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  1. thanks I'll try that!
  2. oh my gosh thats crazy. going to have to seriously reconsider whether I will relist them as there are 397 more to go! and not enough time in rl to do that. sigh. thanks for the response!
  3. how come I have people on my block list and they can still send me foul, rude nasty titled notecards that show up in my inventory, and I do not have the box checked that says to autimatically accept items! whats the point in blocking if they can still harass me?
  4. I have been getting this error too for the past week or so. its frustrating!
  5. I had a customer who received an item via a gift that was bought on my marketplace store and sent to her via marketplace. She very much wanted to leave a positive review but she could not review, nor could the person who bought the gift post a review. so it seems you have to both purchase *and* receive the item yourself in order to review. Which is a shame. So she wrote the review to me and asked if I would post it as part of the marketplace posting which I of course was happy to. But really at least in that instance either the gifter or the giftee should be able to review.
  6. I did but it wasnt posted yet when I looked, and I looked about three times. If you read my original message you will see that I said I looked and saw nothing at that point. Honestly, the forum is always my very last resort because of comments like this. Thanks to everyone else who chimed in though.
  7. oh did they finally post it? thats good anyway lol and I just *finally* managed to log while typing this, but I am assuming things are going to be funky if they are working again. lol
  8. ok, its not just me then, It would be nice if they would give us a heads up of some kind. when the message says check the grid status but the grid status says normal, thats not much help. lol gah! only in sl folks...
  9. The party starts tonight at 6pm slt! Full list of events below! Come Celebrate Shanti's Second Anniversary! I have opened up the platform! Come celebrate with us! The platform will be open the entire week- November 10-17th! Just TP to the shop and follow the Tie Dye ramp up! There are 47 new shanti outfits! A fun new gatcha! Two Giftboxes with multiple goodies in each one just for visiting!!! A free raffle that will continue the entire week, You can win a gift card worth up to 1000L! (that alone is worth coming back and clicking a fe times daily! The raffle will pull a winner several times a day! You can enter only once each round but you can win multiple times! its as simple as clicking the big board! Yay! Shanti VIP Members have a special tent in the corner that has two free outfits (the vendor will charge you 1L but it will give it right back) plus an extra box with multiple gifties! Wear your group tag! Come meet our shop assistant and freaking adorable resident DJ Kendrina Fairywren! Event Schedule is Monday November 10th- VIP appreciation day! Wear your group tag and get 50% off EVERYTHING on the platform! Old and new! 6pm slt Live DJ, music, prizes, lots of gift cards to be won! Tuesday November 11th- 6pm slt Live DJ, Music, Games, Prizes! Wednesday November 12th- 6pm slt Live DJ, Music, Games, Prizes!! November 11-17th VIPs continue to get a 25% discount on all vendors on the platform! More fun than you can shake a stick at gang! Come join us! The VIP member appreciation and raffle start NOW! But be sure to come back for the music and games each evening at 6pm slt, there is more to win and more goodies to be got! Hippie Bus: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/214/185/3912 see you there! Peace, Arie & Kendrina
  10. Still availabale! A great opportunity!
  11. What kind of things do you make? I started my shop almost 2 years ago and I create fairly consistantly, so almost always have something new. It has grown and sales have grown, not quite to the point I would like them to, but I have definitely exceeded what I thought I could ever do with a shop! As someone else said, I had a vision for it and an idea of what I wanted the shop to be and I have stuck to that as much as possible. I also create things that I LOVE and would wear if I had them in rl, so I never put out something that I wouldnt wear myself on my avatar. My customers know and appreciate this and they know I am not going to put out something shabby and half assed. I too started out with low pricing, which was fine at first because I was learning and the quality of what I make now is much higher than when I started! Hunts have helped bring a lot of new people in to discover my shop, plus I enjoy the challenge of creating for a theme now and again. Sales on market and in world both fluctuate. But they have both had good and not so good waves. I have a VIP group, that is invite only to customers who have purchased because I give out high quality and numerous group gifts, and I also have a free subscriber group that doesnt take up a group slot for people who just want to be kept informed on sales, new releases and the like. Just stick with it and keep growing, people will find you, and I do think hunts are good because then people can see your shop, and get a sample of the quality of items you have to offer.
  12. Still looking! Message in world only please!
  13. thanks everyone!
  14. well I had them to copy/no mod/no trans, but that didnt work for her so I set it to full perms and she was going to set the perms and rez it out but it wouldnt let her, even with full perms, and even when I gave her permission to edit my items. she kept saying it was all no copy/no mod/no trans.
  15. Hi Piper! Come on by the shop and fill out an app so I have your info in world and can add you to the group and such as a blogger. Your blog looks great and we would love to have you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/206/188/3913