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  1. After reading this, if you are interested or have any questions, please contact me (Dhuanolil) in-world. I'm a paragraph-roleplayer (not someone who takes 15+ minutes to make a post, however). I am hoping to find someone who is interested in roleplaying my sorcerer's apprentice in the sim Conquest of Elysium. I'm unconcerned over the race, gender, alignment, or age (a child is fine, though I'd rather it not be under ten years of age - and my character will not act as a parent) of your character. It'd just have to stick to the sim's guidelines, which you can find by clicking the link. I'm up for having more than one apprentice, too, if you choose to bring a friend or partner along. With that said, my character hails from a rather seedy, underground area ruled by unsavory types. He himself is a Drow of NE alignment. So if you choose to play a good-aligned or light (angel or light elf, etc.) character, a good story will need to be thought out for how s/he wound up in such a dangerous place. Now, time for the disclaimer: Ain't no sex / cuddling happening. My sorcerer would shank ya for trying. Ain't no coddling happening. My sorcerer's a NE Drow, sweetness is an alien concept to him. Ain't no abuse happening. Sternness when necessary, sure, but he won't beat up your character. Here is a summary of how my character (Naukhel) and his apprentice wound up in Elysium: Situated on an island, Atropa was a dangerous underground civilization full of wicked beings ranging from powerful entities to mere scoundrels. Naukhel was a lowly wizard for one of the Drow Houses that were situated near Atropa's entrance to the surface world. He had several apprentices, though one or two or preferred over the others. One of the schools of magic he knew was Divination, and during a demonstration of one of its spells he received foresight of oncoming destruction. Following the end of the vision, he swiftly packed as much as he could carry and he instructed his favored apprentice to do similarly. The two left immediately, sneaking away from the Drow House and slipping out of Atropa during the night. They stole a rowboat and traveled to the mainland, where they hid in a random cave in the forest. Two days later, Atropa met its sudden and violent end when Elysium's dragons flew to the island and collapsed the underground civilization. Thus Naukhel and his apprentice became refugees in a strange land.
  2. Perhaps " The Conclave " will catch your interest. I suggest reading this page ( click here ), under the 'Moreau' section further down on the page. If the furry avatar is cartoonish looking, the sim will most likely not allow it. If you like what you read and you want to OOCly look around the sim, click here for the Slurl.
  3. UncommonTruth wrote: Sorry I guess I haven't looked back in in a few days so I didn't see your query lol. You can dowload additional windlights, google pulls up tons of them. I beleive I've downloaded Strawberry Sigh's and Torley's. Sooo, if it's not in there already, you can find it here Thank you for posting that! I was wondering about that too.
  4. DejaHo wrote: To quote someone above "I've been in only four relationships since 2006" and they think this is a good track record or model for others to follow. /roars. Nah, it's not a track record. Some people -- quite obviously myself included! :smileywink: -- have various reasons for not having / wanting tons and tons of partners (I do not personally see what is so good about having had tons of partners / relationships in a short span of time, or why that would be worth modeling). People are welcome to have as many partners as they like -- I do not want to have a long record, however. If that makes me a loser, then...all right. I'll accept that. I'd rather be a loser who had only a few relationships than be a loser who messed around with a lot of people. Anyway, I think I've posted on this thread enough -- I'm out! :smileytongue: I just had a memory from when I was back in early high school. In math class I was doodling, idly listening to a friend of mine noting how boys and girls seemed to be constantly hooking up and breaking up. She was wondering why, since it seemed to her that everyone was just treating relationships like a game. One of the girls in front of her turned around and with a sneer answered, "Because it's fun!" So it seemed all the dating / hooking up / break-ups were some sort of fun game and expected, and anyone who was not doing that was doing it wrong. Your post sort of reminded me of that girl's mentality. Edited to add in the memory.
  5. JKimikoL wrote: Relationships takes two people to work out. Not all women are crazy with paranoia, clinginess, drama queen syndrome or manipulation. Knew of a guy who had relationship fallouts due to all his GFs having the sama craziness. Turned out he was cheating on all of them, made himself look innocent, saying women are crazy insecure b*****s. His secret calls on a second phone, not answering any calls from his GFs, being secretive, last minute cancellations, and so on. Last I heard he was dating someone, while his fiancee to whom he proposed a month earlier had no idea of his going-ons. It is sometimes the result of what is occuring in the relationship that drives people to this state of behavior. Oh, I know not all women are like that, nor was I trying to imply that they are. And I am fully aware a successful relationship is a two-team effort. It was just me talking about my own experience with three women (and one man, who behaved much differently from the three ladies -- as I said in my last post, the reason we broke up was because he was being sexist about the opposite gender [women] and he became angry when I pointed out that was wrong), in order to answer a question which was asked; to presume that all of a gender act the same way as three people is foolish. I noticed the problems began around when I just wanted alone time. I need space, and I need quiet...a lot of it (I usually did not get to have it anyway, since I would end up TPing them to where I was in order to ease all the paranoid IMs. Thus why I rarely got more than 10-25 minutes of alone time). Maybe that started / fed fears or clinginess? I do not know. I have just decided it's less stressful and more peaceful to remain single, for me personally. You did give me something to think about, though. Thank you. Edited to add in a sentence.
