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  1. Im right there with you. Ive been doing self harm for as long as I can remember. Nowadays it only rears its ugly head when I am emotionally overwhelmed. most people dont know. But Ive spent so much time in my own darkness and know the way around so well, I try to use that to help other people get through their. so many are afraid to face their own darkness, I feel like let me get a flashlight and I will give you the tour! lol I became a life coach for that reason, I can go in there and take people into their darkness and help them face it and either conquer it or begin to learn to work with it. of course I always still struggle with my own and there are always those that say but arent you a coach? shouldnt you be over all this? it doesnt work that way, its a day to day thing. no one gets over it or past it, its just like a long tunnel you have to go through. I have my good days and bad days, some days I have to take an hour at a time or a minute at a time. In a nutshell I was taken from my birthmother at a week old, put in foster homes, adopted by the time I was one, my adoptive mother who I was super close to got cancer when I was 4 and lost her battle to it when I was 21, I had an angry alcoholic verbally abusive father (more so after my mom had gone), and been dealing with verbal and emotional abuse as an adult, not to mention being bullied horribly as a child and having so called friends who tried to do that to me as an adult (I dont take that sh** now.) I have no family, any rl friends are living far away and I dont talk to, but Im used to all that. through sl I met my bestie and the soul who I have been the closest to since I lost my mom, but he too is on the other side of the world at the moment. so, I just keep going forward as best as I can and try to do some good along the way. I am always my real self rl and sl cause Im terrible at being anything else nice to meet you btw!!!
  2. waving hi to everyone!!! ;D
  3. I like you. You are like me in the sense that we've been through a ton of sh** but want to reach out to people to help them. I dont really expect them to help me back though, cause no one ever really has, its always just me getting myself through everything. But I dont want anyone else to feel like that so I try to help. I even just recently created a womens center in sl to try and give back and help. its brand new though, still adding things to it. I too struggle with depression, anxieties of all sorts, always have had both, dealt with mental and emotional abuse, one guy hit me *once* I made sure it never happened again. I keep myself to myself for the most part cause most people dont get me and many have strong reactions to me, not sure why. lol Im a scorpio rising and I read several times that it comes with that. The darkness into phoenix over and over and over as a repeating cycle. ok babbling into nothingness now. Nice to see someone who is absolutely themselves and is not afraid to put it out there. I have a post on here too which says more about me. anyway just reaching out. I think we might be kindred in a lot of ways. I think you might be the yin to my yang. Im partnered for a long time now so not looking for that but I am down for deep friendship connections.
  4. ha ha I just noticed it bleeped out my b word. funny cause I rarely ever curse and I get bleeped! LOL
  5. nice! Id like that!
  6. Hi! Ive been on sl since 2008, not too much here on the forums. Looking for a friend or two. I dont need to collect a zombie hoard worth. Anyway, Im terrible at making friends, Im not a joiner and large groups just make me want to run the other way. lol That said, Im a non judgmental person, authentic, in what you see is what you get (I am terrible at being a phony!), have a very weird sense of humor, am creative, quiet, geeky (total trekkie! though ive never been to a rl convention or anything lol), sensitive, kind, down to earth. My partner of 8 years likes to describe me as smart and funny. So that you can know me a bit better beforehand, INFP is my personality type and is described as (and this is pretty accurate of me) Loyal and devoted Sensitive to feelings Warm, caring and interested in other people Strong written communication skills Prefers to work alone Values close relationships Focuses on the "big picture" rather than the details I share my personality type with JK Rowling, Johnny Depp, Princes Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Sting (a long time favorite of mine!), JRR Tolkien, John Lennon, Helen Keller, William Shakespeare, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, Tim Burton... so Im in pretty damn good company with these folks and I guess you can gather that I am kind of creative and off beat and not like most people. which can be good and bad. the only things I ask you to be is understanding about the fact that just because we are both in world we dont have to chat or hang out every. single. time. I do own a shop and run a center for women so many days I am busy with either of those, and that its absolutely not personal if I am not always talking to you. or if I dont answer you right away. many times when sl is on I leave it up and walk away to do other rl things cause I know I am coming back to it in a while so I do go afk often. that also is not personal. Also, I am very into eastern spirituality, it is a big part of my life. Im not judgmental about anyone elses beliefs, I believe everyone has a path and it leads to the same wonderful place if you follow it so please be tolerant of my beliefs too. I dont do backstabbing, gossip, I dont set out to be vengeful or hurt people (but I will protect someone else who is getting hurt or abused, and will stand up to the person doing it and might get mad that way lol). I know a lot of women seem to be proud of being a *****, I am not a *****, but I can *be* a ***** though it is few and far between. I am however, a wicked kick ass warrior princess! and a total bohemian geek. easier to tell you what I dont like to do... I hate going to clubs. other than that I love exploring. my partner is 8 hours ahead of me so I end up exploring on my own when I do it and it would be nice to have a friend where one of us can say "hey lets go check out this or that". also since I do have a partner whom I met my second week into sl (back in 2008), I am not looking to hook up with anyone, but I will hang out with you if you are trying to meet some one and want company. Im a huge goofball and am absolutely down if you want to go do really ridiculously silly sl things. I love taking photos and we can take lots of those too. Your age, location, not important. Im on the US east coast and on mostly in the evenings (weekend mornings and afternoons are the times to hang out with my partner so...) I dont care if you are human, furry, vampire, whatever. martian. Just females only please. so now that you have more information than you need you can decide whether I sound like someone you would like to be friends with. and my great appreciation to anyone who actually read this far.
  7. ok here is mine finally Spending some time at the Shanti Womens center in case anyone stops by. But going afk for a few now to get a couple of thinhgs done quick.
  8. hey I have those unicorns! I love them! I should rez them again
  9. I sing too! lol maybe we really *are* twinsies. lol
  10. aww thanks!
  11. same as here arielle simondsen
  12. ooh that last picture is so well done. I dont have a mesh body either but I do sell some mesh outfits in my shop (and regular outfits too, and some combos. lol) oh good a fellow geek! I was auburn growing up but my hair started going white when I was about 16 so I just do the platinum thing now and it works good cause it blends with the roots. better wrap up my rl stuff so I can go home! hurry and get your laptop fixed!
  13. here is my old school no mesh avi in an old school style outfit that I actually made from a RL skirt I have that I adore! This is pretty recent maybe about a month ago?
  14. oh and if you dont mind me being a huge geek! LOL Im an INFP though and really very non judgmental of others until they get me REALLY angry which doesnt happen often. ok I am babbling.
  15. I used to have a FB for Arielle but it got shut down cause I had a disagreement with a vendor in sl who was also on FB and she ratted out my little FB page! she was evil! lol I dont mind your horns ears and tails if you dont mind me being a bohemian hippiechick who is into eastern spirituality and very socially awkward! lol I snuck into sl on my ipad at lunch and left you a message. will get home in about an hour and I get to escape rl again! Im blonde in rl too with some pink thrown in so sometimes I go pink in sl depending on my mood.