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  1. I don't/won't, for a myriad of reasons. I don't even use voice chat in MMOs. I have sounds turned off--generally listen to music externally, ASMR videos, TED Talks, or something else.
  2. Also, for a RAM Disk/cache. Which, I hope most with such resources consider. I've used a RAM Disk for caching since around 2012. I recently upgraded from 32GB to 48GB--have a 20GB RAM Disk, and set up a Squid Proxy Cache. It's quite silly, how fast loading textures is. The leftover 28GB is more than enough for anything/everything else that I do (gaming, audio/music production and virtual machines).
  3. I think the only time things ever got that low, was when I had a potato PC circa 2010. I don't even get that when my FS window is out of focus. Such as when I'm doing something on one monitor while having FS/SL running on another monitor--around 13fps, usually. Besides graphics settings, maybe check your draw distance--reduce it if necessary.
  4. Room for improvement, and constantly tweaking. But there was no structure before. I did purchase (CTS) Wardrobe some time last year, but never got around to using it because my inventory was so disorganised--so that's my next project. As for KSP. I think so long as you can figure out how to build a rocket and get into orbit, maybe one or two other basics, it's totally fine to use a mod called MechJeb (kind of like autopilot) for a lot of things...I don't find docking at all fun for example. Although purists might think otherwise. As I see it, real world spacecraft have computer-assisted piloting. So... *blows raspberry at the purists*
  5. Indeed. I have Asperger's (or Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 under the DSM-V, and upcoming ICD-11)--just as Torley Linden. Those executive functioning deficits covers difficulties with prioritising, organising, time and task management. So things can spiral out of control easily. It's also easy to look at certain tasks (that may be small to most people) and be overwhelmed, paralyzed with anxiety--resulting in either avoiding the situation altogether, or shutting down. Something like cleaning a room needs to be broken down into clear and concise smaller tasks, with a clear plan--it's not possible to just jump straight into it. I mean it took around 6 months for me to organise 10+ years of inventory on my main. But yes. I usually have other RAM/CPU hungry things running. Sometimes a game that doesn't require a whole lot of attention such as Kerbal Space Program, while running a single instance of Firestorm. Sometimes I may use my alt on Black Dragon, to take a photo while my main poses on Firestorm, and nothing more.
  6. I only have one alt, and they're gathering virtual dust. It became abandoned after I had no use for it, but I also struggled to maintain it, as well as my main. I definitely couldn't manage and maintain more. The joys of executive functioning deficits...
  7. Have been hanging around the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Wolfie Starfire was amazing, wasn't she?
  8. Been so consumed with RL things that I've only just gotten chance to walk around the SL16B regions. Took this at SL16B Mesmerize.
  9. Not really a fan of Ariana Grande, but am a fan of Linkin Park. So was a bit skeptical, but actually enjoyed the mashup.
  10. Indeed. I just wanted to get it out of the way now while I had the opportunity, though. One less thing to worry about this month .
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