  6. greek Wingtips wrote: Supose unless you been in sl for a long time or had many relationships ,you probally split up with many times too Be interesting to what the top 5 reasons were? I have been in SL since mid-2006 and I have had only four partners (mixed genders) over that course of time. Each (except for one, who was a special case) displayed the same following characteristics, which emerged over time: Paranoia. My partners would become worried I would be "stolen" (one was IMing all of my female friends and telling them to stay away from me, something which I did not find out until a year after we unpartnered) or I was thinking this-or-that (nonsense, since I am very straight-forward in my thoughts), and they would be convinced of it. Clinginess. Somewhat intermixed with the paranoia. They would never give me breathing room, were constantly pestering me online and demanding where I was when offline, and wanting to know wherever I was and with who and what I was doing at all times. I was not allowed quiet time to myself. Emotional Manipulation. If they wanted something, or wanted me to be with them or for them to be with me, they would start trying to be emotionally manipulative and twist things around to make me look bad (usually because I was standing in a sandbox for about ten minutes, alone, without them by my side). Drama. It usually did not involve me (aside from when they would try to pull me into it, which I would always skirt) but it usually involved their friends or sim owners. Or getting upset about something and not explaining why, leaving me in the dark. Mood Swings. Sweet one moment, nasty the next and giving a lot of attitude, then getting defensive when asked why they were suddenly being mean. Then suddenly becoming sweet again and then sulky. All in all...just a lot of stress stemming from the above five things. And they always emerged after a long while. The last partner was different...emotionally unstable due to RL and not feeling well. They did not do any of the above although they would have random bursts of rage. That relationship ended after they were being sexist about the opposite gender and I pointed out that is wrong, and they went into rage mode.
  7. Hi Dreamheart! You can buy Seawolf dragons at Seawolf Monsters - Moar Roar. You can find them by typing 'Seawolf' into your viewer's search, or clicking here for the Slurl.
  8. DragonFan Flagon wrote: you got a problem with me dude why don't you move along now because i don't deal with Noobs like you Nope, I don't, since you haven't given me a reason to have a problem with you. :smileyhappy: I still uphold my words in my response, however. Usually I do not respond to others' responses to mine, but you were a special case this time. I shan't bother responding again, since you know my position and no amount of random insulting will change that. Be well!
  9. I am not female, but I do not voice chat either...nor do I expect others to speak over voice to me to "prove" who or what they are. I do not see why it would matter what gender someone would be in RL anyway, especially since no dating is involved. telling225 wrote: I was unfriended by A guy i met on yesterday, because i didnt want to voice chat with him. I told him i wasnt ready for that right away because we had only met the day before. i let him know i wasnt looking for relationships only friendships anyhow. He had no business wanting something so personal -- I consider voice chatting / voice verifying personal -- from you, then pushing you when you said "no." Honestly it is just plain creepy when people do that, especially when they are utter strangers. telling225 wrote: [...] i hate how pushy guys seem to be on here, with the voice chatting etc. [...] I like it so far, but i dislike how pushy some of these guys are Women are pushy too. I have had multiple women try to get me to voice chat with them, to the point of making accusations when I refused (I have a speech empediment in RL and it is too wearisome / embarrassing to try to talk to people in RL, much less SL where I have the option of typing). Mind you, I am not trying to nullify your words -- many men in SL are pushy and irritating. I just wanted to add to your words, that is all.
  10. DragonFan Flagon wrote: [...] Uhre was just a scale i'm going to describe because i've encountered several of the dragons there and they are no good even...who i feel like name dropping [...] You may feel like name dropping...but you shouldn't. I suggest removing her name. Yes, it is her display name rather than her account name...but I still automatically knew who you are speaking of, since you listed a sim chain and her character name and race. I highly suggest removing her name. As for Uhre...I do not like Uhre. I hate it, actually. However, it is a giant place full of many sims, not just a single place...if you dislike one spot there, move to another. But be wise enough to know not to judge a chain / alliance of sims, each separately owned and run by different people, but just a few people.
