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  1. I've tried different AO's and turned my AO off. They still spaz even when I'm not moving.
  2. I've already tried taking it off and such, no deal.
  3. A small update. It's still happening on different viewers too. I'm not really sure what the problem is aside from perhaps an asset issue on LL's end? But that doesn't really make sense...
  4. On this account flexiprims spaz out like crazy on my character and my character only. Other avatars and objects act normally. I've tested it with alt accounts on the same computer, viewer, and settings and my alts act normally when wearing flexiprims. I've changed settiings, deleted cache/other folders, changed sims, changed avatars, just about everything except reinstall the viewer. I have no clue as to what could be causing this problem on this one account and only my account. Any ideas?
  5. Last I heard when LL was going to put in this display name crap, there was still going to be last names to choose from. Well I tried making a new account today and I didn't see anything saying I could change my last name from 'Resident'. What happened LL? What if I want the same first name someone already took without using numbers or extra letters? That's pretty brash to new users who are too late to pick up a name they want.
  6. Can't wait until the first lawsuit comes against LL for this. Teens do not belong on the main grid at all. Among a lot of issues already raised, there's also a lot of issues involving the law too.
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