror linksets perfectly by the click of a button too, including the textures.. saves a lot of time,i bought one on marketplace
  21. send the seller a notecard? maybe she isnt receiving your messages. the hair is from magika btw https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Magika-DEMO-Little/4156970
  22. I contacted and she sent the "right item" to me, aka the copybotted one. It still have my store title on the prim descriptions *sighs* I didn't want to flag as "Item not as advertised" because I'll definitely fill a DMCA and I guess I'll need all the evidence I can get, Linden Labs ignores me otherwise. The property rights one just takes me to a wiki :matte-motes-dead: but now that I have the item I can report it. Thanks for the help by the way.
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