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  1. I don't have any preferred pronouns in RL or SL, and I identify as non-binary IRL. People will use whichever they feel makes sense, and I'm okay with that. I've had people use both female and male pronouns IRL too--depending on how I've presented myself, and having a somewhat "androgynous" voice. Whether jokingly, or seriously, I cannot be certain, because my ASD gets in the way of interpreting things. I take things literally, and don't get "jokes", 75% of the time. In either case, I'm not fazed.
  2. I'm not. I abandoned around four houseboats before settling in the most NW point for awhile. Until Squishy Pickle was opened. I moved over, abandoning two there before settling on where I am currently (Sirinial).
  3. I think one of the most powerful tools has typically been "word of mouth", and that's how I heard of it. Probably around 2004, through a friend. They frequented SL with someone else they knew, back then. Eventually, they just stopped bothering. If I recall, back then, it cost to teleport from Telehub to Telehub, and that was one of a few things they found to be off-putting. I didn't have an internet connection at the time. Time jump to around mid 2007, I was in an LDR, and used to play Guild Wars--wasn't particularly my thing, but it was something that "we" could do at the time. After awhile, and a bit of brainstorming to bridge things a bit better, I remembered SL. So this avi was born on January 31st 2008. There was a hiatus between 2014-2017, for one or two reasons. Barely see ads for SL these days. I've seen Sansar get pushed a lot on FB, various other sites--and of course, anything related to Star Trek. It seems, since its launch, there's a Sansar booth every year at Star Trek Las Vegas (not that I've ever been able to attend).
  4. I can't remember my first home in SL. For one reason or another, I moved around a lot between 2008-2012, never staying in one place for too long. But also, I make it a personal rule not to visit or check out old rentals/homes that I may remember. Although after only becoming a premium member last year, I do find myself opening the map to see what's become of plots I may have owned/sold. It's oddly saddening if/when I see them reduced to nothing but abandoned land, and I can't figure out exactly why. With that said, I didn't have a LH until Bellisseria. I'd often make the trip in a yacht to Salt Breeze or Whitecap, and was there when the gates opened. Settled and held onto a houseboat, until Squishy Pickle was released. I remember one or two I abandoned in the SW, along with my old Houseboat in the NW--just because the names are so catchy. But again, I make it a rule to not go snooping...only ocassionally passing them if I'm in the area.
  5. Terms such as introversion and extroversion weren't part of my vocabulary until some years ago, after a RL/SL relationship broke down, and I had to "find" myself. But I am an introvert (similarly forced to be an extrovert), and do have a formal Dx of Asperger's (2014)--it's through Torley Linden's video on the topic that I came to the conclusion, and decided to seek an assessment. So SL, for a long time, was a testbed for social interaction/skills. Although, after a hiatus, and I've been back since 2017--I'm about as introverted in SL now, as I am IRL. I keep myself to myself, but I don't intentionally ignore people either. What annoys slightly me, though, is how misunderstood introversion is. In facebook groups, I've seen a lot of people who think that some traumatic event or upbringing made them an introvert. Also, often mistakingly conflated with shyness. It's neurological--you're either born an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert (that weird middle ground). While on the topic of personality types. I discovered MBTI along the road/journey of self-discovery. Although the validity and usefulness is debatable, I'm supposedly an INTJ.
  6. Pretty straightforward. I joined 31/Jan/2008. I've always been a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series of games. My avi being named after the character Nastasha Romanenko. Unfortunately, unsurprisingly, Romanenko wasn't an available surname--I liked the sound of Szaberwick. What I didn't foresee is how many people would omit the first "s", and call me Natasha instead.
  7. There was a time when I would stay logged in regardless of whether I was AFK or not. But that was also when camping chairs were a thing, for free stuff and L$s (or are they still a thing?). Also, when I used mechanical storage for a OS/boot drive, which meant it would take 10 minutes to boot sometimes, and my PC was a potato--we're talking around 2008 to 2012. So I'd keep my PC running--only restarting for updates. These days, with the specs in my signature...I don't feel the need to do either. I'll log off, and shut down my PC, when I think I'll be away for longer than 30 minutes. Because I can be up, running, and in-world is less than 30 seconds. Before I do log off, I usually TP home. I've never been quite sure as to why other than it just feels natural.
  8. I deleted a lot of stuff from 2008-2013 just before the BoM project was announced--including some system/flexi. I had some initial regret when it was announced. If only because a lot of those things were by designers that just don't exist anymore. One or two closed down during that period. I fondly remember an alt/goth clothing store called "WRONG!"--although I think another store goes by that name, now. But I think in the end it was for the best, for a couple of reasons. I have my own system, and I won't claim to be perfect, because my "TO SORT" folder is getting pretty full (have things I've bought over the last couple of weeks in there), but I think I'm doing good. It took around 6 months on/off. I'm sure if I had recorded when and for how long, it would add up to a week or two. So lots of subfolders/categories. I clear out notecards and LMs every so often. My next mission. To set up and organise (CTS) Wardrobe so I have a visual catalogue.
  9. I visited a couple of years ago, after I came back from a hiatus and wanting to see if old LMs still worked. I went there just before posting my reply out of curiosity. It truly is those things.
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