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  1. i'm looking for bingo player now, just send me a message inworld.
  2. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_Earn_Linden_Dollars_in_Second_Life
  3. Dear Linden Labs don't spam my viewer/software with unwanted ads with pop-up thanks you.
  4. What can I do on Second Life today? I am looking for a list of things to do is there still a musical chair? to win prizes do you have any 'male' blog to advise me (Internet link) what are the games to participate
  5. I things for this price you can have a 8000 sqm mainland look at some auction http://usd.auctions.secondlife.com/lin/auction/auction/list/
  6. This isn't possible if the avatar 1) choice to hide from search 2) is banned 3) cancel is account This is possible if you have old V1 viewer, if not the avatar is 1) banned 2) cancel This is possible if you own a object and rez it with viewer 2 or you own a contact card in your invenory This is possible if you find the key of avatar but more difficults with V2 viewer 1) look at http://w-hat.com/#name2key if you get the key use secondlife:///app/agent/key/im replace the word key with the key and you can talk
  7. sexual age.play is not allowed and is ARable. This includes having items with sexual content (sexual poseballs or equipment) in proximity to items traditionally associated with children (swingsets, etc.)
  8. You can try the Gyc many furry come here http://secondlife.com/destination/GYC
  9. i would recommend you use a flickr.com account and post your picture
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Huginn Songr/70/149/32 The help land for this estate is here
  11. when i try to instal second life update i got error error opening file for write winmm.dll
  12. The software use lot of memory with llceflib_host.exe can't play when open 10 of this at one time,
  13. The software use lot of memory with llceflib_host.exe can't play when open 10 of this at one time,
  14. Si vous êtes locataire d'une tierce personnes, alors seul le propriétaire peut vous dire ce qu'il en est, généralement quand une sim est hors ligne, il se peut qu'elle ne soit plus payée, certain font parfois de la sous locations. pour avoir de l'argents aussi, le services de Second Life ne pourra pas faire grand choses. sachant qu'il ne sont pas responsable, il peuvent seulement inspecter en cas de Vol d'argent 'monnaie virtuelles'. la terre peut être aussi à jours, il faut contacter le propriétaire. si vous n'avez pas de nouvelle vous pouvez toujours envoyée un rapport d'abus pour 'fraude' et contacter le services de Second Life pour essayer de récupèrer votre argents.
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