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  1. I have a marketplace that I started years ago. I created household items, wastebaskets, candelabras, gift boxes, etc. I am slowly learning mesh and am beginning to make some clothing which i want to sell. Can an avatar have more than one Marketplace store? I don't want to sell household items with dresses and get them mixed in with each other. If an avatar cannot have more than one marketplace, is there a way to separate the categories other than creating an alt?
  2. If I have a qty of 3 of a limited qty item to sell, and use the magic box to get the item in my inventory, do i just need to list once in I have 3 of a limited qty item to sell. I used the magic box to put them in my inventory. That made 3 listings unassociated. I then filled in all the information in order to sell each of these. I put one in qty for each item, as the magic box put three listings. I got it all up nice and pretty and then MP removed two of them saying it was spam. SO my question is this..... how do i handle multiple quantities of limited qty items if you use the magic box to list? Do i put a qty of three on one of them and ignore the other two listings under unassociated? If i do that will it lower the qty as they sell? I have never sold limited qty items before so i am sinking quickly
  3. should i have to do that for all my dresses> others are seeing the tops short too. and it isnt just for one or two dresses, but for most of my dresses.
  4. My dresses seem to be not meeting in the middle lately and do not look like a dress. If someone else buys the same dress it looks like a dress on them. Please does anyone know why this is happening? I tried editing the top and making it 100% adn that didnt work. It is happening for everything i wear.
  5. When DD was first announced several weeks ago that it was ready for people to use, I saved the links with the instructions on how to convert your inventory and then how to actually upload. Since then my Hard Drive became corrupt and SL programs would not open for me. That is now fixed, however, since it is a new HD I have lost those links and havent a clue now what to do. Can somene please send me or post to here the instructions. Also, is SL viewer and Firestorm still the only viewers that will support uploading?
  6. We would like to put two separate intan balls on the same piece of land. one would have sex pose balls in it, and the other would have dance balls, with remotes in various areas of the property. Is it possible? will they co-exist harmoniously?
  7. we just added some off sim borders and suddenly the prim count on the land fluctuates up to 50 prims. If it is the off sim borders, can anyone explain why it keeps fluctuating. If no one has had that happens with Off Sim borders, does anyone have any suggestions? we have searched for lost prims, but that wouldnt explain the fluctuations. We have had the SIM restarted. got the answer about a temp rezzer. could that be waves?
  8. Suddenly we are having difficulty watching video on the land. Some see it correctly others see what looks like a leggo block with a "?" on it. Has anyone else experienced this? any suggestions. i redownloaded Adobe Flash Player and Quicktime. Automatic video streaming is enabled. Please help. I am one of the people who are seeing only leggo blocks with a "?", and i did download both prograams
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