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  1. Arielle Simondsen

    Share Your Snaps!

    I LOVE Alice in Wonderland stuff!
  2. Arielle Simondsen

    Share Your Snaps!

    I've been practicing and trying to get better. here are a couple of my most recent ones. what do y'all think? my flickr is here https://www.flickr.com/photos/124256267@N04/
  3. Arielle Simondsen

    Best affordable laptop that will work with sl

    well it never really crashed on my old cheap HP laptop, and Im really only getting a new one cause the keyboard is no longer working on that one. so not sure how this is relevant to my actual question. nonetheless I found one I think will be good and am just waiting on it. Sorry your sl experience has been so horrible. Ten years and I am still very much enjoying it on desktop and laptop.
  4. Arielle Simondsen

    Best affordable laptop that will work with sl

  5. Not sure if this is the right forum! Im shopping for a laptop, price about $400-$500, that will run sl. Im not looking to run sl in all high graphics and such on it, I have a desktop at home for that, but something that I can take with me and pop on to do a few things during lunch, etc. without it being super slow, or crashing, etc. Any suggestions would be most welcome!!! thanks all!
  6. Arielle Simondsen

    looking for a friend

    I have one zooby baby and another on the way. Playdates? my name is the same in world.
  7. Arielle Simondsen


    no I said Ive had *one* guy, meaning Ive only needed one guy not two. Please dont take that to mean he is *just* a guy, had he been that I wouldnt have lasted long with him. He is indeed my very best friend and the love of my life. which is why Ive stuck with him over 9 years, long distance, til we can be together properly.
  8. Arielle Simondsen


    um, Ive had ONE guy keeping me very happy in sl for over 9 years, *and* its long distance rl. either he is superman or I am an oddball girl, or both. and I wasnt looking for anyone to keep me happy. given the choice Id stay happily by myself and make myself happy.
  9. Arielle Simondsen


    ohhhh my lanta! LOL takes all types I guess
  10. Arielle Simondsen

    Introvert and lone wanderer seeking a similar friend :)

    lol maybe we should just set up a place where all us introverts can wander in when we feel like company and stay away when we dont! I have those times when I really want a buddy and a lot of times when I dont. a lot of people take that the wrong way but I guess another introvert would get it. I rarely add anyone to my friends list as I feel pressured that I should talk to them every time they come on and I dont like that pressure (I have issues, I know. lol) but I am friendly enough if someone says hi! waves to my fellow introverts!
  11. Arielle Simondsen

    Reccomendation for a new bento head?

    I really like my LAQ bento head
  12. Arielle Simondsen

    Unsolicited pics from someone

    ahh pinkie sized! I still remember how surprised I was my first week in sl after seeing nekkid male avi's with no dangly bits and then finally I saw ones that did have little dangles and I was like oh! they have anatomically correct ones?! lol ahhh those newbie days
  13. Arielle Simondsen

    Unsolicited pics from someone

    damn Ive been in sl 9 years and havent once gotten unsolicited dangly bits! LOL what the heck! lol Ive been missing something
  14. I thought it said crickets! LOL Just for a split second, you know.
  15. Arielle Simondsen

    Returning player looking for mom/life friends

    I have a zooby daughter who is only a couple of weeks old and I would love to have other zooby moms to hang with. Im a big introvert and quite quiet so unless my partner is in world, Im just being a Mom and working on products for my shop. being the socially awkward girl that I am, Im not sure how well I will do hanging out but it would be nice once and a while. Im sl time plus 3 and at work during the days (like right now, shhhhh! lol) message me in world too! Ill be home in a little over 4 hours (four longggggg grueling hours! lol)