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  1. Hello! I am new to using blender. I have avastar 2. I have made a strapless dress which looks pretty good. I'm up to the rigging and weight painting part. Is what I'm doing right? 1. bind to armature. 2. I am doing weight painting and its all blue which is good right? 3. Now I have selected fit mesh. Is that it? am I ready to export to sl now? Also: I have applied for mesh Dev kits with the major mesh bodies so when I get those, do I need to import those to avastar 2 and with each of them rig to the mesh body and select fit mesh? Is that how I get all the
  2. Hi guys, Okay - I really would love to learn how to make something in Blender. A singlet, a skirt, some basic and simple piece of clothing! I have played around in Blender for a while and have imported the standard size SL avatars. I would like to work off these. But... where I am stumped is what to actually do to MAKE the clothes. Do I start with a square, a circle, and somehow mould that square to the avatar, or do I (which is what I have done once before) select all the little triangle bits that would make up a singlet, and then copy it and move it off the avatar and bingo, there's my 'sing
  3. I think I have worked out what is wrong. I have just started mesh texturing myself, and today I made a texture and saved it as PNG but with transparency checked. I wore my newly textured mesh dress, and saw the see through hair bits happening again. So I went back into photoshop, saved the png as NO transparency, retextured my mesh dress and the hair was fine So, that seems to be the answer.... ?
  4. Okay, so I purchased my very first Truth hair today, Tawny, and I LOVE it so much. I just have a question though regarding the look of it. I don't think I noticed this in the demo, it could have been the clothes I wore perhaps. I just changed outfits and I noticed a strange mirrored reflection coming from my floor. So I can see the floor in my hair. See the below photo. Is this normal? Actually, is that because the dress I am wearing is also Mesh with an Alpha layer? I just changed clothes to a system dress and there's no strange reflection. Thank you.
  5. YES!!! YES!!! I did it! I worked out the jacket layer, and the gap is GONE! I'm thrilled. How I did it: I kept the top layer of the jacket exactly the same as the shirt layer. I made an additional bottom layer, just using the blue texture. And I also kept the shirt layer on. I assume that this will get tricky when my shirt has a detailed pattern in it, but for this one it was quite easy to match up as it required no matching, pretty much. Thanks to everyone for their help!
  6. Thanks so much, everyone. I've just been going through the white halo tutorials again, and everything I'm doing is correct, but I still have that dreaded mark on the waist! So again I went through my most well known designers gowns (the dark ones where it's most visible) and indeed they have it too. So, I imagine this is widely acceptable in SL as until I started making my own clothes, I didn't notice it on other designs. I will now investigate making the underwear/jacket layers to see if I can eliminate this. Undies Layer: This doesn't eliminate the gap. Jackets Layer: Ahhhh..... Okay, so
  7. Thank you so much Rolig for your reply. I've read a lot of your replies around the forums, you're very helpful to others. As shown in the first UV photo I posted, I bleed my edges way beyond the actual edge of the garment, without it going onto the hands. I actually followed Robin's tutorial using the flaming pear plugins today as I was desperate to fix this issue! But it didn't work for me. I will have to try again tomorrow when my mind is clear. But I was relieved to see that other very well known designers also have the 'white halo'. Is it accepted in SL, generally? Just in case
  8. Another outfit, not mine. It seems the darker the outfit, the more noticeable this mark. Well, I'm glad that it's not just me is all I can say. But if possible, I'd love to get rid of it and make it seamless for my own designs! Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you.
  9. Okay, so I tried on another outfit ( I did not make this one) and I can clearly see the same faint line around the waist. All the same faint lines that were on the blue outfit (mine) I posted earlier, are here too. So, is this just something that happens in SL? If so, then I will live with it! Thank you.
  10. Thank you for your reply, I made the pants uv layer and uploaded that (I had the blue go all the way past the edge and the line was still there. I also made the system pants using my fabric texture (as in the top photo) and it still had the line. I also tried making the pants smaller, to have a gap of skin between the top and pants, and I could still see the line on the shirt. I'm stumped because I have other shirts I have made with matching pants and some didnt have that visible white line but maybe it's because this is a dark colour?
  11. Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've tried dealing with this MANY times and there's nothing else I can think of to do! I am struggling to get rid of this line around the edge of the skirt. I have been saving as PNG, then I tried saving as TGA, I have gone around the outline as much as I can in the dark blue, I have created a pants UV layer to see if that would work.... I'm stumped. Please help! Thank you. (Oh, the white belt on the first image is not on the second image as I was playing around with removing the belt to see if that would fix it) Here is my UV layer with all the l
  12. Hi annie! I am sorry but I missed your reply. I am on SL a LOT (haha). Maybe you can send me a PM of the location? Thank you
  13. I replied to this, but now I can't see my reply. I love to shop, so if you also enjoy shopping I'd be a great shopping and bargain companion I was looking at buying my own land (I am a premium member, but only want 512sqm) and it's so hard to find the right place. Let me know if you think we could work!
  14. Hi Annie, Hmmm sounds interesting! I'm currently looking for some land to buy, but I'm interested in what you have to offer I mostly spend my time shopping, so if you like that, I will be a good shopping companion for you
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