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  1. Ok, I joined them all into one object and it worked! I wasn't aware I had to do this, so something new learned already (As well as how to join objects) Thanks Though my concern now is texturing. With them unjoined I could have easily selected each one and textured it in SL (Either with a simple texture or uv map, whatever) but now they are one item, I won't be able to do that? I had a quick peek at the UV editor for the first time (Both in Maya and Blender) and with that many bangles, it sort of looks a mess and impossible task. Would it be better to upload the bangles I want to use as s
  2. Trying my first upload. (Noob alert!) Once uploaded, the mesh doesn't look like it should (in preview it looks fine). Item made it maya (2011) Have also imported it to blender to check, and export as dae and still the same problem. Here is what I'm experiencing: http://imageshack.us/f/856/probuploadingmesh.jpg/ As you can see in the image, all the links/bangles look thick and similar and any guidance is muchly appreciated :) Regards, Chiz
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