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  1. Roaming around different events on one monitor, reading FB on another, only to find Black Dragon had an update?? I don't know why I missed that. Took this in 12K, then downscaled.
  2. Always a favourite place to go back to, Malal's Spring. I've been rocking this look since taking the photo for the thumbnail, for a piece of music I composed and uploaded to YouTube.
  3. This week, has been a fracking rollercoaster. Things happened. The look should say it all.
  4. A bit different than my usually darker looks.
  5. I'm an Oldbie--from the days when we had XStreetSL and OnRez (I used the OnRez viewer for awhile). Which, both were purchased by LL, and consolidated into the Marketplace. I also decided to delete 90% of my system/pre-mesh stuff (between 2008 and 2013) just before BoM was announced. So unfortunately, I can't say for certain what the first thing I purchased was. But back in 2008-2012, I was more into the clubbing side of SL and entered/won a lot of contests. So a majority of my SL income was from that, rarely ever put RL money into SL. I was walking away at the end of the day with around L$10K for very little effort--I usually split it with my RL/SL partner at the time, or some of it went to rent. So back then, it could've been alternative/goth from a few stores that have been nonexistent for a decade or more--such as "WRONG" (I know there is a store with that same name now, but it's not the original store) or "Rockers Wear". Maybe hair from "Magika", "Truth", or "ETD". If none of those, probably some Latex from Kaliwulf Kingdom. Who knows, maybe it could've been a skin from Redgrave Skins. The farthest back I can go in the MP order history is to October 10, 2010, but I know for certain there were probably things I bought on OnRez or XStreetSL as well as in-world before that. I bought 27 items, split between five orders. The first order had five items. [RevengE] Ruth Latex Catsuit = L$150 Red Striped Stockings & Gloves Set (neko, goth, vampire, witch) = L$25 {Demon cake} Like a Star Outfit ~New SLX Price~ = L149 [A&k] Easter Surprise = L$1 ::: Newwwwww!!! Leti's Tattoo MM902 ::: = L$200
  6. Back from shopping for supplies, everyone being a badass and maintaining social distancing. So it's a "Victory".
  7. Just preparing to leave the house for supplies, for the first time in awhile. Seems like some battle music is required.
  8. This is amazing, and an upgrade that I think the viewer actually needs. Although, probably not technically possible. It's somewhat torturous. I like just randomly exploring, and looking over this map has allowed me to see random little things way at the top of the map, that are inaccessible to us peasants, but fascinate me. I can't seem to pull any names when I log in-world, just stuck on "Loading...". I'm pretty sure these are remnants of Horizons? Just north, here we have "Magic Valeria Build" (I don't recognise this), and "BCR Build" (Bay City?). I often wonder what the purposes are, or if they still have purposes.
  9. When your PC can run Crysis at max settings, 120fps, and 4K...but you can just about get 60fps in Second Life. So the question should indeed be "but can it run Second Life?".
  10. There's nothing amazing about it. I liked the sound of the surname Szaberwick when I first signed up in 2008, and I'm a fan of the Metal Gear Solid game series/franchise. In the first game for the original Playstation, one of the characters who you could keep in contact with for all matters weapons related, is/was Nastasha Romanenko; a Ukrainian-Russian weapons analyst. I didn't foresee, however, how many people would call me Natasha instead--well, bollocks.
  11. I'm perfectly happy with this avi's name. Although I would like to change the name of my alt, or reasons. The snag is that my alt is basic, and I can't justify paying for a month at minimum, plus the fee to change the name, and another $8 in VAT. So, I haven't, and won't, unless or until the requirements for eligibility are changed.
  12. A nod to my favourite Togruta, with the end of an era. May the force be with you.
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