  11. In my last post in this thread, I forgot to also add in: Clinginess - Never giving you space or a breather, constantly IMing you and wanting to be with you wherever you go and whoever you are with. Some people can handle that, but most people need breathing room. Often the partner who is extremely clingy will slip into paranoia and manipulation when you try to maintain some breathing room or have time for yourself. I also have to add...you (all of us, actually) should look for what we can offer a boyfriend or a girlfriend. None of us are perfect but we certainly can't be toxic to whoever we want to date, so getting a good idea of what our good traits are -- and what ones we can fix or improve on -- is recommended...that way we do not become the boyfriend / girlfriend of horror stories.
  12. I can not suggest to you what you would want in a girlfriend, since your tastes and mine can be vastly different. However, I can give you suggestions for what to avoid in a girlfriend...or in any partner regardless of gender, as I have had both girlfriends and boyfriends who displayed the following traits: Paranoia - Always wanting to know where you are, who you are with, questioning you closely over everything, being doubtful / skeptical even when proof is provided that nothing wrong is going on, not wanting you out of sight for even a few seconds even if RL calls. Manipulation - Getting upset with you or wanting something, then beginning to twist their words / your words around to try to paint a different scenario of what was actually said / is happening, in order to emotionally manipulate you into saying or doing something they want. Constant Mood Swings - Everyone has a bad day, that is understandable...but avoid a girlfriend / boyfriend who is constantly having mood swings. Trust me, it's just an emotional drain and serves no purpose for anyone. Unnecessary Defensiveness / Argumentative Traits - Misunderstanding something you say, and getting defensive rather than listening to you explanation...making a mountain out of a molehill (or something which was never said or done at all, but was read wrong) to fight and try to paint you as the wrong one. Blaming - Blaming you for mood swings, paranoia, the unnecessary defensiveness / arguments...always being right while you are in the wrong, thus making you the bad person all the time. Sweet to Sour then Back Again - Sweet one moment, then suddenly nasty, and then getting sweet again when you point out the sudden nastiness...part of manipulation, I think. All of those just cause a lot of stress, headaches, and...sometimes...heartache. A lot of times those traits do not reveal themselves until you are also already in the relationship. That is why I say, take relationships slowly...get to know the other player over the course of at least a few months. As well as you will get to see their other friends; their friends' behavior can clue you in as well, since birds of a feather flock together. Both usually give you insight as to how the person behaves and lets you know whether you have a gem or a rotten egg. I have personally sworn off dating in SL altogether. There are plenty of lovely men and women in SL but I always got the rotten ones, and I personally do not find dating / relationships in SL to be worth it. Edited to correct a typo.
  13. I roleplay both males and females, and OOCly walk around in male and female avs depending on when I feel like it. What gender I am in RL is no one's business. At the same time people behave differently when they realize someone is possibly roleplaying the opposite gender. Thus why I want to know: Is there a purpose to the group, besides to join it just because? Will there ever be roleplay involved with it, that it must be roleplay characters only? Would it be worth joining? This all varies on the individual, I understand. I just want to see your answers.
  14. For the fantasy RP: -Magical forest themed -Fairies, mages, witches, wizards -Doesn't need to be metered I'd suggest these three sims (with links to the websites so you can read their information): Mystara - http://realmofmystara.com/ Estara - http://www.realmofestara.com/ Revenland - http://www.revenland.com/ I roleplay in both Mystara and Revenland so if you decide to check them out and want someone to roleplay with, feel free to shoot me an IM. If I am online and not busy, I will come find you. For the city RP: -No BDSM themed (but adult) -With a clinic or hospital for nurse character -No metered if possible Even if a city is BDSM-themed, you do not have to participate in that aspect if you do not want to. Here are two popular adult roleplay sims which are cities; however, both also have fantasy / supernatural aspects to them also. Midian City - http://www.midian-city.com/ Realm of Terra, Novus City - http://terranovus.webs.com/ Again, I roleplay in both...as Panian1 Resident in Midian City, and Baneberry1 Resident in Novus. So if you join one or both, feel free to shoot me an IM if you want roleplay or have questions. (Novus has a questionnaire you have to get through to get to the character application page, so if you decide you want to join it, feel free to ask me and I'll give you the answers.) Revenland and Midian City do not require character applications. Mystara does not require applications for basic races, but there are certain races which do need application. Novus requires an application. I have no idea if Estara needs applications or not. I hope this helps.
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