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  1. 😍 take the blog photo tour of Moon Rose Healing Light Center! https://arielleswonderland.blogspot.com/2020/07/a-pictoral-tour-of-moon-rose-healing.html
  2. Hey everyone! I've recently launched Moon Rose Healing Light Center. This is a free resource for second life residents and offers coaching, mentoring, distance reiki, various support groups, plus free yoga area and a library with free reading materials. It is run by donation only. I am a reiki master and certified life coach in real life and I felt called to share these resources for free in world. It is a safe, healing, friendly haven in this world of social distancing and fear that we are all doing our best to get through right now. But, right now its just me. lol I'm a very
  3. I've been practicing and trying to get better. here are a couple of my most recent ones. what do y'all think? my flickr is here https://www.flickr.com/photos/124256267@N04/
  4. well it never really crashed on my old cheap HP laptop, and Im really only getting a new one cause the keyboard is no longer working on that one. so not sure how this is relevant to my actual question. nonetheless I found one I think will be good and am just waiting on it. Sorry your sl experience has been so horrible. Ten years and I am still very much enjoying it on desktop and laptop.
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum! Im shopping for a laptop, price about $400-$500, that will run sl. Im not looking to run sl in all high graphics and such on it, I have a desktop at home for that, but something that I can take with me and pop on to do a few things during lunch, etc. without it being super slow, or crashing, etc. Any suggestions would be most welcome!!! thanks all!
  6. I have one zooby baby and another on the way. Playdates? my name is the same in world.
  7. no I said Ive had *one* guy, meaning Ive only needed one guy not two. Please dont take that to mean he is *just* a guy, had he been that I wouldnt have lasted long with him. He is indeed my very best friend and the love of my life. which is why Ive stuck with him over 9 years, long distance, til we can be together properly.
  8. um, Ive had ONE guy keeping me very happy in sl for over 9 years, *and* its long distance rl. either he is superman or I am an oddball girl, or both. and I wasnt looking for anyone to keep me happy. given the choice Id stay happily by myself and make myself happy.
  9. lol maybe we should just set up a place where all us introverts can wander in when we feel like company and stay away when we dont! I have those times when I really want a buddy and a lot of times when I dont. a lot of people take that the wrong way but I guess another introvert would get it. I rarely add anyone to my friends list as I feel pressured that I should talk to them every time they come on and I dont like that pressure (I have issues, I know. lol) but I am friendly enough if someone says hi! waves to my fellow introverts!
  10. ahh pinkie sized! I still remember how surprised I was my first week in sl after seeing nekkid male avi's with no dangly bits and then finally I saw ones that did have little dangles and I was like oh! they have anatomically correct ones?! lol ahhh those newbie days
  11. damn Ive been in sl 9 years and havent once gotten unsolicited dangly bits! LOL what the heck! lol Ive been missing something
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