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  1. Unsolicited pics from someone

    ahh pinkie sized! I still remember how surprised I was my first week in sl after seeing nekkid male avi's with no dangly bits and then finally I saw ones that did have little dangles and I was like oh! they have anatomically correct ones?! lol ahhh those newbie days
  2. Unsolicited pics from someone

    damn Ive been in sl 9 years and havent once gotten unsolicited dangly bits! LOL what the heck! lol Ive been missing something
  3. I thought it said crickets! LOL Just for a split second, you know.
  4. Returning player looking for mom/life friends

    I have a zooby daughter who is only a couple of weeks old and I would love to have other zooby moms to hang with. Im a big introvert and quite quiet so unless my partner is in world, Im just being a Mom and working on products for my shop. being the socially awkward girl that I am, Im not sure how well I will do hanging out but it would be nice once and a while. Im sl time plus 3 and at work during the days (like right now, shhhhh! lol) message me in world too! Ill be home in a little over 4 hours (four longggggg grueling hours! lol)
  5. Unable to log in

    oh good I thought it was just me cause I hit a big bug with firestorm just before it. lol. I thought great now I cant log in either! lol wheeewwwwwww. and whats DDoS?
  6. custom companion dog?

    Thank you!
  7. Kitty cat issue

    Contact the creators of the cat.
  8. custom companion dog?

    Cilene, I do have pups from Jian, am actually going to contact them and see if they will make a shih tzu line after speaking to a bunch of Jian group members. it seems they are receptive to suggestions and shih tzu is a popular breed, so you never know! Tari, I have contacted that creator to see if she will do me the black and white shih tzu in good dog, instead of just the bad dog, as it says you can contact them for custom textures or different colors, but that was a couple of weeks ago and I havent heard back.
  9. Camera view keeps bouncing from back to front!

    Im not sure what I did, it was fine and now my camera view which is normally in the back will randomly bounce to the front, and back again and repeat. Ive tried going into advanced and resetting camera view, and trying to set default camera view but not working. Im using firestorm. its kind of annoying having my view switch on its own. thanks for any help!!!
  10. What did your avatar look like when you first started SL?

    finally back to post mine! lol. it works out good too cause we took some pics this morning which we havent had a chance to in *ages*. only cause this morning I gave birth to our first sl baby. So here are my partner and I 9 years ago (2008!) n the first pic we ever took together, and then from this morning. You'll notice his avi is exactly the same. lol. I dont mind, he is always a happy sight to me!
  11. Curly Hair?!

    I second those both. No Match and Analog Dog are two of my favorites actually I have a current favorite and its a curly from analog dog I believe the hair is called Halo.
  12. Demo on MP flagged and taken down?

    I found out why, it was because I didnt have it linked to the original. I must have missed it somehow. who knew? thanks everyone!!!
  13. Demo on MP flagged and taken down?

    ok thanks! Ive used those words for like five years and never had a problem. lol didnt realize it was spam. thanks!
  14. emote classes...helping the the antisocial be social

    emoting just felt so phony to me. and Im a huge introvert, so at the start of my sl that equaled AWKWARD!!! lol Thankfully when I met my partner it was two weeks in, and his one condition was that I didnt work in the strip clubs. I was THRILLED!!! I hated it. lol I now run my own shop and spend a ton of time creating and alone and Im quite happy. and yes still with my partner that I met two weeks in and that was 9 years ago this week.
  15. custom companion dog?

    still looking. Just need a little black and white shih tzu that can follow me around!