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  1. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: These are pixels on flat screens ... and as such can't infringe on RL things made of leather even if they were copyrighted (which clothing design can't be). Could you please provide me the source from which you obtained such information? Don't get me wrong, I am not distrustful but It's hard for me to believe that (according to what you say) anyone could make identical copies of RL stuff... It is my understanding that a design is a design and no matter if it is made of leather or drawn. If you are right, what is the meaning of this fragment of the Linden Lab
  2. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: well im sorry, i can not afford such brands so i dont use to focus on them and im not a shoesahollic so i rarely look at shoes catalogue... adding to this than because of ankles problem i only can wear ankle boots (no cheap ones either, but still not the same kind of prices i guess). Nevertheless, i can tell you that i have seen similar shoes (not the same quality, not really exactly same but really looking like) in tons of cheap shoes store in RL. im not a law specialist, so i cant tell... Does shoes design is the same as art ? does it have the same restriction
  3. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: but are these shoes a real exact copy of the original ones ? What strikes me is that the shoes are EXACT copies...even the same work in the textures. Maybe you recognize these designs?
  4. Hello! I would like to open my shoe store soon but I have some doubts regarding copyright and trademark. A well-known shoe store in SL have released few months ago a new collection of mesh shoes... all of them are accurate reproductions of RL designs, i mean the designs are identical to Jimmy Choo-Lance sandal, Christian Louboutin pumps and Alexander Mcqueen wedges (among others). So the big question: is this legal? Reading the Linden lab TOS I thought we were not allowed to copy RL designs.
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